Friday, April 4, 2014

Psycho Crazy Man Murders Woman

Take a look at this very beautiful young woman...
Holly Bobo

Holly Bobo

Holly Bobo
Her name is Holly Bobo, and she is dead. No, her boyfriend did not kill her - as I often point out. I have something different to point out this time.

This is the man that killed her - Zachary Adams
Zachary Adams

Zachary Adams
Yes, he is creepy looking indeed. Allegedly, he was dressed in camouflage when he abducted Holly Bobo. Supposedly, witnesses heard a scream early one morning, and discovered that she was missing.

So, how is this Murder and Male Resentment?

Well, technically it isn't (although I use that title - it actually never is). What gets me, is that the average feminazi professor in college, regular politically correct f**ktard professor, or dime-a-dozen journalist is busy frightening young women and convincing them that the young men they go to college with are bad people that they should avoid (you know - self purported nice guys).
Duke Lacrosse

And it pains me to do this, but in case any feminazi's are reading, I feel obligated to remind them that the woman who accused these young men of rape was in fact LYING.
Crystal Mangum

The women's studies professors (and FAGGOT MRA's) who are constantly bitching about patriarchy and male privilege really need to step out of the box for a minute, and ask themselves what effect they are REALLY having on men - and women.

I want to make something clear here too - Holly Bobo was not asking for it. No woman asks for it. There are deranged people out there who do bad things to other people - they have no reason other than their own mental illness - PERIOD. The people shot by James Holmes in the Batman Movie Theater were not asking for it. John F. Kennedy was not asking for it. Get it through your thick fucking heads already!

Young women are getting murdered by psycho weirdos while decent young men (that most feminazis preach to avoid) are being falsely accused of "sex-crimes".

The typical feminist response to things like this is not justice, but is in fact, blind-hatred, miss-guided vindictiveness and impotent rage (a subject I will talk about in a later post - and how it has already infested the "man-o-sphere") - this is seen below
Castration March

Why don't women's studies professors stop talking about how self-purported nice guys are all out to get women - and start warning young women about REAL threats to their safety - like the psycho shown above?

While this event is indeed tragic, I find it hard to empathize. It is up to normal women to put a stop to this - because when somebody like myself says it - it will always be taken out of context. And of course - the dikes at AVFM (A VINDICTIVE FAGGOTY MORON), are not worth their weight in piss to anybody. Yes, it is up to normal women to put a stop to this folly - something that they have been an EPIC FAIL at for the last 50 years.

Normal women need to tell the feminazi professors and politically correct apologists, "SHUT THE F**K UP!"

Sure, most young men Holly Bobo's age want to do nothing but f**k her brains out 24/7, but honestly - is that really such a bad thing? If she had a self-purported nice guy as a boyfriend living with her (and f**king her brains out 24/7) - would this have happened to her?

When are women going to start stomping on the f**ktards like David Futrelle and tell them to just shut up and f**k off - and truly start thinking for themselves?

When are women going to stop reading bullsh*t 5000 word essays missplaining how the young men they go to college with are really evil people - while at the same time - DOING NOTHING TO WARN THEM ABOUT REAL THREATS TO THEIR SAFETY?

The sooner normal women start standing up to these clowns, the sooner their reputation will be regained, and moronic men-hating women like this
Adria Richards
will no longer be their voice - a voice that does nothing but degrade them.

Yes, the true degradation and exploitation of women is not some horny guy, porn, clothing, skinny, fat or swimsuit models - it is women who are ignorant buffoons and hate men - and other women who are stupid enough to take them seriously.

Enjoy engaging in feminist thought crime and objectify this hottie in your mind - or - enjoy burning in hell for being a heterosexual MAN
Hot Chick
Seriously, what the f**k is this world coming to?


  1. When women are taught that all men are scumbags, they assume 'nice guys' have something to hide and psychos like the one above are the ones 'being open'. Also, they're taught they 'don't need a man'.

    So imagine Holly was dating one of the three lacrosse players and a creep like Zachary Adams tried to jump her: what do you suppose the lacrosse player would do? Holly is probably in the Next World now, wishing she didn't listen to the feminists, because she certainly needed a real man in her last moments here on earth.

    But no doubt Zack is now chest-deep in love letters from porn stars---and the lacrosse guys are probably still INCEL.

    1. True. Women are taught that most men are bad - especially the ones considered :patriarchal".

      If she was hooked up with a duke lacrosse player - the fact that there was a man around probably would have deterred him.

      About those love letters - do you suppose that there is some special funding a woman gets if the father of her child is executed by the government - or in prison?

      I am wondering if it is not so much an attraction to psycho's - but a combination of money as well.

    2. Could be money involved: also for women who don't want a man around, a husband/father who's perpetually in jail or likely to end up on the gallows could insure that he's not around much.

      I wonder: I've never heard what became of the Duke Lacrosse guys. I wonder if they're still being persecuted because of the incident, even though they've been exonerated? I'd wager they're all still INCEL too.

  2. In most cases, "asking for it" seems to be playing with fire. Where a woman avoids a nice guy like the plague and instead decides to get f***ed and chucked by a psycho a**hole she CHOSE to date. Instead of seeing red flags and writing on the wall, she only sees a thrilling experience with such an unstable, yet supposedly unpredictable degenerate. She also sees potential in him. So much that she is under the illusion that she can change him, so she sees him as a project.

    When these projects fail, and they almost always fail, the relationship fails because she wasted her time on Mr. Wrong and says she wants a man, not a boy. Then comes the clamor of, “Where are all the good men?” and “Where are the real men?” She suddenly realizes the mistake she’s made of continually chasing the wrong men and starts scrambling to recover herself in time to locate the nice guy she put in the friend zone. She’ll claim that she was confused, had to find herself or didn’t even see such malicious things coming from the other bozos.

    So, by playing games, they are playing with fire. They are "asking for it." They are pretty much asking a nice guy to wait so he can have leftovers and a used car with high mileage. Any smart, nice guy will most likely move on as he sees himself more than just a friend, shoulder to cry on and someone to listen to. Women like Holly, in this world or the next, are definitely filled with remorse for not allowing themselves to see the real creeps out there, because they were too busy mining for evil inside normal, nice guys.

    1. Death by boyfriend vs death by stranger.

      This particular case - Zach was a stranger.

      And yes, I have no sympathy for women who get killed by their BF - women who get killed by a stranger - I do - but - ultimately, the young men they go to school with seem to be the type they avoid (or perhaps the situation has gotten so bad that young men are now avoiding women!!!) - at any rate - young men and women are supposed to hook up - and hang out - and f**k like rabbits. I think that is not happening these days - at least - that is my guess.

      Our society has become sexually dysfunctional.

      Anyway - when I say asking for it - I am referring to strangers - not acquaintances.