Monday, September 30, 2013

The Real Scam Behind Identity Theft

So, everybody has heard about it, and many people are afraid of it.  There are even companies now that are profiting from it by selling "identity theft protection".
So, this is the media's latest hype!  Better run out, and get yourself some "identity theft protection".

Here are some quotes:

Identity Theft Plans


Enough of this - just google, buy identity theft protection and you can browse the results yourself.

The problem I have with this, if I properly understand the crime -

Identity theft is a form of stealing someone's identity in which someone pretends to be someone else by assuming that person's identity, typically in order to access resources or obtain credit and other benefits in that person's name.

Is this - why are the credit companies (i.e. banks) going to blame me if somebody uses my SSN/name/address etc - to buy a car?

How come the banks or the idiot lending out the money to said "impersonator" IS NOT being held accountable?

Do I even need to answer that?

Since when are banks held accountable for anything?

Since when are credit card companies held accountable for anything?

They aren't.  The real crime behind identity theft is the banks blaming the victims of so-called "identity theft", instead of blaming themselves for being fooled into thinking that the crook using false names/ssn's/addresses without properly verifying it.

Imagine a banker saying this, "Gee, that woman sure looked like ALBERT SWANSON.  How I was I to know she really wasn't ALBERT SWANSON?"

The banks/credit cards/used car salesmen/RV salesmen should be held accountable for this.

If they sold an RV to somebody claiming to be me - that is NOT my fault - it is THEIR fault.
No no no - you don't understand, the guy told me his name was "John Smith" so I sold him that RV - so now Mr. Smith, you have bad credit, and you owe us for that RV - how on earth can you blame me for a thing like that.  How was I to know it really wasn't you?

When oh when oh when are people going to stop falling for scams - and when oh when oh when are banks and businesses going to be held accountable for their recklessness?

When pigs fly?

How about when hell freezes over - you know, hell is this place...
Which, I posted a little while ago.  The post was labelled as "Christian Bashing" by one clown.  I thought it more so "Churchian Bashing".  I ran it past somebody this weekend - he said it was blasphemous.  I said to him, "How about improving it by making it say 'Without God, you create this place all on your own'?..."

It sure shut him up fast - but that is another story I'll save for my next post.

Anyway, if I am ever the victim of "identity theft", I am going to go straight for the jugular of the people that lent money to somebody claiming to be me.

Enjoy a comedy bit on "identity theft" - mega thanks to Swithunus

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Submitted for Your Perusal...

Some random links I found about "Why Women Hate Men So Much"...

Why I Hate Men
Why do so many Women hate Men?
Five Ways Women are Trained to Hate Men
Why do Women Hate Men so Much?

Now, the kicker - an article many have seen from "Cracked":
Five Way Men are Trained to Hate Women

My Response to David Wong (an alias name).

5. We were told that society owes us a hot girl.

I was never told that.  My impression was, that what a young man does, is politely introduce himself to a young woman, and a potential conversation ensues - then, they see how well they "click".  The actuality is - when I introduced myself to many young women, I was met with extreme hostility - and to a less extent - ignored out of what appeared to be fear.

I expected "civility" - the opportunity for me to get to know women and vice-versa - I got none.  The fact that first link in this post, the author boasts that she has 10 children from 9 fathers and brags about how none of them are white - shows that political correctness has gone mad.

You WILL be hated for being any combination of the following:
ASIAN (I am noticing that this needs to be here too)

 4. We're trained from birth to see you as decoration.

Look at my response to #5 - obviously, I never thought of women as "decoration".

3. We think you're conspiring with our boners to ruin us.

This is just the product of a warped mind.  However; as I got older - I did realize that many women use sex as a weapon to injure and manipulate men.  There is no conspiracy here - this is a fact.  And, a manipulative woman has nothing to do with a man's boner.  Shamelessly exploiting people's attractions and playing said attractions against them is the fault here - not "boners".

2. We feel like manhood was stolen from us at some point.

I never felt like anything was "stolen" from me.  I do feel like women have been "altered" to be extremely distrusting of men - and often hostile towards them.

1. We feel powerless.

The author (David Wong - WRONG) is referring to getting sex (the ability to get sex).  Well, he is partly correct.  When you say "Hello" to somebody, and their response is "F*ck off", acquiring sex via a relationship is a b*tch.

