Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Dark Day for Justice

Well, November 13 was truly a dark day in our justice system. Crystal Mangum – the women who was violently raped by the three evil white heterosexual wealthy males at Duke University, then later had her knife violently attacked by her boyfriend, has somehow been found guilty of murder???

WTF is going on!!!???

I mean, seriously, can somebody tell me what kind of a sick world we live in, where a woman gets violently raped, then has her knife attacked with some guys torso, then on top of all that – gets found guilty of murder?

The misogyny in our society is truly out of control!

OK, all joking aside, this article makes a very interesting observation.

Not one single media outlet has issued a retraction on the Duke Lacrosse FALSE rape accusation.

Well, the Times did issue a small story – but – this compares to Sharon Osborn’s ridiculous “apology” for her flagrant male hatred expressed on “The View”.

No retractions, no apologies.

I really wish that the trio of Duke Lacrosse players who were falsely accused would take legal action against the major media outlets – starting with Nancy Disgrace – then hit the major news networks – ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, PBS, USA Today etc…

Notice that RAPE is major news. A woman FALSELY accusing men of RAPE is NOT major news. The same woman beating her kids is not major news. The same woman killing a man is NOT major news.

Nope. I guess that RAPE – be it real or FALSE – is what is interesting to people fighting the “rape culture”. When it turns out to be FALSE – they do not issue a retraction, and point out how sick in the head the woman making the accusation actually is…

What a f**king joke.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!!!

Well, this weekend is Thanksgiving - a time when the evil white men (except for the fags - they're OK), slaughtered the helpless Native Americans who shit jelly beans and piss Cherry Coke.

Here we see a depiction of an evil patriarch celebrating the genocide of Indians Native Americans by destroying the ozone layer, being cruel to animals - the depiction above does not show this patriarch beating his wife - but you can tell he does - you can smell it in his hair.

Everybody is celebrating by killing poor helpless Turkeys, and eating them so their farts will destroy the ozone layer, be cruel to animals and celebrate the genocide committed against the peaceful Native Americans who fart rainbows!
Just ask any vegan lesbian, college professor, astrologist or other fucking whacko person who smokes lots of pot.

It is common knowledge that fortune cookies and people who smoke lots of pot are never wrong - I think that is even in the Bible - maybe in the book of Frank I think - not sure.

Anyway - whatever you do - do not feel good about yourself if you are any of the following

1. Heterosexual Male
2. White
3. Christian, Jew or Muslim
4. Wealthy
5. Not a PETA member

If you are any of those things, it means that you are a rapist, murderer, and smelly.


In all seriousness, I have been invited to somebody's house tomorrow.  There will be about 15 people there.  I kind of wish I was just spending Thanksgiving alone.

I miss the good old days when I did not have so many social invites.

Whatever you end up doing - enjoy yourself.

Thursday, November 21, 2013



So, growing up, my family took me to church regularly.  I would listen to the faggots who are now getting caught butt-f**king young boys and picking up faggot prostitutes priests/pastors/reverends telling everybody how bad it was to look at women, touch women, think about women, have sex with women etc...

Thinking back on those days, it occurred to me, that not one said - I should not be looking at a man, or lusting after a man's flesh, or children - just women.

Then later in life, I hear on the news - stories about the same people getting caught picking up homosexual prostitutes, pulling shenanigans with their altar boys and basically acting like the faggots that they are.

I occasionally watch documentaries about Christianity.  One thing that some of the looney f**king wacky asses avid church goes are saying these days, is a quote from the bible (I think) - it goes something like this, "If your eyes follow any woman merely to lust after her flesh, you have already committed adultery with her in your heart".

Of course, whenever these boy-butt-f**king queers people quote the bible, I question it immediately.

Let's suppose I am married - and I am looking at my own wife like that (feeling frisky) - does that mean I am committing adultery with my own wife?

And - I have said this before - our government currently requires you to get a license and sign legal papers in order to get married - where in the bible is that?

If you need a license to get married - how come you do not also need a license to pray?  How about a license to go to church?

Can you imagine if any of the queer ass faggot's church goers of today had to get licenses to do such things (like go to church, prey etc...) - how they would be screaming bloody murder?

But - not when it comes to marriage.  And of course, according to many of the pre-pubescent butt nuts and filthy faggots people in church, I am committing adultery with my wife if my eyes are following her merely to lust after her flesh - odd to say the least - and of course - this applies only to men - women's eyes can follow men to lust after their flesh all they want - except lesbians I suppose...  and those boy-loving butt nuts priests can follow their altar boys with their eyes all they want...odd...

