Thursday, March 28, 2013

David Futrelle Craps Pants over Adria Richards

Well, good grief.  In his latest article, David Futrelle claims that there is "sexism" in the tech industry.

Let us examine the definition of sexism once again - Prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.

This implies that some force or set of laws is in place purposely discriminating against women holding jobs in the tech industry.

No such force exists - any sane person knows this.

There are no laws in place that prevent women from pursuing careers in the tech industry.  I have worked with hundreds of men and women in the tech industry.  None of them have ever said anything remotely close to, "we need to keep women out of the tech industry".

Now, I know that the typical MRA thinks of David Futrelle as a "mangina", "white knight", "vagina worshipper", or perhaps even "pussy beggar".  Most would use the term "mangina".

David Futrelle

This is where I disagree.  David Futrelle most closely fits the term "misogynist".

By perpetually casting women into the role of victim, and throwing a "no you can't" attitude at them when it comes to various professions with the icing "because there is a conspiracy against you"...

He is discouraging them from pursuing such careers; whether he cares to admit it or not.

If you repeatedly tell somebody, "you cannot get that job, all the people in that career hate you and will try to make sure you do not get a career with them" - and tell them that often enough - they will start to believe it.

Tell a lie, and tell it often, and people will believe you - Adolf Hitler.

And here, is what I will say to any women reading this blog post and wanting a career in the tech industry...

Ladies, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from getting a career in the tech industry.  If there is anything that is stopping you, it is a bad attitude on your behalf perpetuated by misogynists like David Futrelle and others like him - i.e. feminists.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

You can Help the Man Fired at Dongle Gate get His Job Back...

Sign this petition

I am currently gathering a sh*t-storm of information and mis-information on this case.

The good news - public opinion is strongly against Adria Richards.

The bad news - the much of the "MRM" is blaming MEN for this incident, and not Adria Richards - I am not surprised by this at all. Even ManWomanMyth has made a video with the words "Stupid Men" in it - I have unsubscribed from him.

No, I do not find the attitude of many MRA's surprising at all - blame the man - do not hold the woman accountable.

It appears that the joke was not even of a sexual nature now.

It also appears the man fired, may have had other issues with the company he worked for.

Anyway, please sign the petition above - and if you have time, feel free to peruse these links...

link 1
It appears this apology is fake - I have evidence of this too - I'll explain later
Odd, this is his "profile" from above - click on "submissions" - there are none - not even the one linked to above
various links

I have evidence that Adria Richards is racist, sexist, chauvinistic, feels "entitled", has an over-inflated ego - and many other things.

To be blunt, she encompasses political correctness gone bonkers perfectly.  I'll blog about this soon.

I have mountains of stuff to sift through.

Trying to get facts in this case is nearly impossible.

I am trying to "not believe the hype".

Monday, March 25, 2013

Adria Richards Rips Loud One at Tech Conference

I have been searching and searching for a news story on the Adria Richards incident that quotes EXACTLY WHAT THE MEN SEATED BEHIND HER SAID.

I have not found a single one.  I have been through a dozen or so articles too.

Even on her own blog, she does not state EXACTLY what the men seated behind her said.
Adria Richards

All I have heard about the remarks is that they were about “forking” and “big dongles”. Why is this? Why are the exact comments not being posted anywhere?

I would wager a guess that even Adria Richards is too embarrassed by it. No no – I do not mean that the remarks the men making embarrassed her, I mean that she is embarrassed by the fact that she complained over such “minor” remarks.

There were some other remarks made at the tech conference (not by the men in question, or by Adria Richards) –

I had been talking with a developer after lunch in the hall and he told me he had made a joke. He had been looking for some boxes and said aloud that he was looking under the skirt (he had meant a table skirt) in the expo hall. A woman had “given him a look” and/or made a comment after he said this so he responded by saying “it was bare, just the way he liked it” as an innuendo for when women shave off all their pubic hair

So, a good-natured woman picks up on a joke, and fires back – and again, Adria is offended because – in her mind –

• We were at a tech conference
Bullshit lady.  You would have been offended by any man any where having fun.
• There was a job fair going on
Bullshit Lady - this is just a repeat of your first item - you are trying to make it look like you have more points than there actually are.
• Women historically have felt unwelcome at tech conferences
Bullshit Lady - There is no proof to back this up.  Just because it is a field dominated by men does NOT mean that women are not welcome.  The GRIM fact is that men-hating bitches like yourself feel unwelcome - which you should feel that way anywhere - HATER!!!
• PyCon was making a special effort to be welcoming to women
OK, now your are just contradicting yourself.  In addition to that, it sounds like - if this conference they are going out of their way to appeal to women - then men are the ones that are not welcome - god-damned hypocritical bitch.