Being in a relationship however - is a bigger b*tch.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pope comes out of the Closet

Pope Francis
Pope Francis has announced publicly that people are focusing too much on gays and abortion. What he did not mention, is that the Catholic Church should not focus on these things, because they are drawing attention away from what the Catholic Church has been doing for centuries - destroying heterosexual relations (by vilifying men) whilst molesting altar boys.
Pope Francis
Pope Francis did not mention anything about continuing to fool people into believing that marriage is a religious institution, and not a state run institution - but - ha! Why bother eh?
Pope Francis
Pope Francis is just full of ideas - at least, that is the speculation of this reporter. In essence, Pope Francis's statement about gays and abortion means something really big for the Catholic Church - that not a God-Damned thing will change - nothing whatsoever.
Pope Francis
MEN-Factor reporters got wind that Pope Francis has allegedly set up a Pope-phone, and will use it when he gets wind that straight men are not being vilified for their penises and sex-drives.
Holy Pope Phone!
Whenever the Pope gets news of straight men enjoying sex without signing a legal contract with the government (i.e. paying the lady - I mean marriage - that holiest of holy things), he will jump to the Pope-Poles...
Pope Francis
...with his trusty side kick Altar Boy...
Altar Boy
...and use the Pope-Mobile to speed to the scene...
Pope Mobile
...where he can tell the straight man he is living in sin and will burn in hell...
Burn in Hell!
...for having sex with a woman without first signing a contract with the government making the sex "holy", ensuring that the government and banks will get money ensuring that the sex is not evil - until she gets bored of him he screws up the marriage somehow...

...All because Jesus loves him...
Jesus Loves You
in a purely plutonium fashion or something like that.

Are your eyes crossed yet?

Mine are.

Monday, September 16, 2013

I Betcha 100 Bucks!

That not one single site in the "man-o-sphere" will talk about this story...

Homeless Man Turns in Found Money

In short, a homeless man, found a backpack with 40,000 dollars in it. He did not keep it for himself - he turned it in to proper authorities.

Yup, he has a penis, most likely gets horny when looking at hot women, and he is in a bad economic position.  When he encounters more than 40,000 dollars - what does he do?

Does he light himself on fire?


Does he go on a shooting rampage?


Does he start rioting, because he has been "friend-zoned" by some woman?


He turns the money in to proper authorities.

Positive portrayals of men - like this one - are typically not discussed in the "man-o-sphere".  Instead, you get the usual negative bullsh*t that the feminists spat out - with a slightly different flavor perhaps - but negative nonetheless.

Ever wonder why?

I do.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rape Chants on Campus.

Some links for your perusal
Rape Chants
Rape Survey
Ms Magazine - a wise crack from me - 1st - good golly! They actually found a real rapist - and they are celebrating about it! Notice from the man's picture how "lovable and sweet" he looks!
Rape Epidemic - wise crack - bullsh*t.

This is a sad story. I have little humor to go with it. I normally try to poke fun at various items in the news, but I cannot at this one.

Apparently, young men at college campuses are now engaging in rape chants…

I do not approve of this – just as I do not approve of castration marches.

This is the final outcome of cheapening the legitimate crime of rape.

This is the final outcome of exaggerating rape statistics.

This is the final outcome of ignoring false rape accusations.

This is the final outcome of our modern day universities being flooded with male hatred.

This is the final outcome of constantly beating into young men’s heads that they are inherently bad human beings.

This is the final outcome of castration marches that NOBODY tried to stop (marches designed to aim violence at young men - i.e. a Lynch Mob).

The final outcome? The young men do not take any of it seriously anymore – and they are somewhat pissed off – and understandably so.

If any of them are reading this, I would urge them to maintain the higher moral ground, and do not sink to the level that the male-haters on modern college campuses have demonstrated over and over again.

I understand the anger here too. Allow me to elaborate – when I was in high school, many women were just hostile towards me. Others were druggies and other deviants that I really wanted nothing to do with.

“Everybody” told me that high school was crap – the real place to meet women was college. Sure, I am no “pick up artist” – my lines included things like “hello”, “how are you”, “what’s up”, “hows it going” – and I did not sound like Beavis or Butthead.

The responses I got (most of the time) were extremely hostile. The reason – in my opinion – the thicker than pea soup male hatred on campus.

To re-iterate – I remember that when I went to college, “everybody” told me that college was the ideal place to meet women. Chalk it up to the millions of things that “everybody” is always wrong about.

