Monday, January 27, 2014

Murder and Male Resentment Monday

Take a look at this boner-licious babe
Amanda Peake
 Amanda Peake
Amanda Peake
Amanda Peake (just an FYI - tattoos have never been my scene - I find that they ruin one's appearance - but - to each their own I suppose)

While Looking at her, keep in mind that if you find her sexually attractive you are going to burn in hell for eternity, because it means that you are committing ADULTERY WITH HER!!!  Isn't that special...

Also, keep in mind that if you find her sexually attractive, you are a sexist pig – because you are objectifying her in your mind! I'm a feminist see - yeah - progressive, modern and evolved - Yeah – that’s the ticket! It's not like I believe anything the medieval puritanical women above says - yeah - that's the ticket. We are two completely different people - yeah - that's the ticket.

Luckily, the woman at the top had enough post-feminist-sense to stay away from self-purported nice guys, and met up with this wonderful man instead
Chancey Smith
Chancey Smith

He definitely was not a self-purported nice guy, because instead of being evil like that - he was more so looking for a place to stay.

Amanda Peake had just bought Chancey Smith a new motorcycle but wasn't ready for him to move into the Red Bank home with her and her two children.

And then, this man – who definitely is not a self-purported nice guydecided to kill her and her children - after she bought him a new motorcycle!

You know, I think I have this figured out now. If I want to hook up with women like Amanda Peake, I need to be willing to kill her and her children when she buys me a motorcycle!
That way, I am definitely not a self-purported "nice guy", and I’d get a few motorcycles out of it in the process!
All this time - I knew I was doing something terribly wrong on the dating scene!
Live and learn I guess!


  1. Dang---that guy looks like Herman Munster.

    I'm not into tattoos either, but she would have been hot without them. But it's hard to knock a girl who'd buy a guy a motorcycle, anyway.

    How much you want to bet though, she would have told guys like us to "f--- off, you're not in my league!" Or that we're 'boring nice guys'. Let's hope that guys like Chancy Smith are exciting enough! LOL

    1. There is no doubt that she would have told normal guys off - that is why she is dead now.

      I am glad somebody else noticed - because I was having a hard time remembering what TV character that guy looked like.

      BTW - I got like 4 of these MMRM (Murder and Male Resentment Mondays) lined up.

      Odd thing is - I google news "man kills girlfriend" - and it seems there are many girlfriends killing "man" as well...

      Post feminism - ain't it great!

    2. Which reminds me: I wonder how many women are lining up to date Chancy Smith now that's back on the singles' market again? (Assuming he hasn't been hanged yet).

    3. Correction---after I looked it up on the Net, apparently Chancy saved the taxpayers a lot of money and blew his own head off. Sorry, ladies... LOL 'Why are the good ones always dead?'

  2. More proof women become single mothers 'cos they cant handle a regular guy, alpha widowed at the age of slutty 12 ...

    Thanks to the disney channel, feminism & u go girl nice guys ...

    Because turning 12 yr old girls onto cock rocks ... according to the disney channel & the vagina monologues & their male hating rug eating moms

    Erm the chick in your post's too chubby, typical skank all boobs & no figure

    At least she wont have to suffer fat shaming week, thanks to her shitty taste for serial killer ass whooping

    1. Hmmm - or - a regular guy would not want them...

      I know I have passed up many women once the "psycho-bitch-o-meter" starts clicking.

      And there certainly is no shortage of women like that.

  3. Same thing, cant handle a regular guy leads to pissing of most men

    Btw now I know why you dont get many comments

    Your captcha pisses off most of your commentators ... holy fuck turn that shit off or put in some decent moderation

    I made 3 comments & I literally want to shoot myself from all that captcha shit

    1. I think I turned it off.

      Let me look into showing the recent comments...

      It is actually entertaining how I get negative comments on things I wrote up years ago...

  4. Thats great, awesome, just increase the number of comments to 10 or 20, & your readers get to track more comment on more posts

    I usually pop back to sites for the bitchslapping in the comments section, seeing chicks getting their hamsters slapped around is hilarious

    A good comment's toolbar with a high comment count, rakes in readers

    Comments are like free posts, you dont have to write up, make your readers write your blog for you ... lol

  5. Ah yea, captcha's off, talk about a relief ...

    Having to type in a 20 number digit just to post, was nuts lol

  6. You fools know nothing about her. She was sweet and generous and gave the time of day to normal guys. Her husband and father to her 2 children was a fire fighter who died in the line of duty. She was incredibly personable and one could find her playing with her kids at monkey Joe's more than at a club. The guy was a loser frythe word go. But she gave it a chance. In the end it was a violent tragic murder, suicide.