Anyway, enough of this BLASPHEMY!  Enjoy a church sign you will never see (and - oddly enough - something no wannabe evolutionary scientists would ever admit to either)...Ponder those "strange bedfellows" as you stare at it...
Church Sign

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My Pictures Featured in a Documentary

The Documentary is called. We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks.

Here is the trailer...

Here are the two pictures shown in the documentary (supposedly during an interview with Anna Ardin).
Anna Ardin

Anna Ardin Sofia Wilen
Now, I do not care that some documentary used pictures that I made.  What does bother me is the context in which they were shown.  Anna Ardin is talking about alleged death and rape threats she received after accusing Julian Assange of sexual assault.  Sorry - that is the only part I paid attention to - the documentary was humdrum at best - a good yawn.

The pictures came from these two posts.

Julian Assange Recap: The Accusers

What Feminist Sayings Should Say on BLACK FRIDAY!

Now, as anybody who follows my blog knows - I am not a grimly serious person.  Yes, I am human, and things piss me off - but the majority of my posts are poking fun at the flagrant stupidity and lies in our culture.

Associating me and my goofy pictures with death and rape threats - in my opinion is crossing a line - heading towards slander.

Do I think these women deserve to be raped?  NO.

Do I think they deserve death?  NO.

I think that Julian Assange deserves a FAIR trial with an IMPARTIAL JURY - which he will never get because of the media fiasco (the main stream media failed to scrutinize these two women's accusations).

It really is a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation.

If you support "innocent until proven guilty" you are part of rape culture, if you do not support that philosophy - well - you are opening a door for unscrupulous women to make false accusations.

Anyway, if anybody is reading - I ask you this...

Should I look into suing the makers of said documentary for slander?

Saturday, November 16, 2013

So, I Took My Car to the Mechanic…

When I walked in, he said, “What seems to be the problem today?”

I replied, “Well, when I turn to the right, I hear a grinding noise, and the car seems to lack power – it seems like sometimes it slows down – even though my foot is on the gas pedal.”

The mechanic, “I think you are imagining that – it is all in your mind. You are just nervous to be here – so you are imagining those things.”

I stated, “Well, shouldn’t you look at the car?”

The mechanic, “Why – am I supposed to?”

Me, “Would it hurt?”

The mechanic popped the hood and looked for a quick second, “Yeah, I don’t see anything wrong – it’s your imagination.”

It is a good thing I had auto insurance – I only paid him 200 dollars for talking to me for 15 seconds and telling me I was just imagining the problems with my car.

If I did not have auto insurance it would have cost me ONE THOUSAND dollars.


What if I told you this story was 100% true.  Well, in a way it is - replace auto mechanic with doctor - and replace car with "my health" ("popping the hood is referring to looking in my throat - specifically, my tonsils).

In July of 2012, I was experiencing what is called an Addisonian Crisis or Adrenal Crisis - it is in fact life-threatening.

I went to the ER - feeling shaky, and having my heart pounding in my head - this had been going on for months.

I told myself, I'll wait 45 minutes, if it doesn't ease up, I'll go in.  I tried to relax and enjoy the view of downtown Reno.

The doctor had the following information - blood pressure, pulse and temperature.  He told me exactly, "You do not have a life-threatening condition, so you have no business being here."  When I asked him why my pulse was so high he said, "You are clearly nervous to be here."

Makes sense doesn't it?  I woke up one morning feeling FANTASTIC - and decided to make myself all nervous by going to the ER - it's not like the fact that the high blood pressure and pulse had been going on for months or anything...

I was charged 200 dollars for the visit - without health care - it would have been over ONE THOUSAND.

My regular doctor and the secondary specialist she referred me to (an endocrinologist) diagnosed me with Addison's Disease - and - they found a tumor on my adrenal gland - damage to the adrenal gland is a leading cause of Addison's disease.

I keep hearing people talk about "Orwellian Nightmares" and "Totalitarian Governments".

I think that the future holds a nightmare that nobody has dreamed up yet - and it is happening right in front of our eyes.

I got charged 200 dollars for a dimwit to shovel a load of shit in my face - without insurance it would have cost me more than ONE THOUSAND.  All for some Grade AA Twit to tell me I was imagining things when my life was in fact - in danger.  If I had listened to him, and not continued to press the issue with my regular doctor - would I be dead now?

It is no wonder our bankrupt government wants in on this health care racket.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Shelby Fleig on Christopher Columbus

And not in a sexual way either - sorry.

I read this piece of crap totally accurate article. Ugh. What a dunski. Shelby Fleig's intellect is truly dizzying! 
She is correct in all of her facts, but she left out some crucial details.