• There were several women’s groups here (PyLadies, Women Who Code, CodeChix, Ada Initiative)
Yeah, again - women are just so unwelcome at these things.  I wonder - do retarded bitches like yourself ever wonder why there are no PyMen, Men who Code or CodeDudes... Of course not - if there were - bitches like you would be screaming bloody murder.
• He was wearing company logos and that meant his actions and words carried on their behalf
This is just a lame excuse for your male hatred.

Adria does not consider herself a feminist.

I’d like to point out that few women do these days – the label of feminist has become associated with male-hatred – more offensive than any joke or statement at any tech conference.
Adria Richards

However; Adria Richards and her insane rage against human SEXuality is a product of the radical left-wing feminism from the 60’s to the 90’s.

She does not stand for equality, in fact she stands for the quite the opposite – sexual oppression of both men and women – just as feminism always has.

Human beings are sexual in nature – that is why there are MEN and WOMEN.

In order to propagate our species, a PENIS must enter a VAGINA - this is called SEX.


And SEX can also be FUNNY.

Adria Richards is a typical post-feminist woman.  She rejects the label of feminist, yet shows all the characteristics of male-hatred and sex-hatred.

Ask yourself this -

If it were two women seated behind her talking about "big dongles" and "forking", would she have reacted differently?

I'd place money (and lot of it on YES).

How about a woman breast-feeding her baby at the conference?  Would she object bitterly to a woman doing such a thing?

Anyway, check out the comments on her blog - SHE IS NOT A POPULAR PERSON FOR DOING WHAT SHE DID.

She has actually received some rape-threats - that is way NOT COOL.  Obviously, some odd-balls hate her.

I would like to point out that she has received a volley of very intelligent remarks pointing out how screwy she is...

This tells me that normal people object to people like her.  That is a good thing.

By the way - take a look at some the comments that Adria Richard herself makes on twitter.

My guess is that all this news is a load of crap!

Here is what REALLY happened...

Adria Richard ripped a fart at the tech-conference, and made up the excuse to get up and leave because she was offended by the remarks the men behind her were making - because she wanted as many people as possible to vacate the area because she did not want anybody to know that she had Nalley Chili with beans in it for breakfast. So, in her haste, she twittered the people running the conference to have everybody removed from the area she had "crop-dusted"...

The only question I have for Adria Richards is this -

Adria Richards

Are you available for Children's Birthday Parties?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Flirting - Fiendish Flurries!!!

I usually leave my posts up for a couple of days, but I just glanced at the latest David Fraudtelle article.

I think it demonstrates some excellent things about "modern day feminism", and the state of women in general.

To start, get a good long look at this - uhm - woman?
Alice Reighly
Alice Reighly - President of the Anti-Flirt Club

No, I cannot make this up.  Alice Reighly was the president of the Anti-Flirt-Club.  Now, I know what the average MRA will say about this, "she was doing this to increase her sexual market value".  That is speculation.

What would I say about her?  Well - look at her - she is winking - is she flirting with me?!?!?!  And - are those teeth real?  Was she hit by a bus?

Read the link to wikipedia on the Anti-Flirt-Club carefully.  Notice how warped against men it is - there are more guidelines for men to follow than women, and more "bashing" of men who flirt than women who flirt.  The bashings against men who flirt label men as inherently bad, the bashings against women who flirt paint the women as victims.

And of course, the ultimate premises of the Anti-Flirt-Club is that all flirting is bad.

The anti-flirt-club wikipedia article is listed as being a feminist article...

Now, lets look at what the blob-fish has to say about flirting...

...but flirting, like the Tango, takes two...

Take a look at Flirting on wikipedia.  Flirting is not the "tango", it requires only one person -

...sexual activity involving verbal or written communication as well as body language by one person to another...

