Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Enough Screwing Around – Let’s Tackle a Tough Men’s Rights Issue.

Yes, I am known for being a wise-cracker, and poking fun at things.  I have been reading MensRights sub-ribbit, I mean sub-reddit, and it occurred to me, that there are some serious issues that men face these days.

I mean, I usually crack jokes, but reading ribbit, I mean reddit, has made me gather up a more serious attitude.

Yes, I am going to stop joking for a moment, because I am sick of it!



Anyway, I think the following issue needs to be thoroughly thought out, and closely examined:

Should trans-gendered men be allowed to play with male-friendly easy-bake ovens after watching misandric peanut butter commercials?

This one is a real poser in the realm of Men's Rights...

I'll let anybody with the courage to speak up on this issue offer their ponderances in the comments section...

Monday, January 28, 2013

Not Willing to Beat Your Girlfriend's Face In?

No wonder you can't get laid!

LOSER!  (sarcasm)

This is a Murder and Male Resentment Monday!  WOO HOO!!!!  KA LOO KA LANG!!!

Here is our victim - the mega-hot Anastasia Voykina:
Anastasia Voykina
Anastasia Voykina - Ooh la la!

And of course, here is the doctor, lawyer, wealthy, accountant, complete loser she hooked up with that allegedly bashed her face in:
Filipe Lopes
Filipe Lopes.

I understand that they are going to market a Filipe Lopes action figure - complete with DURRR facial expression and a pull string that when pulled utters one of the following phrases, "Shut up b*tch", "Where's my money", "Got any money, I need some pot", "F*cking dumb c*nt", "Did you smoke all my weed again b*tch".

According to reports, "A postmortem examination gave her cause of death as multiple fractures to the face, head and neck."  This is technical jargon for "had her face bashed in".

Can you feel the love?

He obviously worshiped the ground she walked on, and held every door open for her like a real gentlemen - and when he allegedly used whatever blunt instrument to smash her face to pieces, I am sure he did it in a very gentlemanly fashion.

You know, I have friends whose daughters are college aged now.  What I am seeing is the same crap I saw dudes that definitely weren't me saw when I was dudes that definitely weren't me were in college.  Young women who have plenty of opportunities, and throw them right out the window - they reject the so called "patriarchs" (i.e. college men studying something other than liberal arts - i.e.e.e bright futures), and hook up with either complete losers, or dope-smoking, pill popping liberal arts majors.

I keep telling my brother, "If you want to impress women, tell them you have been to prison..."

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

AMERICAN HERO: Charlie Withers

So, who is Charlie Withers?

Is he somebody who heroically took a bullet for somebody else? Nope.

Is he somebody that threw himself in front of a car (that was moving) to save somebody? Nope.

Is he somebody that lit himself on fire? Nope.

Charlie Withers

Charlie Withers is a United States Postal worker. He is a survivor of the Royal Oak postal shootings. Naturally, like any sane human being, Charlie Withers wanted the postal shootings to stop. How did he accomplish this?

By trying to get rid of the constitutional amendment to carry weapons? Nope.

By going on a shooting spree of his own? Nope.

By lighting himself on fire? Nope.

Charlie Withers

Charlie Withers wrote a book, The Tainted Eagle, that tries to clarify why the postal workers that "went postal" did what they did. Instead of trying to get rid of the bill of rights, he took his case before government officials, and is trying to convince them that the postal service (and now many other companies) treat their employees in a manner that is inhumane, sadistic, and unrealistic for any human being to work in. He is also doing the job that the America media continually fails to do - get the "real story" to the American Public.

I watched the following documentary called, "Murder by Proxy, How America Went Postal".
Murder by Proxy, when America went Postal

Here is a link to it on YouTube. It is a captivating documentary, I suggest you take an hour and watch it.
What is frightening in the documentary; certain employees were actually delighted that other employees were shot... To be more specific, they were glad that the leaders (supervisors, managers etc...) were shot.

It creeped me out when I heard people in the documentary saying things like, "it is sad, but I am glad he got shot"...

An attention-grabbing fact in the documentary too - in the old days, the ratio of employee to "big boss" (supervisor, manager, owner etc...) money was 1 to 35. This makes sense - after all, the big dog gets to eat more - that is a fact - and this is how capitalism works - I have no objection to it.

