Thursday, February 28, 2013

Try to Watch this without Laughing or Smiling

Isaac Hayes performing his famous song, "Chocolate Salty Balls".
For some reason, every time I hear this, it cracks me up!

The reason I decided to celebrate Black History Month was NOT to be politically correct, or to cast blacks into the role of perpetual victim.

I celebrated it to send a message to people who might want to read or comment on my blog.

That message is a simple one: racists are not welcome here.

It seems that this "man-o-sphere" is not only infected with a small portion of racists, but a larger portion of man-haters too.

Do not count this blog as part of the "man-o-sphere" - and do not think of it as an MRA/MGTOW blog either.

In fact, do not even think of it as anti-feminist.

If anything, you can think of it as an "anti-male-hatred" blog, or a "anti-excessive-woman-praise" blog.

March, I will be returning back to my humorous self - and get ready - as ALL male haters and SEX haters will now be the target of my yolks.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Movie Review (Sorta Kinda Related to Black History Month)

The Movie - "Meeting Evil".

Well, holy crap.  I rarely see a movie these days that holds my interest.  This one did.  It stars Samuel L. Jackson as - well - I do not want to ruin it for you.

All I can say, this movie really stresses some serious points about male hatred - "nice guys are not really nice", "do not confuse a man's kindness for weakness" - many others.

The skinny - one day, a man at the end of his rope encounters a stranger (whose car stalls outside of his house).  The stranger is surprised at the man's hospitality and generosity in trying to help the man and his stalled car - the stranger is definitely an oddball (Samuel L. Jackson - a damned good actor).

I do not want to ruin anything.  If you like suspense thrillers - check this one out. Who exactly the psychotic, sadistic and evil stranger is (Samuel L. Jackson) is - is not revealed until the end of the movie - it had a great ending.

>> fat ugly blob fish warning <<
The movie, "Meeting Evil" contains acts of violence that should not be repeated by anybody - ever.  Just because I enjoy a good story that contains violence does not mean I condone the actual use of violence in real life.

I am saving the best for last - dang is it good.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Black History Month – Black Women

Yes, I am going to say it -YOU GO GRRRL!!!

I did research on cases of penis removal.

Did you know that there are no recorded incidents of one single African American woman ever having done that?!  (Of course, this does not mean that no Black women have ever done that - if they did - it was not recorded?)

Here are the numbers by race in general that I found:

Asian 116
Caucasian 3
Persian 7
Eastern Europe 3
(Latino was also ZERO)

Here is the Wikipedia link (now dead, but it provides links to other articles).

I wonder why the link was removed?

Sorry for pointing this out – this is NOT a racial slur against Asians. I merely point out that Asian women have the highest rate for removing their partners penises. I have no racial bias against them. This is simply what studies show. I have heard that penis re-attachment is becoming a very prevalent surgical procedure in Thailand as well (I have no source on this though).

So, why is it then, that in the man-o-sphere, I hear all these clowns telling me to hook up with an “Asian Babe” – when “Asian Babes” are 30-40 times more likely to cut their partner’s penises off?

Sheer ignorance?

Sheer racism?

Sheer Stupidity?

How come nobody has ever told me to “hook up with a Black woman” – they are less likely to cut their partner’s penises off… WHY!!!!

I am starting to wonder if there is a more sinister reason why black hatred was prevalent in our anglo-saxon communities of days past… And, I wonder if racism is somehow tied in with Dr. Rookh Kshatriya’s Anglo Bitch thesis?

Is a hatred of men and male-sexuality responsible for the racism that used to exist in this country?

Since black women did not have that built in “hatred and castration” mentality, the white people did it for them? I hate to think this but… Is a hatred of men and male-sexuality responsible for so many black men being lynched in days past without a fair trial? Especially for being accused of rape? Why were so many accused of rape? I mean seriously?

If a black man merely looked at somebody funny (in days past) it would be trouble for him – and I am expected to believe that they were going around raping white women – bullshit.

Notice that racism is not so prevalent today. However, one of racism’s new “homes” is in fact the man-o-sphere – like it or not…

I must question; why is the man-o-sphere attracting people like this?

Is it really a revolutionary movement, or just a tired re-hashing of ideals of old.

Women are dirty (fat, smelly - so don't have sex)
Women are all diseased whores (you’ll get a venereal disease – so don’t have sex)
They will falsely accuse you of rape (so don’t have sex)
They want to steal your sperm and enslave you (so don’t have sex)
Only Asian women (30-40 times more like to cut your dick off) are worth anything (ok, go ahead and hook up with the ones most likely to chop off your dick)…

Yes, this stuff is all coming from the "man-o-sphere" - make no mistake.