David Fraudtelle is holding onto out-dated philosophies from the 1920's, and has expanded on their definition in a very feminist (puritanical) way.  In his warped mind, flirting must require 2 people, and I'd wager a guess that "consent to flirt" must first be given.  So, in order to flirt properly, grab your lawyer, approach a woman, have her sign a contract saying that she gives her consent for you to flirt with her (be sure to have in notarized), then - commence mutual flirting!!!

Boy oh boy - how "liberating" is that!?

Seriously - ponder this for a minute - The attitude towards flirting has actually gotten more "oppressive" towards both men and women than it was in the 1920's.

This is what women call "liberation"?  And some are stupid enough to call it "Sexual Liberation"?!

So, what is feminism?  The average feminist will say it stands for equality.

An "Anti-Flirt-Club" flirt club does not ensure equality.  Feminism is not about equality, it is an insane rage against sexuality.

Here is an example of women flirting with men (in modern times - like today - for real)
Woman Flirting
Woman Flirting with a Guy. Notice that the article starts out with an INCORRECT citation of wikipedia's definition (the text they cite does not exist in the link I provide) - "a form of human interaction between two people, expressing a sexual and/or romantic interest. It can consist of conversation, body language, or brief physical contact. It may be one-sided or reciprocated". This definition is in contradiction with Fraudtelle's definition - that it must be two-sided - like the "tango".  No - flirting can be one sided.  And of course, as any good MRA knows, the woman above is a disease-ridden dirty smelly skank who just wants to steal the man's sperm, imprison him with child support payments after falsely accusing him of rape (yes - sex is evil -sarcasm).

This issue of flirting, specifically, the Anti-Flirt-Club being called "feminist", as well as David Fraudtelle's stance on it both demonstrate a hatred of sexuality.

Of course, I have no doubt that there are feminists out there who fully support a woman's "right" to flirt (but of course, most of those same women would label a man flirting as a "pig").

Those women just add to the confusion.  Feminism stands for equality - which of course means that flirting is bad (because it is degrading and objectifying to women), yet - here come the "sex positive" feminists - to say that flirting is good and that women should do it too.

No wonder modern women are so mixed up.  They receive a salvo of mixed messages as they grow up.

If feminists really wanted to do women a favor, they would shut their god-damned mouths.

I'd say that if there is any one force that has f**ked women up the most - it is the academic female scholars calling themselves feminists and writing trashy garbage books filled with such mixed messages...

They are not making women "more equal", they are making women "more f**ked up".

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Vile and Despicable Act of Kissing!

According to this "not really news at all" story in the "news", the Jacksonville Jaguars have something called a "Kiss Cam".

What the hell is a "Kiss Cam" one might be inclined to ask in a nonchalant sort of way.

Well my friends, allow-est me to illuminate you of this most evil of things.  Somebody, a very evil and degenerate person operates a camera (which doth come straight from the land of Hades I have been told many a time), and points it at couple who appear to be near the degenerate act of - kissing.

The foul fiend operating the camera pans and scans with his sinister intentions, hoping to catch perverted men and women about to - icky poo - kiss.

Now, as we all now, as a scientific fact - all the women being kissed are nothing but fat, ugly, smelly, venereal disease carrying, overweight whores.  The men kissing them are of course disgusting white knight, mangina, pussy begging, vagina worshippers!
Yes my brethren, tis the very truth I dare speak!  Some men out there actually enjoy kissing disease ridden overweight fat ugly skanks with venereal diseases that also smell stinky - because they are thinking with their DICKS!!!!!

Anyway, the "Kiss Cam" operator will then pan to a pair of opposing team players - who look like they might be about to kiss (but are in fact actually just talking)...

This is all being done in the name of that most destructive, satanic, degenerate and despicable of all evils - good-old-fashioned-fun - no doubt being perpetrated by some evil nasty "TradCon" - Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

But do not fret!  A bloody faggot homosexual man is doing his best to put a stop to to this evil nonsense of having fun - as it might give young gay people the wrong idea about kissing - and having fun.

Personally, I think that while watching a football game, people should just sit quietly and look like the most honorable Harry ReidTard in the picture above.  I also think that men kissing women should be illegal - because we all know that the only reason women kiss men is to steal their sperm and exchange it for cash.