However; today, the ratio has become an average of 1 to 425. the "big dog" is fat, diseased, sadistic, burdensome, and more of a hindrance to the workplace, than a critical part of the workplace. Think of the bankers on WallStreet - and their fat cat bailouts. Why does any human being need that kind of money? What exactly did they do to earn that money (nothing - Bush and Obama gave it to them). Who is going to have to pay for that money? You and I - who else...

When the media reported the postal shootings, frequent phrases heard in the news were things like, "a man showed up and randomly started firing at people", "a disgruntled employee went on a shooting spree", and later on, "another employee 'goes postal'"...

The key element among these inept reportings; they all imply some sort of random nonsensical actions, like those of a lunatic. If you watch the documentary, you'll see that the shootings were not random - but rather, cold and calculated. Some people were passed right by, while others had the guns turned on them. That is, the so-called "lunatic" was targeting specific individuals...

Why the United States Post Office?

Watch the documentary. The USPS was among the first to employ a sadistic and inhumane business model towards it's employees - long hours, repetitive tasks with no breaks, and just downright evil punishments for people who made mistakes. And who the hell doesn't make mistakes?

Charlie Withers took a peaceful stand - against the media hype and against the government in order to stop such "not-so-senseless" killings. And he did this without the mentality of trying to remove the bill of rights - like most clowns these days do...

Charlie Withers knows that if you push any human beings switches enough - well - no pun intended - they will go postal.

This of course, excludes those that are mentally ill of course (a minority?), and need help. Many people who "go postal" are in fact ill, but others are quite normal people - who are at the end of their rope.

I do not excuse their actions in any way here. I merely point out that having sadistic punishments for mistakes, a hostile work environment where "they treat the machines better than the people" is a downright despicable way to treat human beings. Our government created this work environment (after all, it is the UNITED STATES Postal Service), our government SHOULD fix it - but most likely will not...

Yes - it was our illustrious government that first enacted such inhumane work environments and such unbalanced distribution of money (35:1 compared to 425:1 today...)

It is no wonder few people have heard of Charlie Withers - and never will - he is doing the right thing. That makes for bad ratings in the American Media, and bad policy in the United States government. We must push for more health care, and simply ban weapons, rather than fix the sadistic government-enacted policies...

An aside about our media too; what the media reports to you and I, is not the truth. My best guess; is that it is a combination of idiocy, failure to do "investigative journalism", incompetence, and left-wing bias (i.e. maniac with a gun goes on shooting spree - when the headline should read, "employee pushed too far murders boss and people who kissed the bosses' a** - other employees left unharmed")

The left-wing bias comes from our not-so-glorious left-wing tainted "institutions of higher learning" - which are just festering liberal playgrounds wreaking the overwhelming stench of political correctness (pillars of hate).

Anyway, I stress this again, watch the documentary - and do not complain to the post office if your mail gets screwed up. I never do, and I certainly will not start now. When I accidentally get my neighbor's mail - I feel it is an excellent opportunity to meet my neighbors (and vice-versa).

Here is some more information (related news that is hard to find), about the postal shootings and Charlie Withers:

Comments on Murder by Proxy Documentary

From a discussion on google forums:

The following is an article printed in the local newspaper in the Royal Oak area:


Royal Oak -
Letter carrier Charlie Withers is in the middle of interviews with U.S. postal inspectors who investigated the 1991 shooting rampage at the Royal Oak post office.

Several postal officials flew in from Washington, D.C., to be questioned by Withers, a local union steward who won the right to conduct the interviews last August in a pre-arbitration settlement.

Withers contends that the internal investigation was tainted to cover up abusive working conditions, which he says caused fired letter carrier Thomas McIlvane of Oak Park to murder four postal employees and then commit suicide.

Withers said he interviewed nine people involved with the internal probe on Tuesday and Wednesday and has 14 others to question.

"I'm still trying to show that management should be held accountable," Withers said. "Whether they will ever admit it is another thing, but I think we've raised some valid questions".

At the interviews, which were conducted in Detroit, the inspectors saw for the first time an independent expert's report that indicates evidence tampering, Withers said.

The federal officials will review the report, which says part of an answering machine tape taken from McIlvane's house was erased. Withers said a conversation implicating postal management could have been removed.

Postal officials contend that McIlvane was a disgruntled ex-worker and they stand by their investigation.

The above article was written for the Tribune by: Catherine Kavanaugh
The Washington D.C. people were just present as witness or advisors to the inspectors. Dave DeGroat of branch 320 was a witness for Charlie Withers. The questions will continue through the week.

