Thursday, April 24, 2014

Harry Reid now Claims that Clive Bundy, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are "Domestic Terrorists"

Harry Reid forgot to take his medication claimed this week that Clive Bundy and his supporters were "Domestic Terrorists". You know, like the guy who blew up the Oklahoma buildings...

Harry Reid
Harry Reid

Except of course, Clive Bundy and his followers did not blow anything up - or shoot anybody - or destroy any property - or issue any threats - or do anything except stand by their opinion that the Nevada land they are grazing on doesn't have turtles on it - no - wait - should not incur such high grazing fees? - no - wait - was not donated to Harry Reid's granddaughter as part of election funds?

Harry Reid
Harry Reid

Wait what?

Harry Reid went on to mention that Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are also Domestic Terrorists and have committed unspeakable crimes against U.S. citizens. So unspeakable, that he would not speak of them to RIP-Factor reporters.
Harry Reid
Harry Reid

RIP-Factor reporters managed to talk to Harry Reid's cabinet members...
Harry Reid
Harry Reid

RIP-Factor reporters asked Harry Reid's cabinet why Santa Claus was a domestic terrorist...
Harry Reid
Harry Reid

Harry Reid's cabinet responded by saying that Santa Claus hates turtles and never pays the proper fees for using chimneys as housing entry ways.

RIP-Factor reporters then asked the cabinet why the Easter Bunny was also a domestic terrorist...
Harry Reid
Harry Reid

Harry Reid's cabinet explained to us, that the Easter Bunny has not paid the proper fees for hiding and coloring chicken eggs, and also has not paid the proper permits for taking the guise of an animal that lays eggs (rabbits apparently do not lay eggs like in those Easter Commercials).
Harry Reid
Harry Reid

Whatever you did this Easter, I hope you had a good time. Personally, I enjoy coloring Easter eggs - I take my time - make them quite elaborate.

Now, as part of a new feature on this blog, feel free to engage in feminist thought crime (or hate crime), by wanting to have sexual intercourse with this woman. Yes, if you want to have sex with her - you are in fact guilty of a feminist hate crime - but it can be our little secret.
Feminist Thought Crime


  1. I see now that the media tards are trying to smear Bundy and his followers as a bunch of racists, &c. You knew there was going to be 'payback'. Reid is really nothing more than a typical Vegas gangster.

    Meanwhile, though, the Easter Bunny in the last picture makes want to paint her eggs in a different way! LOL

  2. Domestically terrorises a farmer with swat teams, snipers, the military & thousands of cops

    Tries to prostitute desert turtles ... lol, gives stolen land to his daughter

    Calls the farmer a domestic terrorist ...

    Isnt this how backward african chiefs in zimbabwe or somalia terrorise villagers on a daily basis?

    Replace the mcmansions with mud huts, replace the asshole millionaire trying to tax a farmer with an ak-47 wielding tribal chieftain sitting on his fat ass in a mud hut

    & you have modern day somalia waged in Texas

    This is precisely what these millionaires & governments are , driving modern day texas into mud huts & chieftainships handed down to fat assed criminals

    Clive Bundy & the rest of the farmers need to form a lynching & drag this millionaire out of his mcmansion & force feed him to the desert turtles ... criminal fuck

    Wont somebody think of the turtles ...

    Also a perfect description of how Europe & the U.S treat their mangina pussified slaves on a daily basis ...

    1. Originally, the reason the BLM was there is because Bundy's cattle were allegedly threatening an endangered species of desert turtle.

      Now, they were after him because he is a racist?

      Why does the BLM have guns anyway?

      Why did they sick a small army on him just for grazing cattle where an endangered turtle lived?

      None of the story - the sides in favor of Reid - make any sense whatsoever.

  3. Because the BLM is a quagmire, a small political army owned by a millionaire

    Most of the local politicians in any town or city, are owned by millionaires like this fuck

    They all behave the same way, over the most minor infraction, everything from leaving your bin out too late, or overfilling it, to walking the wrong way, & they'll set their goons on you

    It's a daily occurence, these mini hitlers infest literally every street corner

    Who do you think owns the cctv cameras? Its not the police or the government, its the local council owned by millionaires like this guy

  4. Basically its bureaucracies, millionaires buy their way into, to scam & screw over the local street or area they occupy

    Using municiple codes & regulations to scam & rip off as many local people they can get away with

    When you understand all the bureaucracies, like the IRS, trading standards, import & excise tax, are really a bunch of criminal cartels & gangs

    They basically use the scams & racketeering to pay the thugs & criminals,

    That is the cops & mercenaries loaned from the military to attack guys like Clive Bundy

    The mistake guys like yourself & the public in general, are duped into thinking this isnt a regular occurence

    These assholes pull this sort of shit on a regular basis

    Every week these fuckers target some small business owner, to send their death squads to

    These guys are using deathsquads to steal & screw over millions of small businesses all year round

    They just got caught pulling the shit they carry out on a daily basis

    These guys are the rea mafia, the real criminal cartels

    Locally owned voting blocks, are just code for organised criminals & mafia

    This is why I hate christians, soccer dads & soccermoms, & idiots who live in picket white fences, retarded ignorant bastards the whole lot of them

    These criminals routinely attack & screw them over on a daily basis, & they call it government ... bunch of ignorant inbreds