Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Several Women Arrested for Setting Unrealistic Standards for Young Women’s Bodies.


My name is Friday, I carry a badge. On March 21, 2014, I received an anonymous tip, that there were several women who were setting unrealistic standards for young women’s bodies roaming the area.

My partner is Bill Gannon - he frequently masturbates to pictures of Judy Garland.

We proceeded to the downtown area to investigate the rumors of the women who make other women jealous with their mega hot looks who were setting unrealistic standards for old hags who need to get laid young women.

We encountered several women that were bonerlicious.
hot woman
hot woman
wonder woman

Unfortunately, Wonder Woman was one of the women setting unrealistic body standards for crabby bitches young women.

My partner Bill Gannon (who frequently masturbates to pictures of Wonder Woman) and I went to the headquarters for the National Organization for Women to ask them if Wonder Woman should be arrested too.

After waiting in the office for an hour and a half while hearing a strange vibrating sound emanating from all around us, they informed us that any woman, including Wonder Woman, setting unrealistic standards for a young woman’s body was breaking the law.

My partner Bill Gannon (who frequently masturbates to pictures of Janet Jackson) and I made several arrests.

These women were arrested and charged with conspiracy to set unrealistic standards for a young woman’s body in a state court of law.

In a moment, the results of that trial.




Wonder Woman, Dr. Joy Tickle, and Katie Fillmy were all charged and convicted of setting unrealistic standards for young women’s bodies. According to state law, they will serve no less than 2 years in prison for pissing off man hating bitches who couldn’t get laid at a man-o-sphere convention.

Yeah – you heard me right f**kheads – deal with it.


  1. Female romance novels are demeaning to men. The typical young, handsome, successful, rich, witty, intelligent surgeon MD with his beautiful Ferrari creates unrealistic expectations in women. It makes the average male look boring, drab, and unattractive. No normal man can live up to these standards.

    I hope you will report about prosecuting both readers and producers of such harmful smut.

    1. HS:
      The problem with that is that guys like those depicted in romance novels are usually INCEL in real life. The kind of males hot women usually chase are smelly, retarded, drug-addicted bums with long criminal records, especially those who abuse women and children.

      And since no normal man would (or could) live DOWN to those standards, maybe we put the SCUM in jail: and make sure they stay there this time!!!! lol

    2. I understand your anger, but ultimately, I believe that people should be allowed to have whatever sexual fantasies they want.

      Men typically fantasize about hot bodies, fantastic cleavage etc...

      If women want to fantasize about cars and crap - let them.

      I will admit, it seems awkward - and - well - they seem to end up with the exact opposite of that - as my Murder and Male Resentment Mondays demonstrate - the hot ones seem to end up with losers that have no money and are ugly - mentally unbalanced etc...

    3. Hey, ScareCrow?

      Women aren't fantasizing about "cars and crap." They're fantasizing about men who treat them as equals, and who are intelligent enough that they understand women also have brains (clearly neither of these things apply to you). They're also looking for a man who can actually satisfy them sexually. The big draw of most romance novels is the sex scenes. Women are sick of faking orgasms to satisfy your fragile male egos--a thing that has probably happened to the two people on this site who are (amazingly) not virgins. Along the same vein of though, men need to be informed that women can have more than one orgasm during sex. If she's only having one--unless you're a god and have managed to create a certain amount of intensity--you're doing it wrong.

      Basically, if a woman in your life is reading romance novels in your presence it's because you have an inability to satisfy her. Possibly, you should learn how to be respectful (hint: kitchen jokes are not) and read a book on how to give better oral.

    4. Next time I'm out of the country with a hot foreign girl, I'll try to feel guilty about not having a bitter American femihag instead. LOLLLLLL

    5. @Maria Oakley - you sound seriously sexually depraved.

      I would like to point out, that you and I have never had sex - therefore, your insinuations about my sex-life are clearly an ad-hominem attack, and a childish one to be sure.

      Also, you and I will never have sex because you are a bitch that hates men.

      Not all women like oral.

      You do not speak for all women.

      Fact is, you speak for a small minority of women whose heads have been firmly implanted in their asses, and somehow, sand has gotten in their vaginas.

      Now - go into the kitchen and make me a sandwich - or no multiple orgasms for you.

      KIDDING - I would never have sex with you - so no multiple orgasms no matter what.


    6. P.M.S. Oakley - for somebody who knows so much about what she wants (i.e. "oral sex") - you sound like a very sexually frustrated person to me...

  2. Here's a conundrum for femihags: if women like those pictured above are setting 'unrealistic standards for women's bodies; how did those same women achieve such bodies if it's unrealistic for women to do so?

    I'll bet that one's going to keep the Futrelle-bots up all night thinking it over LOL

    1. That is one purpose of this blog - Futrelle sealed my bad side when he demonstrated his blatant stupidity with my first Murder and Male Resentment Monday - or perhaps he is not stupid - just incredibly deceitful - either way - he is on my bad side.

      Women can make any excuses they want - ultimately, it boils down to a hatred of men - specifically, the male sex drive.

      Why is prostitution illegal - google it - you hear stories about how it victimizes women - yet - the men are the ones paying the money - I wonder - if it were legal - would men be allowed to report prostitutes to the BBB?

      My guess is no. Not that it would ever be legal in the first place - too many people go bat shit crazy at the idea of people not being miserable.

  3. To answer your question Eric the women pictured above achieved those bodies from - starvation, plastic surgery, and crash dieting.... All these things have contributed to young women dying across American and the world as they attempt to make themselves look like these women. The only real truth here is that men as a gender should look inward at why they feel these unreasonable physical standards are they only things that matter to them in a partner. In short your delusions about what a women should be is the real problem here.

    1. Anon:
      You're a deluded femihag. I've been to enough non-feminist countries to know women like that are fairly common there---without resorting to any of the self-tortures you mentioned.

      'your delusions about what a woman should be is your real problem here.'

      IOW, men shouldn't have sexual preferences? My, my how politically incorrect of you: would you say the same thing to a gay guy? LOL

    2. @Anon - the reason men focus on these physical attributes, is because most women have proven themselves to be good for absolutely nothing else.

      And by the way - the number of women who die from anorexia is much lower than you think.



    3. Again, poor little ScareCrow...

      If only you had a brain. Perhaps if you did you would understand that women are actually more intelligent than men on average. Oh, are we bringing (extremely biased, on your part) sources into this now?

      Here! Have a few!




      Now, you may call me a "man-hater." I think that's kind of cute, honestly. However, I don't hate men. I am a feminist, and if any of you had ever actually read the definition you would find this: A feminist is someone who believes in equality of the sexes, and the freedom of both men and women to act as they please without the constraints of gender roles. That means that, with feminism, men are actually allowed to care about things! Youre allowed to have feelings! You can admit to liking hot cocoa and to not drinking your coffee black when no one is looking! Doesn't that sound freeing? Or would you rather be posting online about how you can't get laid because women are terrified of men like you hurting them the second they don't conform to your ridiculous standards?

    4. "Anglobitch anger is the weathervane of truth."--- Rookh Kshatriya

    5. The paper definition of feminism is "equality among the sexes".

      In practice it is something much different.

      You are a man-hater - glad to hear you think I am cute - BUT - I still will not have sex with you - so buzz off.

      I am like - way out of your league.