When I got to college, the atmosphere was severely poisonous to young women’s minds. Perhaps it was just me (something about me just rubbed young women the wrong way), or perhaps – their minds were in fact being poisoned by the environment on campus – which can only be described as seething with male-hatred.

I have to say this – I do NOT approve of the rape chant marches.

If these young men really want to make a statement, make some shirts, bumper stickers, or other things that have male-positive logos on them.

Here are some examples...

“I am not a rapist – if you think I am – get professional help”

“Don’t tell me no means no – I already know that – I am not as stupid as you”

“Having a penis doesn’t make me a bad person”

“Don’t like me because of my Dick? Get professional help”

“Sexuality is part of human nature – grow up”

“Yeah, I like sex – got a problem with that”

“Yeah, I want sex – got a problem with that”

I could make a million more of these, but I think the idea is there. The young men holding “rape chants” on college campuses are just re-enforcing the men-hater’s sick fantasy of a “rape culture”.

They need to cease and desist immediately.

There are more positive ways for them to express their anger.

Good news - I have dug up a slew of comical (at least my "special" brand of comical) posts that I never posted!
Look for them in the near future.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Naked Chicks – Boobs, Beavers – Now what?

Get some zombies to attack them!

This is not actually a movie review, but more of an observation. I watched a dreary and quite boring (well, for the most part boring) movie called, Zombie Lake on Saturday (I was sort of bed ridden with a cold/flu - but I still took my dogs out for a walk later in the evening).

It started out quite pleasant – with a woman stripping down bare naked, and some nice beaver/boob shots.
The film was subtitled - it is a French film.

What I was wondering was - why is it, that naked ladies in movies (that are not porns) always end up getting killed with an axe, or attacked by zombies/vampires/werewolves etc...?

Anyway, the beautiful young woman above goes swimming in a mucky pond, and happens to encounter this man (a former Nazi and current zombie Nazi)...
Who apparently lost his eyeball? As she swims towards him, he drags her down into the water (no doubt, because he wants her to help him find his eyeball - "Hey Lady! Can you help me look for my eyeball - I know it's at the bottom of this pond somewhere!!!").

I honestly have to say that I didn't pay much attention to the plot of this movie, but it did feature some other young and beautiful women in it.

Who all end up getting attacked by Nazi Zombies
I was thinking to myself, what kind of people - who when they think of naked women - think about them getting attacked by zombie Nazis? I mean - seriously?

Is it me, or is that awkward to say the least?

Personally, when I saw the naked women in the film, I certainly was not thinking of them getting attacked by zombies. No - I was thinking of them getting attacked by Vampires, Werewolves, or chopped with axe by a hockey mask wearing psycho.

That's a joke.

I was of course wondering how psychotic they were - that is, how much guff a boyfriend or husband would have to put up with in order to have a shot at fondling their titties, caressing their buttocks, and giving them a ride on the bologna pony.

That is why I am sexist. Not because I hate women, not because I think of women as being inferior, not because when I see naked women I am thinking of them getting attacked by zombies, werewolves, vampires or psychos - but because I think of sex. I have said this before, for some odd reason, people confuse sexism with sex. The case in point, cartoon super heroines with excessively large breasts are often referred to as "sexist". Although the cartoon woman is shown as having super powers (in no way inferior to men) and performing acts of good (why would anyone hate her) - the ding-a-lings with degrees in womyn's studies will call such drawings "sexist" - a testament to their stupidity and loathing of sex/men.

Anyhow, back to the movie, somehow, one of the Nazi Zombies ends up protecting a little girl.
For which, she is grateful.
And they call it - Nazi Zombie Looooove... (sung to puppy love)

Seriously f**king awkward. I mean - seriously.

So, what does this have to do with anything? Well, as I was watching all these women running around naked - only to be attacked by zombies, I was thinking of CSI, Law and Order, or Special Victims Unit - or some other show I watched in 2003 or so.

I vaguely remembered the show itself, but I do remember a smart-ass comment I made out loud - it went something like this...

"These two people just had sex, and now they're dead. Sex and its direct ties to communism. If you know or suspect somebody of having sex, notify the authorities immediately, or they may end up dead! If you engage in sex with anybody ever, for any reason, you will die!"

The plot of the crime-show I was watching revolved around a crime scene, where two people had had sex, and were found dead.

Why is sex/nudity so often portrayed in a negative light on our media?

Why is negative-sex (rape, pedophilia etc...) shown way more often than positive sex?

