Friday, January 10, 2014

Crackpot Christie in Nutty New Jersey now tries to whip up Sex-Trafficking Hysteria

Crackpot Christie is at it again!

First, he demonstrates that he has no concern whatsoever for the general public's welfare or safety.

Second, he demonstrates that he believes that the general public is stupid and gullible.

Well, on his continuing crusade against sanity, collecting and wasting everybody's tax money, he is now engaged in whipping up some hysteria about sex-trafficking and the Superbowl.
NBC News Link
CBS News Link
ABC News Link

Notice that every major news outlet is covering this story - but is it even a story?

I remember that Dr. Rookh Kshatriya wrote an article that demonstrated how absurd sex-trafficking hysteria is.

I strongly suggest that you read the link to Dr. Rookh Kshatriya's blog above - it is very telling indeed.

Also, telling, is the link to an article that Eric sent me.

The article starts out with this line of crap:
Law enforcement agents in New Jersey have redoubled efforts to fight what they worry could be one of the biggest menaces to come with next month's Super Bowl: sex trafficking.
So, lets see - it COULD BE a BIG MENACE - that means it is NOT NECESSARILY GOING TO BE.

Just keep that in mind, later it says this:
"New Jersey has a huge trafficking problem," said U.S. Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., who is co-chairman of the House anti-human trafficking caucus.

Then it says this:
There are scant statistics and much debate over how much sex trafficking increases during a Super Bowl or other large sporting event,
Scant statistics?  How can that be?  I thought it was a really BIG MENACE and that New Jersey had a HUGE TRAFFICKING PROBLEM?  But the statistics are not there?!  WTF?!  And of course, listen to the lingo - "most go unreported" - feminist code speak to be sure.

Allow me to say in short what the articles are all saying...

Sex-trafficking is not really a problem, but we are going to try to whip everybody up into a frenzy over it - but not provide them with any actual statistics - because there aren't any.  We will be able to spend your tax money hiring extra security guards and police to prevent this thing that doesn't happen from ever happening.

And oh yeah - you - as a good Samaritan should be very suspicious of anybody attending the Superbowl.  In other words - do not trust your neighbor - they might be a communist - terrorist - SEX TRAFFICKER!

Anyway, the idiot below is not putting up a fight against this nonsense
Chris Christie
Chris Christie - Captain Dickweed

I'd wager a guess he knows exactly how much money can be pulled in with this type of hysteria - and how the American people can be turned against each other in the process.  Everybody is so busy looking at each other with suspicion, that very few take the time to look at our leaders, or question the crap the lame-stream media is spewing at us.

Napoleon tactics at play here?  Divide and conquer?  Turn the American people against each other - so they look at each other suspiciously and lack trust in their neighbors?

And - this dickweed is actually planning to run for president in 2016.

This is not a joke - he really is.

Blocks traffic and makes people's lives miserable out of petty spite.
Insults people's intelligence claiming he knew nothing about it.
Fails to stop hysteria over a fictional problem.

Sounds like a typical candidate to me!

Have a Dose of Sanity.


  1. Scarecrow:
    When Captain Dickweed was about to run for president in 2012, he appealed to the Tea Party as being a 'grassroots' guy who shunned the Wall Street fat-cats.

    LOL---these same 'fat cats' were having a fundraiser in Colorado when unbeknownst to them, liberal blogger Brad Friedman planted one of his men there who tape recorded the whole event secretly (the transcript was published in 'Mother Jones'. Their 'surprise, mystery guest' turned out to be none other than Captain Dickweed himself---who thanked all his fat-cat corporate donors by name and pledged to look out for their interests in 2012...

    Needless to say, that torpedoed his campaign---that and the NJ Legislature's probe into his misuse of public funds for personal campaign enrichment. If I remember right, Christie ended up having to pay a fine.

    Maybe since he's so worried about sex trafficking, he can get a donation from the NFL---a percentage of all the revenue the NFL cheerleaders make? Or maybe just hand out swimsuit calendars so men can frap off to those instead of hiring prostitutes...

    1. And then use that money to hire a gay prostitute to play footsies with in a men's room.

      That dickweed is in the news again - he is being sued by four people who suffered injuries during the traffic jams he ordered.

  2. Well if Captain Dickweed escapes the legal quagmires this time, and runs for president in 2016, I would like to nominate Dean Esmay as his campaign manager. Doesn't this sound like something Captain Dickweed would really go for?

    And Paul Elam, after his stellar 20/20 performance, could be Press Secretary.

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