To start, one fact about Native Americans, is that they were all totally peaceful. It's not like they waged war or genocide on each other ever - period. Only white men - er uhm - actually - white heterosexual men are evil and capable of doing such things - especially if they are self-purported "nice guys". And of course - given this fact, they would never wage genocide against another race either.

Now, we all know that Christopher Columbus himself vowed to destroy the infidel Native Americans by chopping all of their noses off and then selling them into a slavery.
Shelby Fleig
What is not commonly known, is that Christopher Columbus also regularly beat his wife. He completely ignored the rule of thumb laws and used his BARE F*CKING HANDS to beat his wife - because that is the sort of thing that self-purported nice white heterosexual men do - seriously.
Shelby Fleig
Christopher Columbus beating his wife with his BARE F*CKING HANDS, and breaking the rule of thumb laws in the day and age.

As far as the gently peace-loving Native Americans who farted rainbows, urinated cherry flavored soda and crapped jelly beans - they were the first culture to openly allow homosexuals into their military - even though they did not need a military because they were like totally peaceful and stuff.
Shelby Fleig
Native Americans allowed homosexuals in their military (even though Native Americans were peaceful and did not have a military) - thus proving that they were in fact, the most advanced culture on earth.

The Indian Native American Chief Person in Charge who elected to allow Homosexuals the vaginally challenged and carpet munching man haters in the military was in fact the Great Chief Man in Charge Person in Charge Kummon-Iwannafukya.
Shelby Fleig
MEN-Factor reporters managed to bring Chief Kummon-Iwannafukya back from the dead and interview him. The interview was tough, as the Chief spoke a language other than English. However; it sounded like Shelby Fleig was managing to help the Chief, as he mentioned something about "looking at her making him lose his tepee" - this can only mean that looking at Shelby Fleig made him want to move off of the reservations the evil white heterosexual males made for him. He also mentioned something about the image we showed him of Shelby Fleig "killing his wood". We think that wood in those days of old meant "sorrow" - hence, looking at Shelby Fleig must have made the Chief be more happy.

Anyway, as we all know, only people who want to murder everybody they see celebrate Columbus day - because it does not represent the meeting of two different cultures who helped improve each other, but rather, a complete genocide of the good-natured peace loving Indians Native Americans who fart rainbows, urinate cherry flavored soda and crap jelly beans - by evil white heterosexual males - just ask Shelby Fleig - she knows!
Shelby Fleig

All joking aside. Look at her story carefully, follow the wikipedia links. There is no actual proof - just speculations, allegations and accusations against Christopher Columbus. I looked at the articles carefully. Who knows what happened back in those days.

Not knowing will not stop a young female fresh from academia from being extremely negative - especially towards the following sub-groups - MEN, Caucasian, HETEROSEXUAL (perhaps even CHRISTIAN too).

Please take note of the negativity in this one. She has the power of journalism in her hands - and how does she use it? To stir up hatred - hatred based not on facts - but on speculations and whatnot. How will writing such an inflammatory article (which is based on speculations, allegations and accusations) improve race relations?

It won't. So I ask you - who is the racist?

In addition to that, I could not find any indication in the speculations, allegations and accusations that Christopher Columbus was motivated by race hatred to begin with. Awkward to say the least that the scholars who have poisoned this young woman's mind seem to think it was - can you say "projection"?

If this woman cared about Native Americans at all, she would not be trying to start a race war with them by writing inflammatory bullsh*t.

If this woman cared about Native Americans, she would point out that young Native American MEN have the highest suicide rate.
Shelby Fleig
Shelby Fleig - notice the logo for the College of Journalism in the background - it is RED, BLACK and WHITE - aren't those the same colors the Nazi's used?

Such things are of no interest to a young female journalist and avid member of the fourth Reich.

What does interest her - stirring up negativity and race hatred - that's what.

Shelby Fleig - A typical Anglobitch - so typical she is somewhat cliche!

The more "revolutionary" she claims to be - the more she simply re-enforces tired and worn out hatred among the races. What a dunce.

To any Native Americans reading this - if you are a young man - DO NOT COMMIT SUICIDE. If you have sons - have a talk with them - make sure they are not suicidal. Enough is enough.

What liberal arts professors in college should be doing - instead of stirring up racial hatreds (yawn - getting boring) - they should be doing research into WHY young Native American men have the highest suicide rate - and do something to put a stop to it. Pipe dream - yes - I'd wager a guess that they would simply find a way for young men of all races to have a suicide rate as high as the Native Americans - the f**ked up liberal idea of equality.