Thursday, January 9, 2014

Crackpot Christie Cries Calamity!

This is just a small follow up to the last post.

In that last post, I pointed out that our politicians (elected leaders) do not give a crap about our welfare.

It appears that they also see us as being incredible stupid and gullible too.

So, Crackpot Christie claims that he knew nothing about any bridge being intentionally closed in order to slow down traffic, cause headaches to thousands, endanger people's safety, and just make people's lives in general miserable.

Yes, an E-mail chain was intercepted or leaked, which clearly shows a dialogue where the closure of a major bridge was being discussed - as payback to a rival politician.

He fired his accomplice, claiming that he knew nothing about any bridge closure. Read the link to the first article - it appears he knew exactly what is being discussed.

Anyway, long story short.

Our politicians do not care about our welfare, and they think we are stupid

Is it just me, or is this the beginning of a very ugly situation?

What's worse - this asshole-prick is actually seriously going to run for president in 2016.

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  1. LOL---the craziness continues out of NJ:

    "Law enforcement officials in New Jersey have redoubled efforts to fight what they worry could be one of the biggest menaces to next month's upcoming Super Bowl: sex trafficking." know what, though? I did a quick Yahoo search for NFL cheerleaders and they seem to be bringing in quite a bit of revenue for the NFL...aside from sales of swimsuit calendars, their websites generate considerable traffic, the profits of which go into NFL coffers.

    NFL cheerleaders also go to events---according to Yahoo Sports at the rate of 100-500 per cheerleader per hour. That's about the going rate of prostitutes, I think...

    Sounds like sex trafficking to me; at least, according to femihag definitions.

    Doesn't it seem like Governor Christie is profiting from the NFL's sex-trafficking? Shouldn't he put his iron fist down and refuse all Super Bowl revenue in New Jersey---in the name of stopping this horrible menace?

    LOL---maybe we should start a petition!