Monday, March 17, 2014

Hell Hath no Fury like a Woman Scorned

Funny, I have always heard "Hell Hath no Fury like a Woman's Scorn" - but even that is f**ked up.
The phrase, Hell Hath no Fury like a Woman Scorned was first coined by the English Playwright William Congreve.
Faggot Pedophile
William Congreve
The phrase supposedly means that a woman will become very angry when a man does her wrong.

Yes, William Congreve has clearly made a contribution to our modern society. This phrase has been heard by almost everybody, and it is a warning to men - to not wrong a woman.

I believe in modern times, the phrase is something much different. I believe that the function of the phrase in our modern society is to mask the true nature of women.

I have noticed that women can scorn a man for no reason whatsoever. In fact, I believe that they often scorn their men when they are the ones doing him wrong.

That is my observation, and I do live in my small corner of the world - I realize that. But every occurrence of a relationship I have seen typically results in the scorn of a woman - a modern woman to be more specific - even when the man is doing the woman no wrong.

By using the term scorn (or the alternative wrath), it is implying that women always have a valid reason when getting angry at a man - when in fact, they are venting their own self-hatred on the man in their life.

Why do so many modern women act this way?

I honestly cannot say. However, I think that this phrase is inaccurate and should be replaced with something more descriptive of modern women.

Does pointing this out make me a misogynist?


  1. Take The Red PillMarch 20, 2014 at 3:38 PM

    "...Why do so many modern women act this way?"

    For the very same reason that a dog will lick his ba**s: because they CAN.
    Then they reach their thirties, and are so mystified that "there are no Good Men anymore".
    For all of their self-proclaimed ‘superiority’ and ‘how much smarter’ they are than men, women sure seem to have a hard time understanding that treating good men like sh*t is not a wise nor effective mating strategy (it seems to take them at LEAST ten years!).
    I also have yet to see ANY woman make any connection between the horrible ways they treat males as kids, teens, and young men, and the fact that "there are no Good Men anymore".

    1. Hmmm - I would say not only "because they CAN" but also that they are being encouraged to do so.

      And, ,at the same time, being fed crap on TV and whatnot to make them oblivious to their own behavior.

  2. Women today scorn any man they do not find desireable. Women are not responsible for their actions, so as the other commenter says, "because they can". Men as individuals need to start holding women accountable, otherwise nothing will ever change.

    1. Amen. Society needs to start holding women accountable.

    2. Excellent blog rantings ..

      Btw you didnt get any results from the bootcamps, as they didnt teach you basic dominance or assertiveness, or how to be more confident then the women

      Most women have a level of aggressiveness they require from men, in order to feel attraction from a man

      You werent taught a level of aggressiveness to get women turned on

      Because of womens hypersexuality, they require high levels of aggression & dominance to get turned on

      You just have to ramp up your levels of aggresiveness & dominance to get turned on

    3. Rmax:
      That may be so with normal women (maybe not in all cases), but the 'Boot Camp/PUA' approach doesn't take into account female misandry which is rampant in our society. Women who are turned on by aggression and dominance are going to gravitate towards those male behaviors in their NEGATIVE aspects in our culture; IOW, they'll be attracted to thugs and violent criminals instead of 'manly alpha leader' types.

    4. @rmax - this post was kind of a joke - hover your cursor over the links - and see what caption pops up.

      Call it subliminal humor if you wish,

  3. @Eric

    lol, diplomatic eric? j/k ... I know ure not a big fan of game ... its kwl

    You make a great point though ...

    I never connected misandric, for women to prefer thugs & loosers over real men ...

    Great point, yea as long as women are allowed to be male hating women, they'll gravitate towards the cultural anti-thesis of a real male

    This is what I mean by a hyper-sexual society, your comment's a great description of cultural hypersexual women


    Those captions are hilarious ... lol

    Your html coding skills are legendary ... great stuff lol

    But yea put a message for peeps to hover over the captions, I assumed ocd when i first read the post lol ...

    Btw I love rantsofanincels site ... not surprised its on the blog roll

    He does confirm my theory on incels, they become incels as its just another way of white knighting for women

    ie this

    1. to quote - "The reason that I am so quick to blame men is because blaming women is totally useless and leads nowhere. Women cannot be changed by logical arguments or any sense of fairness. Women can only be changed by restructuring society, and this is entirely up to men."

      That is what I call a bigot and a white knight,

      Logic might not be able to change them - but lock them up - throw them in jail - they WILL change.