Why is it that movies that show people having sex get a more censored rating than movies that show people killing one another (i.e. X vs PG 13)?

Who do naked women get killed in most movies (excluding porn - which - you are considered a "pervert" if you buy that)?

I do not have an answer - all I can say is what I said about Zombie Lake...

Seriously f**king awkward. I mean - seriously.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Health Care Deform

MEN-Factor reporters have done some exhaustive research into the new health care reform bill, and have come to some shocking and startling conclusions that will both shock and startle you.

According to polls, 63% of people said they had an unfavorable opinion of health care reform, while 45% in general had an unfavorable opinion.

In addition to that shocking percentage, 72% said they had an opinion but were not sure what that opinion was.

And as if that was not shocking enough, 88% said that they were startled by shocking opinions. These opinions are indeed very shocking and startling, at least a poll conducted showed that 65% of them were, while 21% of the opinions were just mediocre at best.

Other polls show that shocks are often startling to people at a rate of 34%.

We have graphed the percentages in the graph-like diagram below
health care reform
The above image doubles as not only a percentage indicator, but also as a flow chart for how health care reform will operate.

As any liberal knows – in full, without any ignorance whatsoever – this will be better than anything that fascist nose-picking idiot Bush ever did – I mean like – totally man. Obama like – totally understands people and sh*t like that.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Local Area Woman Discovers Why Men Don't Find Her Attractive

...because she is smart!
23 Year old Anita Dick has discovered the reason why men do not find her attractive - it is because she is smart.

Although her I.Q. has never been professionally tested, and suggesting that men do not like smart woman is a very negative and erroneous statement about men that wreaks of male-hatred, the 23 year old clueless bimbo women's studies graduate is convinced that her intelligence is why men do not find her attractive.

MEN-Factor reporters interviewed her and questioned her about her theory.

MF: Anita, do you think that it is possible for men to even know the I.Q. of a woman simply by looking at her?
Anita Dick: Of course, I.Q. points put out pheromones.  My instructors taught me that.  People with testosterone in their bodies are naturally repelled by these.
MF: Do you think it's possible that the men around you do not find you attractive because of your Katherine Kieu Becker fan club?
Anita Dick: Oh, no.  It is because I am smart.
MF: How about the fact that you have a T-shirt with Lorena Bobbitt's picture on it with the caption, "My Heroine"?
Anita Dick: Oh no, I am smart, that is why men do not like me.
MF: Well, is it possible that perhaps the march you organized last month entitled, "All Heterosexual Sex is Rape and Men are all Pigs, Except for Gay Guys" that is discouraging men from approaching you?
Anita Dick: No, it is because I am smart.
MF: What is your I.Q.?
Anita Dick: Whether or not I shave downstairs is none of your business!
MF: No, I.Q. means intelligence quotient.
Anita Dick: I do not need you to man-splain things to me, I am smart.
MF: OK, do you know how smart you are?
Anita Dick: Yes, I am very smart - smarter than you.
MF: Would you say you are smarter than Einstein?  Or smarter than Stephen Hawking?
Anita Dick: I am definitely smarter than my neighbor's dog.  Stephen Hawking's novels are sexist - my instructor's told me so.
MF: When was the last time you went out on a date?
Anita Dick: Two days ago - the guy was a typical pig - all he wanted was sex - he did not appreciate me for my mind.  He just wanted to get his hands on my chest.
MF: Well, did he get his hands on your chest?
Anita Dick: Of course, then he asked me what my I.Q. was, so I pulled down my pants.
MF: ok.
Anita Dick: Then he raped me.
MF: That is terrible!
Anita Dick: Why are you people so close minded when it comes to sex?
MF: You just said he raped you.
Anita Dick: Yeah.

MF. ok.  Do you think the reason he only wanted sex is because you have a very negative attitude towards men, but are physically attractive - hence, sex is the only thing you would be good for?
Anita Dick: No, all men are like that with all women.
MF: Well, if men do not find you attractive because you are smart, why did the man on the date a few days ago find you attractive?
Anita Dick: He was like, really dumb and did not know any better.  He had just gotten out of jail for murdering his ex-girlfriend.
MF: Is it wise to associate with people who have been to jail for murder?
Anita Dick: Of course, it's the "nice guys" that you need to worry about - my instructors taught me that.
MF: Thank you for your time.

Upon completion of the interview, MEN-Factor reporters went outside and began banging their heads against a wall for about an hour.