Sunday, February 2, 2014

Where have all the Good Potential Rapists Gone?

Why do Baseball Players Always Urinate on Their Children?

Why do Bald Men always Fart before Opening Blinds?

Where has all the Rabbit Poop Gone?

The question Where have all the Good Men Gone is bogus.  It is not a question, it is a statement.

Keep the lie simple, tell it often and people will believe it
-Adolf Hitler

When you hear this question, do yourself a favor - ignore it.  It is post feminist propaganda.  And if you dare, browse the links the google search point to - you'll see a bunch of post-feminist tripe - even from articles claiming to be anti-feminist.  And crap - do not get me started on MRAs responses to this bogus question - to start, most of them turn the question into an opportunity to engage in oppression olympics - second, they are dumb enough to dignify the male-bashing question with an answer.

The question itself is male bashing, giving any kind of a response is also male bashing.

The question, "Where have all the good men gone" should be ignored - just as the first three questions in big letters at the top of this post should be ignored (the fourth is me being silly - check out the pics though - hot damn!)

Of course, if you do browse the google search results, for the question, there are a couple of good replies to it.  But, those replies are post-feminist replies - watch them closely - the say some good things but then quickly spin 360, and blame men.

Why even respond?  I am quite content to ignore it, just as I ignore most women - and most ridiculous crap that springs from this post-feminist society.

Enjoy the Superbowl - if you are into football....


  1. I tell women, right where you left them - back in your 20's.

  2. Simple answer--they either found what few Good Women that remain today or they went their own way.

    Enjoy your cats.

  3. The harpies don't want an answer, anyway. They just want to do what they have ALWAYS done --
    1) hear themselves babble
    2) complain
    3) blame men.


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