From Digital Issue:

"You would think after all the hubbub that was made after Royal Oak, things would change. But it hasn’t changed in a lot of the country," says Charlie Withers, a letter carrier who was present at the royal Oak killings and later wrote a book, The Tainted Eagle, on troubled working conditions in the Postal Service.

"The post office has never learned their lesson." Lu’s trial took place in January. A telling piece of testimony came from Carl Bryant, a retired letter carrier and union steward who had also worked under Bustamante.

Bryant, a U.S. Navy veteran who had been employed by USPS for almost 30 years, was subjected at one point to a sequence of leading questions by Alameda County Deputy District Attorney Danny Lau.

The prosecutor appeared to be seeking to establish that while Bustamante might have had other dissatisfied employees, none of them had chosen to drive a truck into him. Bryant acknowledged on the stand that he considered Bustamante "despicable, dishonest, and not trustworthy." 

Until next time...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hot For Teacher? More like Teacher Hot for...

I updated my list of female pedophiles.  It takes a while to load, as it now contains 388 women.

It is a long list of female teachers, hyphenated names, soccer moms and various other creeps .These are only the ones I have found on the internets, and the ones that have gotten caught.  Who knows how many there are overall...

Why do I maintain such a list?

According to some feminazi's, it is because I need something to jack off to.  According to others, it is because I am the victim of child molestation.  And according to others still, I am trying to justify male pedophiles - because (according to them), I am one.

All of these are wrong.

For the past 40-50 years (possibly even longer), male sexuality has been vilified and demonized.  Female sexuality on the other hand has been praised (regardless of how perversely it manifests itself).

When I first heard on Nancy Grace that women like the ones in the list were "practicing bad romantic judgement", I knew that THE OVERWHELMING MAJORITY OF WOMEN, found female pedophilia to be socially acceptable (or at least, cast the woman into the role of victim).

I maintain the list, because when most people hear the word "pedophile", they think of some creepy GUY in a dirty van, wearing a raincoat, and hanging around children.

Few ever associate the term "pedophile" with a woman.

Browse the list above, and glance over the descriptions.  You'll see that many of the creepy women in it, actually use drugs to lure their victims back to their homes.  Typical pedophile tactics...

Also note how many hyphenated names there are in the list...

Has this been going on for decades?  Female teachers having sex with their students?

I doubt it, as many of the female teachers are getting pregnant.  But who knows - there are too many philosophies on this subjects to list here.

My opinion; this is part of the legacy of anglo-feminism.  It (female pedophilia) seems to have reached near epidemic proportions in the last decade or so...

Anyway, I maintain the list, to demonstrate that women are also capable of being pedophiles.  So please, stop typecasting the crime of child molestation as being unique to men and only men.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Obama: Brave Enough to say, "F**K the Constitution!"

Well, I saw Osama's Obama's speech the other night.  I cannot remember the exact quote, but he said something like, "if it will save at least one life, we need to try it".

He was of course referring to banning guns, large clips, or something like that.

It is a fact (although if you google it, you'll find several apologist web-sites claiming it is not a fact), that medical blunders kill more people than guns.

I believe this is true.

What is Osama Obama doing about the poor state of the health-care system?

Is he going to crack down on lazy doctor's that just looooove to tell their patients "it's all in your head"?

Nope - he is going to force people to buy health care.

In other words, what Osama Obama is saying is, "f**k the constitution and f**k you America - I do not want you to get shot, because I'd rather you die in a slower, more painful, and more economically stimulating way that simply getting shot".

And what is worse - think about how many people voted for this clown...

Gee, I guess that the next time somebody shoots a bunch of people with a high-capacity magazine clip, they will be breaking the law?

Obama - GENIUS!!!!!

Yeah - that will definitely discourage people from going on shooting rampages...

What followed on the news next is what I would call the most despicable exploitation of children I have ever seen...

The news channel interviewed several children (I'd guestimate between 4 and 7 years old), and asked them if they thought that guns should be banned...  Exploiting children to force a political agenda - absolutely sickening.

Instead of asking those kids about getting rid of firearms (children who do not even know why the right to have weapons exists) -

"A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed"

- they should have asked the children if people should have ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner - use that to make a new policy - and make everybody even fatter than most of them are now...

What the right to carry arms means - is that if the government decides to turn on its people, the people should be armed enough to turn back on its government.  This is one of the fundamental pillars of America, one that the dumbocrats and liberals have been trying to destroy for a long time now.