Sorry for the nonsense - just trying to get across the point that no "TradCon" or "Religious Right Wing Whacko" is objecting to the "Kiss Cam" - as stupid as it is - what kind of a dickweed complains about such a thing...  Honestly - who f**king cares.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Dog is not Violent, and I'll Throw a Snowball at you if you Disagree

Spree Men-Factor

Yes, you are correct, I have nothing to write about write now (AH - PUN INTENDED!!!).  Except that the photo above is old - since I think we have hit spring - no more snow here...


Friday, March 15, 2013

Istanbul NOT Constantinople

Please enjoy my latest misogynistic, homophobic, racist, pro-Zionist, hate-filled video.
Until next time, please try not to rape any women, kill people of other races, support Jews in anyway whatsoever, or criticize women and/or faggots homosexuals.

Have a nice hate-filled, Zionistic, homophobic, misogynistic, non-stop racist weekend everybody!!!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

FYI - I Get Letters Like this from Ron Paul

Ron Paul is not an "uptight ultra righty".  He wants to do something that Andrew Jackson did - he wants to kill the Federal Reserve.

If you think I am right-wing - you are wrong.  Show me a left-wing politician who has similar petitions, and wants to do similar things for WE THE PEOPLE and not his or her self, and I will gladly sign my name up to his or her (her included to demonstrate my misogyny) distribution list.  

Anyway, when I receive a letter like the following, and it contains something I believe in, I E-sign it.  Feel free to read it, and submit your own E-mail, so that you too can receive letters like the following.

SUBJECT: IRS goons' new target

Dear Richard,

The only thing politicians love more than spending your money is taking more of it.

As early as next week, statists in BOTH parties are set to ram through a new taxing scheme that's been years in the works - the National Internet Tax Mandate.

Should it pass, every man, woman, and child in the country will feel the pinch as Congress takes a MASSIVE bite out of American prosperity.

Campaign for Liberty President John Tate explains below why the National Internet Tax Mandate scheme is so dangerous. Please read his email and take action IMMEDIATELY.

In Liberty,

Dr. Ron Paul

Dear Richard,

Call it the Valentine's Day Tax Massacre.

On February 14, 2012, statists in Congress introduced S. 336, the National Internet Tax Mandate.

Of course, the tax-and-spenders sponsoring the bill mislabeled it the "Marketplace Fairness Act."

Designed as a fat Valentine's Day "I LOVE YOU" to big spending politicians, this dangerous bill would hand the federal government massive new controls over state tax policies and set the stage for government at all levels to take another helping of your money via the Internet.

That's why it's critical you sign the petitions I've made up for you DEMANDING your Representative and Senators vote "NO" on the statists' National Internet Tax Mandate scheme. 

I'll give you the link shortly, but first let me explain exactly why this is so important...

Currently, because of the Founders' vision for our country, states are "laboratories" - free to set their own tax policies.

High tax, big spending, highly regulatory state governments send businesses and citizens alike fleeing across state lines in search of more liberty.

But under the National Internet Tax Mandate scheme, the statists are setting the stage to bring it all to a crashing halt.

Under the new National Internet Tax Mandate:

*** All Americans would see their taxes go up as big spending governors of BOTH parties work with the federal government's IRS goons to implement a state sales tax on ALL goods purchased online.

Big spending governors are running their states into bankruptcy, and - instead of reducing spending - they want the IRS to force YOU to bail them out with new Internet taxes!

*** Tax collectors in one state would now be free to pursue retailers across state lines.

For example, if a customer in New York makes a purchase from an online retailer in Texas, that retailer MUST collect New York's exorbitant sales taxes and send it to New York's tax collection agencies;

*** New and higher taxes would CRUSH economic growth and set the stage for massive new regulations that threaten the very existence of the Internet.

Make no mistake.

This is all bad enough on its face.

But it's hardly the end of it.

You and I both know, under the guise of "national security," establishment bureaucrats are already feverishly looking for new ways to trace, track, and register all Americans' online activity.

What you read. What you buy. What videos you watch. What you write about THEM.

Now the one-world socialists at the United Nations want in on the action, as well.

Just a few months ago, the U.N. drafted a new "Telecommunications Treaty" to impose restrictive regulations, global CENSORSHIP, and a massive new tax on all Internet operations.

