Friday, February 14, 2014

Feminist Crawls up Man’s Ass and Dies!

 A breaking tragedy has occurred, according to our sources, a feminist has crawled up a man’s ass and died. On the surface, it appears that the man is doing well, however, MEN-Factor reporters have noticed some very odd behavior from him.

The man constantly and repeatedly says really f**king stupid things like, “I am a recovering White Knight”, or “I am a recovering mangina”. We were unable to determine exactly what he meant by these things. It remains a mystery.

The man was also mindlessly and boorishly blabbering on and on and bloody f**king on about red-pills from the sh*tty f**king piece of sh*t movie “The Matrix”, alpha, beta and other things that we could not quite comprehend.

We asked our team of crackpot top-shot doctors what they think is affecting the man.




How exactly was a feminist able to crawl up a man’s ass and die anyway? Well, according to our sources, the man did not know what the f**k a feminist was, and hence, he did not know when one crawled up his ass and died.

But then again, we all live in our parent's basements, and cannot get laid in a million years - so what the f**k would we know about anything - and oh yeah - we have penises, mother issues and whatnot - so again, what the f**k would we know about any of it.

Does anybody reading know that the feminists hated Valentine's Day too?

I offer my girlfriend a strip-show (to be a smart ass), if she accepts it, I keep her, if she gets mad - she gets booted out the door.

It's free, it's fun, and it's a good test of character.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Now, please SHUT THE FUCK UP!


  1. I read some MHRM tard the other day saying that women who give sex to men in appreciation are no better than prostitutes.

    Didn't Dworkin say the same thing?

    MHRM= Feminism For Men.

    1. On that point, it brings up another philosophy - remember that antifeminist said feminsts were using gays to enforce their agenda?

      Why isn't it gays using feminists (women) to enforce their agenda?

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