Liberal dim-wits - the RIGHT to have weapons is NOT referring to hunting ducks.  It is referring to overthrow a government that is tyrannical in nature.  Something that in my opinion, our government is heading towards everyday - thanks to all those who voted for Obama, the Media, the professors that brainwashed and indoctrinated the journalists in the media, and many others...

Trust me - this is just the beginning.  I will explain in my next post - which has to do with going postal.

I celebrate an American Hero (praise MEN) in my next article (after I post an updated list of female pedophiles)...

Stay Tuned.

UPDATE: I found this survey here - here is a screen shot - it shows that the overwhelming majority of Americans do NOT want guns banned in anyway, shape or form (click to enlarge it):

This is directly related to the American Hero I will discuss soon... Our government wants to take away our guns when in fact, there are things killing more of us than guns. The media, in its ineptness, due to the fact that it is run by people brainwashed in modern day universities - tainted by liberal garbage and gynocentrism - are not part of a conspiracy, but just part of the flagrant stupidity.


Monday, January 14, 2013

A New Feature on my Blog...

There was an interesting diddy somewhere on reddit, and it hit me; it is true, that excessively positive stereotypes of women need to be eliminated - it is also true that the lie society spreads about "men doing the right thing" (getting a career, education etc...) end up being successful with women - needs to be exposed as well (so I will continue my Murder and Male Resentment.Mondays).

However; positive stereotypes of men need to be spread as well.  I will be celebrating various men, and their accomplishments here.

I will not be putting any MRA's on that list - if that offends you - go to hell.

This blog is NOT and MRA blog.  I agree with most of what that MRA stuff is - but I strongly disagree with some of it - and disagree even further with most of the "key" players....

Anyway, my new feature will be to celebrate the accomplishments of various men.

And here is one way cool dude (read below for more information):

His name in Jeroen Tel.

When I was a teenager, I owned a Commodore 64.  Jeroen Tel was composing music for the games on that computer since he was at least 14 years old!!!

Since I am a music lover, I gotta say, the tunes he is performing in the video above totally kick arse!!!

I like 'em even moreso, because they remind me of the good ol' Commodore 64 tunes I grew up with as a kid.

Enjoy the video - and the amazing music of Jeroen Tel in the video above (or don't - maybe it's not your style of music).

And, since I am feeling particularly ornery as of late, I will be doing this for various black men in February (black history month).  Instead of casting black men into the role of victims (which I am sure the typical "black Studies" college course does) - I will be celebrating various accomplishments of black men (and pointing out the fact that no black woman has ever cut her partner's penis off - at least - according to the research I have done...)

Stay Tuned!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Dagger in the Mind...

Well, a confession - I do read the Manboobz blog. Not because I like it, but because of reconnaissance.

His latest post is in fact very interesting - not in a feminist sense, or an MRA, PUA, MGTOW etc... sense - but in a practical sense.

He posted this picture:

I am not going to repeat what he had to say about the actions of the man in the picture, the skinny is - the man in the picture is merely a creep hitting on some woman, and the woman is disgusted with him for doing so.

As is typical for David Futrelle, his analysis, and the analysis of others that he admires do not speak volumes about HUMAN nature, the nature of  MEN, or even the nature of Pick Up Artists.

It only speaks volumes about his own warped perceptions - and possibly his own ego.

When I look at the picture above, I do not see a man trying to pick up a woman.  I see a man trying to cheer up a woman, because the woman has just lost somebody dear to her.

As the observer whom David Futrelle correctly pointed out, wearing all black was a sign of mourning in Victorian times. 

He and other like him, believe that the man in the picture is completely insensitive to the woman's loss, and is merely hitting on her (trying to pick her up - get sex or affection from her etc...).

I do not wonder - why isn't it possible that the man is trying to comfort her in these people's minds - because the answer is obvious...

This is how they perceive men.  You cannot determine what the real actions of the man are in the picture, nor can you determine the woman's true emotional state from the picture.

Their projective analysis of the picture speaks volumes about them.

It is the dagger in their minds.

Pity them.  They live in a scary world, where 50% of the population are complete creeps.

I am glad I do not live in such a nightmarish world.  I am also glad I am not filled with self-loathing either.

Those poor poor fools.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

What Color "Knight" are You?