If ratified by the United States Senate, the United Nations' "Telecommunications Treaty" - designed to take effect in 2015 - could give control of the Internet to U.N. bureaucrats.

Ultimately, the U.N. hopes to use this scheme to take a tax bite out of the TRILLIONS of dollars exchanging hands via Internet commerce - money that will make the U.N. a true world government.

And this National Internet Tax Mandate is playing right into their hands.

That's why it's so critical you sign your No National Internet Tax Petition and make your most generous contribution of $100, $50, or $35 to C4L IMMEDIATELY.

Even if you can only chip in $20 or $10, it will make a tremendous difference.

Just like the Wall Street bailouts and the recent "deal" over tax hikes, this new National Internet Tax Mandate is "bipartisan" to its core.

And the statists in BOTH parties are determined to RAM this scheme into law quickly before you and I have a chance to react.

Governors from all over the country who literally CANNOT wait to be FORCED to raise taxes are busy bending the ears of Congress.

Now, some of the loudest voices in Congress are Republicans who think you simply don't care about this critical issue.

But Richard, I think you do care. 

Will you stand by while the big taxers impose yet another tax on hardworking Americans?

Do you simply shrug your shoulders at the thought of United Nations global socialists shutting down the free flow of information worldwide?

Or will you help me FIGHT BACK?

Please take a moment to sign your petitions DEMANDING your Representative and Senators vote "NO" on the National Internet Sales Tax IMMEDIATELY.

And if you can, please make your most generous contribution to C4L TODAY.

Your generosity will help me alert hundreds of thousands of Americans to this critical fight and stop the National Internet Tax Mandate.

C4L will use mail, email, and hard-hitting Internet ads - and even newspaper, radio, and TV ads, if necessary.

It won't be cheap.

But it will be what it takes to win.

So in addition to signing your petition, won't you please agree to your most generous contribution of $100, $50, or $35 IMMEDIATELY?

Even if all you can do is chip in $10 or $20 to this fight, please do so right away.

There's literally no time to waste.

In Liberty,


John Tate

P.S. Members of BOTH parties in Congress are working feverishly to unleash a new National Internet Tax Mandate.

If passed, the new National Internet Tax Mandate would hand the federal government massive new controls over state tax policies, setting the stage for government at all levels to take another helping of your money via the Internet.

That's why it's critical you sign the petitions DEMANDING your Representative and Senators vote "NO" on the statists' National Internet Tax Mandate scheme - and then make your most generous contribution of $100, $50, or $35 to C4L IMMEDIATELY.

Even if all you can do is chip in $10 or $20 to this fight, please do so right away.
Anyhoo - I receive these regularly.  I read them over, and google the various items, to make sure I know exactly what I am signing.  Ron Paul, and Rand Paul seem like square guys to me.

I cannot wait for a "man-o-spherian", "MRA", "MGTOW" or other lesbian separatist/fourth-wave-feminist to call me, "Joe NeoCon", "SoCon", "TradCon", "Ultra-Right-Wing-Extremist-Con" or other nonsense-Con, simply because I like some of what Ron Paul (a dirty nasty republican) is doing - namely - trying to audit the Federal Reserve - something that SHOULD be a non-partisan issue...

Ponder this - liberal, republican, conservative, democrat - signing a petition to avert an internet tax should not be a partisan issue.  Think of how many "man-o-spherians" there are out there who will not sign it simply because Ron Paul has an "R" next to his name - or perhaps because of one thing Ron Paul said at one point.  Anything Ron Paul has said is irrelevant, the letter next to his name is irrelevant - he is trying to avoid an internet tax - any sane person should agree that this is not needed and should be avoided.

However; when it comes to politics, man-o-spherians are QUITE EFFING INSANE.  The only thing they care about is the letters next to a politicians name, or a small handful of things that they may or may not have said - compared to a gigantic list of things they have DONE.

The man-o-sphere is a joke at this point.  For some reason, it attracted white supremacists, left-wing apologists, and some just plain losers.

Count me out.

I will still try to do activism - and suggest it to my readers.  However; those "" petitions are out.  And of course, I am a busy body - so finding such things will be difficult.

The MRM is out.  My friend was right - it is fourth wave feminism.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This Should NOT be News...

