Saturday, April 26, 2014

Why Endangered Desert Turtles Disappear

WARNING: This is a RANT!

Well, things are all screwed up. I have been following the Clive Bundy story on local TV and on the internets.

I remember how the whole thing started out with the BLM threatening Clive Bundy and his herd of cows with a small army. Why did they do this? Well, according to sources, Clive Bundy’s cows were threatening an endangered species of desert turtle.

Then, the story turned into “Clive Bundy is not paying the proper grazing fees”.

Then, the story turned into, “Clive Bundy is a domestic terrorist”

Now, the current story is, “Clive Bundy is a racist”. This is awkward to say the least – as Clive Bundy’s bodyguard is a black man – and that man claims that Clive Bundy is not a racist.

Who is the better character witness? A man who works with Clive Bundy, or some inept journalist that kept drilling and engaging in “quote mining” in order to find something – no – ANYTHING they could take out of context…

According to the main stream media – it is unfortunately, the latter – even Rand Paul has denounced Bundy’s iffy wiffy statements.

Totally lame. Rand Paul – I think I will withdraw all my support for you if you are going to give in to such vague statements being misconstrued as being “racist”.

Now, let’s talk about how screwy the MRM/man-o-sphere is…

So, some anonymouse poster decided to tell me about a man who committed suicide during a divorce proceeding or something like that. According to this dickweed, his suicide note is the most important thing in the man-o-sphere.


I know nothing about this man. Does he have a history of mental illness? Does he have a history of suicidal thoughts or behaviors? To be blunt – is it really the divorce that made HIM CHOOSE to commit suicide?

Let’s suppose that the family courts really are that screwed up – and that the do put the idea of suicide into men’s minds.

Instead of making this man the Poster Boy for the man-o-sphere – why not instead, find an example of a man who went through the same ordeal (or similar) who DID NOT COMMIT SUICIDE?

That way, men in bad predicaments would have an example of how to deal with such a bad situation without ending their own lives.

I mean seriously – the man-o-sphere complains about male suicide rates, then they want to use a man who committed suicide as a poster boy for family courts!?!?

Yeah – brilliant – if any man does a google search for “family courts” or something along those lines, they’ll get a bunch of men who claim to be “in favor of men” showing a suicide as the poster boy. Functional Retards.

Instead, the poster boy should be that man who DID NOT COMMIT SUICIDE, but found a way to get out of the bad ordeal without CHOOSING to end his own life.

When a moran (sp intentional) like me has to point this out – it is a sign that the man-o-sphere truly is run by idiots.

I am glad that I am not a part of it.

Have a good weekend, and prepare to lose your lunch looking at some really fat and disgusting women.

And ponder what kind of a person does nothing but try to find the ugliness in people (I hope that rings a bell – but I doubt it will)
Don't they all just make ya want to do mega hot boob sex - oops - I mean puke?

Disclaimer: MEN-Factor does not endorse obesity.  The pictures above are merely meant to piss people off who are so functionally retarded, that they associate weight with male hatred.  MEN-Factor encourages everybody to engage in healthy eating habits, as well as a regulat regiment of exercise.


  1. Leftists turn everyone into victims ...

    It's pretty easy fighting the courts, divorce & family courts are administered by retards

    Just dont expect AVFM or any of the leftists to actually educate anyone to fight the divorce or feminist industry effectively

    Check out Marc Stevens nostate project, if you want the real goods

    It's precisely because they dont have any solutions, they turn to victimisation, socialism & welfare bs

    It's all about keeping the myth of government, & its illegitemacy

    1. Leftists turn minorities into victims - at least - mostly - with clowns like Elam and whatnot - they are trying to make white heterosexual men victims as well...

      The problem, and the reason they are being ridiculed so much - a majority group cannot be victims in the PC crowd's mind - remember what Adria Richards said...

      I do not expect any single person in the man-o-sphere to educate any MAN as to how to properly handle a BAD divorce in a non-violent manner.

      Sorry if that offends - but - can you name one site or person that does?

      There has to be at least 1 man out there who went through a bad divorce, and did not commit suicide, break the law, or turn to violence - and came out on top.

      Men like that need to be made the "Poster Boys" at this point in time - because - while I think that the divorce laws need to change - I do not think they will change anytime soon.

  2. Those women look like what you'd see on a typical Seattle dating site. LOL

    Speaking of which: last night on the radio some local media tard was reading Bundy's speech and affecting a rednecky drawl doing it while his idiot sidekick was chiming in with comments like: 'did he mention abortion yet? hyuk hyuk hyuk...' You get the idea.

    Think back to Walter Cronkite and Ed Murrow and a generation later the media machines they built have sunk to the level of Saturday Night Live skits, which themselves have sunk to the level of ghetto-level strip club entertainment. There is nothing worth reading in the American media anymore unless it's to make fun of them.

    As a public service: most European news outlets now have English translations available. We're having to do like they did when they were occupied by the Nazis and Soviets and turn to foreign sources for the truth.

    1. Well - hey - at least they don't look like that pic Anti-Feminist showed a week or so ago!

    2. Check this out: the media's come full circle and now Harry Reid is the VICTIM!

    3. I saw that coming before it happened.

      Harry Reid, and the media are both trying to draw attention away from any wrong doing that Harry Reid and the BLM MIGHT be involved in.

      Feminism works the same way - you know - they bitch endlessly about misogyny in order to draw attention away from male hatred.

  3. Man driven to suicide by ex wife and divorce courts

    Chris Mackney committed suicide on December 29, 2013 because his ex wife was using the divorce courts in America to torture him and kidnap his children from him. He wrote a 4 page suicide note before killing himself.

    LATEST UPDATE: The ex-wife is such a psychopath that is she trying to copyright her ex husband's suicide note, in order to prevent it from being circulated on the internet. She is using her lawyers to threaten legal action against websites that published Chris's suicide letter. She is trying to silence him, even in death.

    The website "A Voice for Men" also got a letter from her lawyers and wrote an article about it yesterday:

    Here's a few more updates:

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