Myself, and the team of MEN-Factor Scientists have been doing much research on the subject of “White Knights”.
The most basic definition of a “White Knight” is as follows:

A man spoon-fed on chivalry and who firmly (and naively) believes in the moral superiority of women over men and so holds women on a pedestal.

This definition is an attempt to explain, or rather, accuse men of somehow being responsible for women's behavior.

What crap.

And of course, this is male-bashing, yet the feminists claim the “MRA’s” are “misogynists”.

More crap.

And of course, as my old college buddy pointed out (he has removed the post because of threats), Chivalry revolves around the concept of “courtly love”, and courtly love exists only in fiction. So men – no – HETEROSEXUAL MEN – are being blamed for women’s bad behavior for something that does not even exist, and relies on speculation as to what is going on in MEN’s heads – a power that all feminists seemed to have acquired – as they magically know what men are thinking at all times…

Anyhoo, I was staring at my box of Crayons, and noticed that there are 128 colors total. Crayola actually makes 133 colors total – so I got ripped off – boy am I pissed off now!!!

Anyway, below is a chart that will help you determine what COLOR KNIGHT you are, and how exactly it is that you, as a MAN are responsible for women’s f**ked up behavior in our modern age:

Color Hex Code Description
Almond #EFDECD This type of knight usually enjoys eating almonds while coming to the rescue of damsels in distress.
Aquamarine #78DBE2 This type of knight uses his power over the fishes in the sea to help damsels in distress.
Asparagus #87A96B This knight’s urine smells awfully peculiar after rescuing a damsel in distress.
Atomic Tangerine #FFA474 This type of knight is best described as a “metro-sexual” – and comes to the aid of damsels in distress.
Banana Mania #FAE7B5 This type of knight does nothing when a damsel is in distress, he simply sits and stares and the peril going on while eating a banana.
Beaver #9F8170 Do I even need to explain this one?
It’s a pinch naughty!
Bittersweet #FD7C6E After saving the damsel in distress, this knight kisses her passionately, then says, “it would never work out between us”, he then leaves her weeping…
Black #000000 Some ass-clown in a PSEUDO-BATMAN outfit.
Blizzard Blue #ACE5EE This knight only helps out women who are depressed
Blue #1F75FE This knight is always depressed and helps out women in distress.
Blue Bell #A2A2D0 This knight is depressed, and only helps out women when he hears a bell ring.
Blush #DE5D83 A knight that gets embarrassed when he saves a damsel in distress.
Brick Red #CB4154 A knight that gets really, really embarrassed when he saves a damsel in distress.
Cadet Blue #B0B7C6 A white knight in training.
Canary #FFFF99 A knight that rescues women by chirping loudly at the peril she is in.
Caribbean Green #1CD3A2 A knight that smokes way too much pot.
Carnation Pink #FFAACC Gay man with a “you go grrl” attitude.
Chestnut #BC5D58 White Knight that tries to rescue the damsel, but is too busy staring at her cleavage (chest), and usually makes things worse.
Copper #DD9475 After rescuing the damsel in distress, he often looks around for pennies laying on the ground.
Cotton Candy #FFBCD9 A white knight wearing a fru-fru.
Dandelion #FDDB6D Really strong gay man with a “you go grrl” attitude.
Denim #2B6CC4 This knight always wears denim jeans.
Desert Sand #EFCDB8 Arabian Knight!
Eggplant #6E5160 Also called, “Gothic”. This type of knight is just a scrawny putz
Forest Green #6DAE81 A knight from western Washington.
Fuchsia #C364C5 Knight with a really bad sunburn.
Fuzzy Wuzzy #CC6666 This knight is not sure if he should rescue the damsel or not, because he might be called a white knight if he does, or called a coward if he doesn’t.
He just cannot make up his mind as to what he should do.
Gold #E7C697 A really rich knight that saves the damsel in distress - by paying somebody else to do it for him.
Goldenrod #FCD975 Uhm, watch the movie Goldmember
Granny Smith Apple #A8E4A0 This knight only rescues old ladies, because he’s totally into that sort of thing “GILF’s”
Hot Magenta #FF1DCE A gay man with a “you go grrl” attitude and a bad case of flatulence.
Inchworm #B2EC5D While rescuing the damsel in distress, has his pants unzipped and tries to slip himself into the damsel in distress inch by inch while saving her.
Jazzberry Jam #CA3767 A knight that typically hangs out at poetry recitals or coffee shops.
Jungle Green #3BB08F This type of knight uses his spear or poisonous darts to tranquilize the threat to the damsel in distress.
Laser Lemon #FFFF66 Brainiac Knight. Harvests the laser power that all lemons have to rescue the damsel in distress.
Lavender #FCB4D5 Flaming gay man with a "you go grrl" attitude.
Lemon Yellow #FFF44F Not so Brainiac knight. Thinks he knows how to harvest the laser power that all lemons have to rescue the damsel in distress, but doesn’t – so he is an epic fail.
Macaroni and Cheese #FFBD88 When he sees a damsel in distress, he runs home and starts cooking up some macaroni and cheese. This is the category I sometimes fall into – depending on how hungry I am.
Maroon #C8385A This knight doesn’t bother rescuing the damsel in distress. He is so depressed he knows that it matters little, since we are all fated for the coffin.
Olive Green #BAB86C A knight with ass-burgers syndrome.
Outer Space #414A4C This knight is usually too baked and stoned out of his mind to do anything. Stoner with a Boner might be this type of knight.
Piggy Pink #FDDDE6 A fat gay man with a “you go grrl" attitude.
Purple Mountain's Majesty #9D81BA A man who gets an erection when he rescues a damsel in distress.
Purple Pizzazz #FE4EDA A gay man who gets an erection when he rescues a damsel in distress.
Razzle Dazzle Rose #FF48D0 Gay rapper with a “you go grrl!” attitude.
Robin's Egg Blue #1FCECB Nature loving Knight.
Screamin Green #66FF66 This type of knight likes to scream whilst rescuing a damsel in distress. His favorite color is also green – oddly enough.
Shamrock #45CEA2 Drunken Irish man to the RESCUE!!!
Shocking Pink #FB7EFD Gay man with a “you go grrl!” attitude that likes to participate in things like the slut walk – by dressing like a female slut.
Tan #FAA76C A knight that only rescues damsels in distress when he is at the beach.
Tickle Me Pink #FC89AC A gay man that – well – I better not go there…
Tropical Rain Forest #17806D A knight that rescues the damsel in distress in an environmentally safe and completely organic way.
White #FFFFFF Already explained by the MRM.
Wild Strawberry #FF43A4 A knight with a mysterious skin rash.
Wild Watermelon #FC6C85 A knight with a huge misshapen head.

