Thursday, April 17, 2014

Harry Reid and Rory Reid not Involved in any Sex Scandals, so it's all Cool!

RIP-Factor reporters have been doing research into the recent Harry Reid and Rory Reid stories in the news. It is very difficult to get facts from a story involving a politician - especially if they are left wing, because most retards journalists will support them. However; RIP-Factor reporters have come to a rock solid conclusion.

Neither Harry Reid nor Rory Reid are having sex with any pretty white women, so it's all cool.
Rory Reid Harry Reid

Yes, this much we can be certain of. In fact, RIP-Factor reporters are not sure whether either of the two politicians even have penises.

Unlike Bill Clinton, who had sex with a young pretty white woman – and an impeachment trial actually began – Harry Reid and Rory Reid are not doing anything like that, so it’s all cool.

It is true that somehow, 17000 no 31000 no 17000 no 31000 or some odd dollars meant to go to Harry Reid's campaign fund ended up going right to his grand-daughter's jewelry store, but at least sex was in no way involved. Also, Harry Reid himself has promised that he is really very sorry and it will never happen again told everybody complaining to go f**k themselves!
Harry Reid
Now, the allegations are as follows...

There may be an endangered species of desert turtle that was being disrupted by Clive Bundy grazing cattle on 600,000 acres of desert land. And of course, the other story is that Clive Bundy has not been paying the proper fees to graze his cattle on that land.

At any rate, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) formed an armed militia to do battle with Clive Bundy.

At this point, RIP-Factor reporters are certain that no pretty white women have been hurt, or raped in an heroic fashion. We also know that sex is not involved here, so there really isn't that much of a story - except that one of the members of the Bundy family - or perhaps just a protester had really big boobs
Big Boobs
Nevada BLM Protester with really big boobs

Sure, how are the Reid's all millionaires? Who knows... Sure, they might be planning to sell American land to an overseas government, sure they might be involved in mishandling campaign funds, sure, they probably made their familes fortunes by cheating American citizens and abusing their authority.

All of that may or may not be true.

But RIP-Factor reporters do in fact know one thing that is a FACT!

They are not having sex with any pretty white women - and that is really important - as this means that they are good folk who do not believe in that sort of thing.
Harry Reid
Harry Reid

The left-wing women sitting at home reading this can rest assured, and sleep soundly tonight, knowing that we do NOT have a politician in office that does that sex stuff - because that is a mortal sin err dirty err uhm degrading to women or whatever.


  1. I recently encountered a Seattle left-wing whacko (oops I mean, 'environmental activist' who was rioting (oops I mean 'peacefully protesting' this event in Nevada to save the Desert Tortoise from the brink of extinction (and being saved for outsourcing to China, but that's another story).

    "So if grazing cattle endangers the tortoise" I asked "Why didn't they go extinct before when herds of wild bison were grazing the same land?"

    "That's different! Those were bison and not cattle!"

    "Bison and cattle are the same species" I patiently explained. "They've even made bison/cattle hybrids called 'beefalo'.

    "Well that's what's causing it! Genetic modification!"

    Which is further proof that universities should never allow anyone near an 'Environmental Studies' class until they've had at least a year in Biology. lol

    1. Actually, I read an interesting article on the MuffingtonBoast - it said that global warming is causing cows to mutate into Beefalo - George bush simply started the rumor to cover up global warming that people are cross breeding them.


  2. LOL---that reminded me: one other Libtard here once told me that Bush was covering up that the salmon were dying because trains were crossing rivers loaded with coal and the dust was falling into the rivers. They were part of a drive to ban (I'm not making this up) transporting coal through the City limits.

    I pointed out that, according to the City of Seattle's own water treatment facilities, the largest chemical contaminants in Seattle water are fertilizers from pot farms and undigested drugs.

    "Yeah but that's natural, coal isn't!" he replied.

    Amendment to my earlier post: they should have to have a year of Chemistry as well as Biology!

    1. No - it is better to have the masses as uneducated as possible - hence - all the bogus BA degrees out there.

    2. You're probably right: but knowing modern academia, they would probably require hard sciences---then dumb them down---while raking in money from bogus higher tuition and 'course fees'.


    1. Thanks for sharing that. For my next three posts, I will make some goofy pictures featuring those women in it.

      And, I agree - when these feminists spout their hate, they should be held accountable for it for the rest of their lives.

      Also, when they decide they do not like a joke - because a straight white man told it - they need to be held accountable for that too.

    2. np, Roosh has a surprisingly good amount of material on none pickup stuff on his site ...

      He does most of the time, make the same mistake as notanmra

      By associating left wing wackjobs like avfm, with real mra's who want to destroy feminist rape & paedophile law

      As well as associating MGTOW with mra's ...

      Chateau & MAtt Forney make the same mistake

      Real MRA's are pro masculinity & pro game etc., theyre not against anything male, unlike paul elam & avfm

      But yea MGTOW's are influential, especially when societies filled with hate supremacist movements, run by women

      It's also important you & guys like notanmra keep criticising & snipe at the movement

      The more detractors & constructive criticism the mra & manosphere has, the more hard hitting & grounded in fricking reality it is

      I love the fact you're critiquing & pointing the mra & manosphere towards the anti-thesis of feminist horsecrap

      Seriously keep on criticising MRA's & the manosphere, ignore what i said lol

      You're critiques are always spot on, it should never in any fricking shape or form, mirror a movement run by women ...

    3. uhm - my eyes just went beyond crossed - they are plaid.

  4. And after this adventuire in Nevada, Harry Reid was actually up before the press today accusing Putin of a 'land grab' in the Ukraine!

    I wonder if libtards are conciously hypocrites, or if they're so stupid they don't see their own hypocrisy?