Aside: I was going to put a picture of a beautiful black woman in this post. I did a google image search – most of the results were Asian, White, Hispanic etc… Very few black women actually popped up (the ones that did were politicians - BLEECCCHH!). Again I ask; what is going on?

Anyway - more ramblings from a "fucking racist hypocrite" and an avid defender of Zionism!
I hope you enjoyed this edition!
If not - well - take a pill and lighten up.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Black History Month Interruption - "Sex-Negativity"

Well, all I can do is plead guilty. I have engaged in "sex-negative" behavior.

However; in my defense, it was not my intention to do so.

The original intention of keeping a list of female pedophiles was to counter-attack a negative stereotype of men – that they are all pedophiles. In Sociology 101 in college, I had to answer a test question:

By the age of 30, how many children has the average man fantasized about having sex withanswer: 10.

This is not fiction, nor a tale – this is truth. That is what I was taught in college. I am now 42, and have never fantasized about having sex with any children. I guess that I am not an “average man” (tsk tsk).

Anyway, Eivind wrote up this article. I do not praise Eivind as “Mien Furor!”; quite the contrary.

His post made me think – feminists would only focus on the negative aspects of sex – rape, sexual harassment, date rape, date rape drugs, pedophilia, etc...

Feminists NEVER focused on the millions and billions of cases of sexual intercourse occurring that were in no way negative or criminal.

What Eivind Berg wrote up and what I got out of it are most likely two different things. What I got out of it, is that feminists always showed sex in a very negative light. They even went so far as to further criminalize sex itself – and hence, sparked a “sex abuse” industry. The “sex abuse” industry is fueled by factoids and wrong-headed lines of thinking (and bogus legislation being passed over the last 40-50 years).

The fact that the feminists had to make a new “genre” of feminism called, “sex-positive feminism” speaks volumes about feminism itself.

Feminists had a very negative attitude towards sex – because it involves MEN, HETEROSEXUALITY, and the creation of life. Three things they bitterly detest.

Anyway, long story short – I am NOT going to take Eivind Berg’s advice and slightly revise my list of female pedophiles. Instead, I am pulling it completely - (even though I did receive 1 death threat for having it - I like death threats).

There is no reason to put sex and dirty laundry in the same basket.

The vast majority of sex is not dirty laundry.

Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of sex (which he correctly associates with violence and assault more than actual sex), I will focus on the positive aspects of sex. The feminists did nothing but focus on the “negative” aspects of sex – like child abduction/pedophilia, rape, sexual harassment (sleep with me or you’re fired) etc...

The feminists NEVER focused on the millions of people enjoying sex – their goal was to further criminalize it, and constantly associate it with negativity – cast it in a dark light.

Many MRA’s are doing the same thing – false rape accusations, cuckolding, child support, venereal diseases, female pedophilia – you know – dirty laundry.

Why should I ape feminism? Damn. This is why I got the hell out of the man-o-sphere in the first place – I saw way too many things that resembled feminism. I cannot believe I did not spot this one.  Boy do I feel stupid...

Of course, I would really like to hear Eivind Berg’s thought on abortion.

The feminists sparked the “abortion industry”. It too is fueled by factoids and wrong-headed thinking – and it definitely puts women against men.

I wonder, would he write up some 5000 word article telling all that the “socon’s” started abortion?

Would he write up some 5000 word article telling all that “traditionalists” started abortion?

At any rate – my stance on abortion is this – I do not care if it is legal or illegal – as long as my tax money does not pay for it. There is no reason I should have to pay for other’s mistakes – just as there is no reason I should not have to pay for other’s children, or their children’s schools…

I do not intend to ape feminism by encouraging MORE abortions by taking a typical MRA stance and say, “Golly gee willickers – men should get to choose to abort the baby too!”

No – abortion is murder.

Go ahead and murder – just do not use my taxes to pay for your heinous crimes to cover up your “mistakes”.

Anyway – sex is awesome.

Sure, crimes happen that involve sex – but they are rare (and sorry MRA dudes, that includes false rape accusations, cuckolding, female pedophilia etc..).

The vast majority of sex is nothing but people having fun and NOT getting hurt in anyway. I will focus on that, instead of focusing on the dark side of it (which is a molehill, not a mountain – and that brand of negative thinking in regards to sex is EXACTLY what the feminists did).

