Monday, February 3, 2014

Love is all about Acid, Drugs, Stabbing and Being Out of Control

Well, today is a very special day.  I have decided to put a different spin on my usual Murder and Male Resentment Monday.  Instead, I am going to talk about love.

The kind of love that an over-privileged white heterosexual self-purported nice guy like me just isn't capable  of - because it involves drugs, a bad acid trip, slitting your abdomen open and stabbing your girlfriend to death - you know, TRUE LOVE.

Yes, I am one sick misogynistic prick to be sure!

Ya see, instead of taking drugs, alcohol, and wielding weapons lethal enough to kill people and slitting my own abdomen open, I am more interested in sex - and that is naughty!

Anyway, here is a woman who I am sure would consider me dudes that definitely aren't me to be way out of her league
Jessie Fisher - way out of my league dudes that definitely aren't me leagues

Ahh yes, I remember when I was 23, I had pretty much given up on even approaching women - because of the nasty and rotten things they would say to my misogynistic approaches to them - like saying "hi", "hello", "how's it going" etc...

But anyway, thank God that the woman above had enough post-feminism common sense to NOT hook up with one of those self-purported nice guys - because as we all know - guys like that rape hookers at frat parties and nothing else!

Instead, she used her post-feminism common sense to hook up with this outstanding man
Eric Keith Rodriguez- What a dreamboat!
Instead of undressing her in his mind, or being sexist and wanting sex - Eric Keith Rodriguez had much more wholesome activities in mind - like stabbing her to death and slitting his own abdomen open and pulling out his own intestines before being captured by police - all while he was high on marijuana, methamphetamine, alcohol, and LSD!.

Yes, ask any modern, evolved enlightened women, like Jessie's own mother - a man like myself who thinks about dirty things like sex, or undresses a sweet angel like Jessie in my mind will never know the true meaning of love, as the couple above did.

Fisher's own mother said Rodriguez and her daughter were in love. She also said she is not mad at Rodriquez for stabbing her daughter to death - slitting his own abdomen open, pulling out his intestines all while high on marijuana, methamphetamines, alcohol and LSD because she has seen his "bone-crushing remorse".

Maybe she meant "abdomen-slitting remorse"?

Anyway, I have to say that I am sad that I will never experience love like this! Also, I will never know the TRUE love a father feels for his daughter - as the mother in this story demonstrates so vividly!

The reason, if I knew my daughter was involved with somebody who was that into drugs, I would have intervened - and started by getting her off of any drugs she were on.

And that my friends is why, if I had a daughter, she would shit herself to death once she discovered the idiot who fathered her.



  1. Scarecrow:
    Maybe the Cougarish mother learned in one her 'Ethnic Studies' courses in the university that slitting one's abdomen open in remorse is a cultural expression (hari-kari among the Japanese, for example). Hence she has no right to be judgemental...

    And now that he's back on the singles' market again, I'm sure a lot of eligible women are lining up to have his baby---and the bonus is in THIS case, he can do his own caesarians! LOL

  2. This is the REAL reason why society hates sluts, you never know how many hordes of serial killers & murderers, drive bys etc. her vaginas come in contact with

    If you look at the black community, the black communities literally filled with black serial killers, murderers & crack dealers, because thats all black women want to fuck

    Which in turn makes most black women hate regular men, not psychopathic enough like the black thugs they fuck on the side

    White women arent toxic because of feminism, white women are toxic because of all the white thugs & psychopaths they fuck on the side on a daily basis

    Coming soon the obsolesence of women ... its gonna turn the decline into a pussy haven, as the lack of welfare, starves most psychopaths & thugs, cutting off the supply of assholes to women

    Now you know why women REALLY want welfare ...

    Welfare & socialism prevents psychopaths & thugs from killing each other off

    Psychopaths & serial killers, & thugs are useless to society, why do you think they spend most of their time behind bars ?

    Did you really think welfare & socialism was designed for single mothers & immigrants?

    Nothing in society is designed for your benefit, not even the women ... the sooner you realise that the sooner you can get on with banging some real high quality, foreign submissive bitches ...

    All women are the property of government & prostitutes for government

    When you bang a ho shes on loan from the make work office hr job, paid for by the government

    All women are owned by the government, as no women actually do any real work, making them all welfare whores, ie slaves owned by the government

    Enjoy your slave girls gentleman, after all you paid for all these slaves with your taxes, just remember to treat them like the welfare whore slaves they really are ...

    1. 'All women are the property of government & prostitutes for government'

      Very true. IIRC the relevant term is 'Bureaugamy' ie a 'woman who is married to a bureaucracy'.

    2. Funny thing is - women consider themselves to be "liberated" - most of them are too stupid to realize that they are just tricks for Uncle Sam.

    3. lol thats hilarious, maybe Dalrock should change hypergamy to bureaugamy

      & serial monogamy to serial mono-bureaugamy

  3. Boo fucking hoo... Ding dong the slut is dead. Good riddance. One less cunt and its babies my taxes will have to pay for.

  4. It's very important to understand that the white male is
    on his way out. The white male is "uncool."
    White girls are subjected to cultural programming from
    birth to reject the white male as a wussy, drab-like opressive
    How will it end? White guys will not even be allowed to be born.
    White male sperm will be kept on reserve to breed the
    beautiful white female icons that every man craves.

    1. Well, then I suppose that I am unimportant - because I do not understand that.

      An examination of Murder and Male Resentment Mondays reveals that this sort of thing comes in all races, colors and creeds.

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