I just read a post at this blog.

It links to this article.

That article talks about a man that had a full prenup before getting married - and guess what - the prenup got thrown out in court.

So, that time honored phrase...

"A contract is a contract is a contract" has...


Sorry for shouting.

About 5 years ago, I phoned several lawyers here in Reno Nevada, to see how much prenups cost.  I got the same answer over and over - most lawyers will not do prenups anymore, because the prenup lawyers started getting sued once the prenup got thrown out in court - which is nearly always the case...

So far, no "feminazi bitches" have disputed this.  I have gotten some tomatoes thrown at me from people in the man-o-sphere for pointing this out though.

One person even went so far as to point out a local phone number to a prenup lawyer here in Reno.

I guess that there really is one born every minute...

P.S. I apologize for the non-stop racist jokes in this post - as well as the avid defense of Zionism presenting itself in a hidden manner (you have to read every 6th letter - it spells out a secret code).

Friday, March 8, 2013

The "Con" Game

It seems that some left-wing feminuts in Europe somewhere are going to try to illegalize that most fowl of evils - pornography!  Yup, we all know that pornography leads to rape, homicide, flatulence, avid nose-picking, crotch-grabbing, global warming, bad breath, and them thar rotten Jews (JOKE!!!!).

Now of course, the MRM has already decided that "traditionalists" are bad - mmm-kay.

And, they have already decided to add the word "con" after it - implying that only those nasty republicans and conservatives are feminists (i.e. traditionalists) (LMFAO!!!!).  Notice that the term is used more frequently by the so-called "FeMRA's" - uh -huh.  No surprise to me.

Hence, in the "man-o-sphere" you will now see the intellectually inept term "TradCon" being thrown around - similar to the way monkeys fling poo-poo.

This LEFT WING woman is trying to illegalize porn:
Kartika Liotard - BLEEECCHH!!  What a Liotard!

People tell me, "No! No!  That is in Europe, the politics are different - we must get people to understand that feminism really is a right-wing movement!!!".

So, I point out to them, that this man - Harry Reid - is also Left-Wing - and trying to illegalize prostitution in the state of Nevada (even though 80% of Nevadans do not want it illegalized):
Harry Reid - BLEEECCHH!!! What a ReidTard.

But - it is OK guys.  No need to fret.  You have already fabricated the strawmen left-wing apologist legitimate terms, "SoCon" and "TradCon".

My suggestion is that you fuckwits avid supporters of men and their "rights" that have oh gosh darn nothing to do with left-wing apologists make a new term:


Pure gold isn't it?

This way, you can make yourselves look like complete and utter fucktards like you are not left-wing apologists.

Anyway, enjoy this new word.  I bestow it upon thee to use wisely, and continue to bash right-wing politics the same way the feminists did by using nothing more than mere labels get the message through that only republicans and conservatives are feminists.  That is, only republicans and conservatives hate sex and male sexuality.

Have a nice day!  

Sometime this weekend, I'll be uploading the most misogynistic, homophobic, racist, Zionistic video in the history of YouTube...  Or maybe I'll wait until Monday...

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Leprechaun Rights Advocate Outraged over Stolen Pot of Magic Sperm

MEN-Factor reporters have just learned that a leprechaun is outraged over his magic pot of sperm being stolen. Apparently, the magic pot of sperm was at the end of a rainbow - in his pants.

Currently, “Warwick” has no clue as to who stole his magic pot of sperm at the end of the rainbow - in his pants. It is valued at 92,700 dollars. Unfortunately, “Warwick” forgot to mark his pot of sperm at the end of the rainbow - in his pants. This means that whoever cashes it in at a sperm bank will not get caught, since there is no way to identify the sperm. The police investigation continues. The chief of police suspects that some female hooligans are responsible for the theft.
Female Hooligans

Female hooligans potentially responsible for the theft of “Warwick” the leprechaun’s magic pot of sperm at the end of a rainbow – in his pants.

In the meantime, “Warwick” the leprechaun claims that he has nothing to look forward to, except a sore dick as he prepares to re-fill another magic pot of sperm at the end of the rainbow – in his pants.

Evil Leprechaun, “Warwick” groaning over the daunting task of re-filling his magic pot of sperm at the end of the rainbow – in his pants.