No more associating sex with dirty laundry from this man.

La Fin!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Black History Month - Part II

Well, this is a short one. It involves two Black men - I do not know the names of either one.

Back in 2009, 2010 and 2011, my dog Shadow had Degenerative Myleopathy. This is a genetic disorder that some dogs have (not to be confused with degenerative disk disease - a treatable condition).

Degenerative Myleopathy does have a treatment, but it is not 100% effective. According to my Vet, 50% of dogs respond to it, 40% have no response to it, and 10% have a negative reaction to it. The "cure" does not reverse damage to the dog, it merely stops the degeneration. My dog did not respond to the treatment...

My dog occasionally needed help walking, as her back legs did not work - she could drag herself around just fine, but I would have to get a towel and lift up her belly to help her urinate. I also had to carry her across roads - as she was not fast enough to cross them in a timely manner to avoid traffic.

There was one Black man (an older gentlemen) I usually passed by while on my walks - he would always compliment me on how devoted to my dog I was. I would tell him - as long as she is happy, she is alive - I will do anything I can to help her live the rest of her life to its fullest - even if it does kill my back.

Of all my neighbors I’d run into on my walks – he was the only one who empathized with my situation. He knew that I cared deeply for my dog – and seeing her this way was painful to me – but putting her down would have been more painful – because despite her condition –she was always so happy… degenerative myleopathy is not painful – degenerative disk disease is).

Anyway, onto the second - My dog weighed 65 pounds, and during this time, I did develop some mild back issues.

I went to a Chiropractor.

While I was waiting in a chair for them to call me in, a line formed for people waiting to pay for their treatment from the Chiropractor.

One was a young Black man - he kept staring at me - it was a little awkward.

I just nodded hello at him - he nodded back - then kept staring at me...

He leaned towards me and said, "I'd watch out for this Chiropractor if I were you..."

I was curious - I responded, "Why - what happened?"

He responded, "Well, when I came in here, before he treated me, I was white..."

I busted out laughing.

So, why write about these people? They are not famous or well known in any history books anywhere…

I was depressed about my dog at this time. I knew that she did not have much time left. The only person (in my immediate neighborhood) who seemed to care or empathize with my situation – was the older Black man I’d usually run into on my walks with my dog – the second – a Black man that made me laugh – at a time that I needed to laugh.

Was their skin color relevant – no (well, except for that mild racist joke the younger man told me).

I am celebrating Black History Month to scare away racists (man-o-spherians) from my blog. My intention is not to celebrate it in the manner that most Liberal Arts Wielding twerps do (by perpetually casting Black people into the role of victim) – but rather – to point out everyday African Americans – whose skin color does not define them – but rather – their personalities that define them…

I got two more of these, and I am saving the best for last…So stay tuned for more rants from a fucking racist hypocrite, and an avid defender of Zionism!!!


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Quick Break from Black History Month...

Somebody brought this article to my attention.

I wrote up a diddy on this story a while ago (as you can plainly see, it is cluttered with non-stop racist jokes, and a strong defense of Zionism).

As I predicted (not in the post above - just to my self), the MURDERED is being put on trial - because according to her, he was a pedophile.

Travis Alexander

And of course, he was also a violent maniac who could only be subdued by shooting him in the face, stabbing him more than 27 times, then slitting his throat from ear to ear.

Travis Alexander

Convenient isn't it? Since dead MEN cannot defend themselves in a court of law, that is who her defense attorney (and the judge) have put on trial.

Sorry to say this - but to the supporters of the "man-o-sphere" - if this were posted on the MensRights sub-ribbit - it would be labelled as "inflammatory bullshit".

What do we have here - most likely a psychotic woman killing her "nice" but "not really nice" boyfriend, then instead of the actual accused (Jodi Arias) being put on trial - a stiff gets put on trial.

She claims that he was masturbating to a picture of a boy wearing underwear.  Where is that photo?  She claims that she got him a pamphlet on mental health to "help him with his pedo-problem".  Where is that pamphlet?

If Travis Alexander was a pedophile - then he is scum.  But; if he wasn't, (which I find far more likely), then this woman (and her attorney) are simply using pedo-hysteria to shock the jury - and they should both be put on trial for that in my opinion (but of course - they won't - anything goes in a courtroom these days - they are just glorified circuses today).

Anyway, next post - back to Black History Month (because I am a racist - especially against Asians).

