Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wacky Women Wednesday!

There are bitches, and there are bitchers (bitch is sex-neutral here).  Sometimes, a bitcher will make a good point, but ultimately, they are still just bitching.  What does that mean?  Some people complain strictly for the sake of complaining - sure - once in a while, they actually say something you can agree with!

Wacky Woman 1
Keri Gonzalez, age 34, broke her ankle while jumping out of a 15 year old boy's bedroom.

Now, what I wonder is this - are incidents of women having sex with "under-aged boys" increasing, or is the public eye (lame stream media) just becoming more focused on it?

Let's see - birth control has given women more sexual freedom - women can now have sex without worrying about pregnancy (if they worry about it to begin with) - they do not have to worry about their children being labelled as "bastards".  However; they do now have to worry about their reputation, going to jail and whatnot when it comes to engaging in sexual relations with a male under the age of 18.

So - which is it?  Are incidents like this on the rise?  If so - why?  If so - is there a certain type of teen that fits the mold of who they choose - nerd, thug, stoner, outcast???  Or are they "being chosen"

I would believe that incidents like this are on the rise...  And if they are - it really opens up a lot of questions - like what ever happened to gold-digging for one...  According to many blogs in the man-o-sphere - women seek men of social or economic status (something I have always believed to be utter bullsh*t) - that is not happening here...  At least - not that I can see.

So - I ask anybody reading this - why are incidents like this on the rise?

Wacky Woman 2
Sheila Ranae Crabtree, legally had her name changed to Sexy Ranae Crabtree.

Yes, her last name really is "Crabtree" - so now she is "Sexy Crabtree" - bad name.  Never have sex with a woman whose last name is Crabtree - you might get crabs!!!! (joke)

She can break her leg jumping out of my bedroom window anytime!!!
Rrrraow Rrrraow Rrrraow!!
Woo-hoo!  Woo-hoo!

Yikes - seriously - where are these women coming from?

The conceit is overwhelming.  Good grief - I remember - when I was in college - I was beat over the head with things like, "men always seek younger women", "men over amplify their own net worth", "most men think they are God's gift to women"...

It seems like the more I observe, the more I realize the opposite is true.

Anyway, that is it for Wacky Women Wednesday!!!  I might make this a regular feature...


  1. Scarecrow:
    FYI, this was the original 'Miss Crabtree'

    A far cry from the whacked-out modern femihag!

    1. Huh - I never saw that.

      So - why do you think the 30 simething woman with the teen male is increasing??

      Any thoughts?

  2. These women dont want someone who expects to be treated as an equal. They want a relationship where they can control the guy. A teenage boy can easily be controlled by sex.
    Also, most women know they have only a low chance of going to jail in America's feminist kangaroo court system. There was a backstabbing wife in Califormia? recently who was having an affair w/ a 16 year old. Her lawyer actually argued that women rarely get jail time. Surprisingly, she was given a 5 month jail sentence. There is a video showing her acting hysterical & shocked.. Sorry I cant remember her name. I think it happened in January.

    1. Control, and low risk - I like that hypothesis.