Friday, February 8, 2013

Black History Month - Part I

Who is Ronald Mallett?
Ronald Mallett
Ronald Mallett with Image from "The Time Machine" starring Rod Taylor

He is a leading scientist on time travel.

Personally, myself, I do not believe time-travel is possible. This is a terribly long story – I do have a rudimentary understanding of physics, and two of my friends have PhD’s in physics.

Ronald MallettRonald Mallett said something about time travel that caught my attention however; and really made me re-think my stance on it. He said it was possible to travel back in time, but not beyond a point in time to where his “device” did not exist. Example: let’s say that Ronald built a working time device in 2015. This means that people from that point on would be able to travel back in time – but no farther back in time than 2015 – when he had created his device.

I will not go into the details of it, but that actually made me rethink my simple minded approach to time-travel: Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Energy is mass time the speed of light squared – therefore, mass is a form of energy. If I wanted to take a brick, and send it back 10 years in time, I would have to create enough energy (mass) in a time frame of 10 years ago – which – according to the laws of physics is not possible (energy can neither be created nor destroyed).

But – what if you had a device – that actually harvested and utilized energy in order to make that brick?

The problem would then be – you could not send the brick back in time to a point where your device does not exist – because no device would exist in that time frame to harvest enough energy to create the “item” you were sending back in time... And – I do not buy into the whole “wormhole” notion.

To be honest, I believe that there is no such thing as time – as do my two friends with PhD’s in physics…It is a concept of the human mind, not an actual property of physics (again, this is a long story) Anyway – enough of my simple-minded dribble on the very complex subject.
Ronald Mallett

Ronald Mallett is considered among many, the leading scientist on Time Travel – and he managed to do something very difficult – he got me to think! (lol)

Disclaimer: This is not a “liberal arts” style approach to Ronald Mallet (i.e. the notion that it is “oh gosh so amazing that a black man can understand science”). This was written because Ronald Mallett managed to “make me think” with his philosophies – something that is hard to do… Personally, I think his skin color is irrelevant, but many man-o-sphere twits and MRA’s seem to hate blacks, jews and many others. I am celebrating Black History Month to discourage those people from following my blog. I am disgusted that I got involved in that crowd to begin with. Politically correct "Liberal Arts Clowns" can go to hell as well…

P.S. If you have never seen it, I recommend you watch the 1960 movie classic, The Time Machine starring Rod Taylor (also the star of the Alfred Hitchcock classic, The Birds).  There were a remakes of The Time Machine in 1979 and 2002 - I prefer the original...

Thursday, February 7, 2013

An Apology...

To my readers for taking the twerp that called me a racist seriously.

Here is an exact quote again regarding this post:

I'm not going to try and find that post where you made non-stop racist jokes about that Asian-American girl who was murdered. I remember it well enough.

He remembers two things about it - Jack and Shit, and the post had nothing to do with Jack.

Non-stop racist jokes!?
Non-stop racist jokes!?

This is what he calls "remembering it well enough"?

There is not one single racist joke in the post.  This MRA either has a skewed sense of reality, or a very bad memory.

I'd guess the former - as his blogger profile has the word "stabbing" in it way too many times...

As far as being called a "defender of Zionism"...

It seems like the whole Zionism thing is a catch 22.  If you support Zionism, you are a racist (Jewish supremacist).  If you do not support Zionism, you are anti-semantic (Jew-hater).

You just cannot win with some people.

At any rate, the comment about me being a "fucking racist hypocrite" was clearly the product of a disorganized mind (an MRA, not a feminist, not a woman, a RED-PILL MAN - make no mistakes).

I am getting tired of people who call themselves MRA's making excuses for these people.

Anyway, tomorrow, I continue Black History Month - uninterrupted.

It is all part of my racist, pro-Zionist conspiracy that the goblins who sneak into my house and poison me with acephate put me up to.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I Throw Myself at the Mercy of the Court - Which is YOU!

So, it seems that somebody an avid MRA was properly disgusted that I decided to celebrate Black History Month, because in their opinion, I am a racist.

You're a RACIST!

Actually, that is not correct - I am a fucking racist hypocrite. That's right - I am no better than any other garden variety blog in the "man-o-sphere" because my blog and comments on other blogs prove that I am a racist.

So, I am deciding to throw myself at the mercy of anybody reading (except the person in question, because I already know what he thinks).

I stand before you, accused of racism and defending Zionism (a racist philosophy according to him).

Apparently, this post, as he puts it

I'm not going to try and find that post where you made non-stop racist jokes about that Asian-American girl who was murdered. I remember it well enough.

I looked through it a dozen times now, I see no "non-stop racist jokes" in it.  In fact, I see no racist jokes in it at all.  Also, I looked through many of my Murder and Male Resentment Mondays - I am pretty sure that is the only one with an Asian-American woman in it.

It was one of my many Murder and Male Resentment Mondays, which started out as a poke at David Futrelle (watch for the theme dudes who definitely aren't me) - which he did not catch, and took it literally - what a doofus. Allow a brief explanation - he made the claim that all the experiences I witnessed in college were all aimed towards me - I corrected him and said many of the things I simply witnessed, they did not happen to me - so he crossed out the text "ScareCrow" and replaced it with "dudes that definitely weren't ScareCrow" - or something to that effect...

Anyway, according to this person, I also defend Zionism - he knows this because of this comment I made on Fidelbogen's Blog.

I am not Jewish, and I honestly have next to no thoughts on the middle east (except that I object to suicide bombings).

I only care what happens in this country - the USA - unless it is just too easy to make fun of...

Anyway, I stand before you, accused of being a fucking racist hypocrite and defending Zionism.
All White Jury not part of a Racial or Zionist Conspiracy
DISCLAIMER: the jury in the picture above is entirely white - and that is a coincidence, not a racial conspiracy or a Zionist conspiracy.

What is the Jury's Verdict?!?!

Please keep in mind that if I receive enough comments finding me guilty of racism and defending Zionism, I will be removing this post and this comment. After their removal, I will be apologizing to Asians, Asian Americans, and the uhm, non-racist anti-Zionist lobby for defending Zionism.

If I do not, I will be banishing this person from my blog for making an hysterical and unfounded claim against me.  In addition to that, anybody linking to any of his blogs will be taken off of my blog roll.  Sorry, but I have no desire to spend my time defending myself against accusations like this.

After I eliminate the racist crowd (which I have no doubt that apologizing for not being anti-zionist will do!!!), I plan to get rid of the "over-reacting" crowd.

I wonder - will I get called a "fucking over-reacting hypocrite" for saying that?

Friday, February 1, 2013

Black History Month – Introduction

Personally I think Black History month is silly. Not because I am a racist and hate black people – quite the contrary…

I sincerely think that a person’s skin color does not matter.

However; it has come to my attention that many people in the “man-o-sphere” and many “MRA’s” are just flagrant racists. To be more specific, they hate the “ginger colored lot”. I have seen the word “nigger” appear right next to the word “mangina” in some comments on other blogs. I detest both of those words. I have also seen some blogs that are devoted to both racism and men’s rights – sickening.

This entire month, the month of February, I will be writing up bits about various black men that I personally admire or find fascinating. I will be talking about scientists, musicians, politicians, and even a diddy on black women!

I want to make something clear before I write any of them up. When I write up the pieces on various black men, I will not be doing so in an effort to say, “Oh golly, SEE! It is possible for a black man to actually understand science!”

Such attitudes and writings are commonplace in liberal arts academia – make no mistake about their overall effect either. They are degrading to African Americans. To clarify – they love to cast African Americans into the victim role (as they also do with women) – all part of their politically correct stench. Instead of inspiring African Americans, they simply point out how hopeless things are for them, or how difficult life is for them simply because of their skin color… That is why they celebrate African American’s achievements. Not because of any admiration, but because they think it is amazing that any “colored boy” could make such an achievement… Think about it…

My intent (yes, a tad devious), is to discourage the people mentioned above in the "man-o-sphere" and "MRM" from even reading my blog (the people who are just flagrant racists).

I am disgusted that I even got mixed up with and associated with these people in the first place.

So, I am celebrating black history month – all month long – because I wish to discourage such people from reading or commenting on my blog. There is no room for racism on my blog or in my life.

If you are a racist, and truly believe that the measure of a man is equal to the color of his skin – I pity you.

Blog policy restated: any racist comments or comments inciting violence towards anybody will be removed.

Blog intent restated: the more I "perused" the MRM, the less appealing it got to me - THIS IS NOT AN MRA/MGTOW/PUA BLOG.

All that being said; I am not a stickler – racial humor is always appreciated. I have heard many racial jokes – and honestly, if you want to talk about who is at the butt of them the most – definitely the Polish…

Bowling is a black man’s game – you get to throw a big black ball at a bunch of white pins – all of which have red-necks…

Admit it – there are many good natured jokes out there that are racist, and get a laugh – even from the target receptor.

Trust me, this will be good...