Please feel free to use my dimwitted humor here as a reference - and bookmark the page when the MRM confuses you - or attacks you.

Now, you can defend yourself, and make sure that they at least accuse you of being the appropriate color knight...

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dear President Obama...

WARNING: This post contains negativity.  If you do not like negativity, or are a human proton, you might want to avert your eyes.

Dear President Obama:

You are an asshole and an idiot.

You are an asshole for exploiting the murders of the children in Connecticut for your own political gains; more specifically, the continuing disarmament of U.S. citizens and violating the second amendment to the constitution of the United States of America, and pushing your own definition of “health care” onto the American Public. Only a grade AAA creep would USE the murder of children to push a political agenda; a political agenda that is not only a moot point, but also erodes the integrity of the United States Constitution.

It is a fact that the medical field kills more people than firearms do each year. According to some studies, the average United States citizen is more than four times as likely to die from medical blunders than from being shot.

Instead of trying to “fix” the blunders that occur in the medical field, you are forcing United States citizens to “buy more health care”, and hence – put their lives in greater danger.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that medical blunders kill more United States citizens than firearms, you despicably USE the shooting incident in Connecticut to push for more firearm control, and a bigger “health care” industry.

I can only deduce from this that you want more Americans to die each year at the hands of health care than firearms.

Is this because dying from medical blunders in the health care industry is not only more costly than simply being shot, but also more drawn-out and painful?

You are hurting the citizens of the United States of America by taking away their freedoms, destroying the Constitution of the United States of America, and placing their lives in greater danger from the inept clowns in the health care industry today.

I re-iterate my initial premises: You are an asshole and an idiot.


Richard (last name omitted here, but not in actual letter to Obama Sin Laden)

ASIDE: If you voted for this clown, I am guessing that you simply voted for the letter “D”, and not the actual person – at any rate – shame on you.

Call this post, "angry humor" - or negativity if you want...

I just gotta vent somehow...

Humor next time, I am debating whether I should make a video, or just write it up as a post...

Sunday, January 6, 2013

DUHHH - Nobody Wants Duh Play WIT ME!!!!

Just a quick story.

When I was a teenager, there was no internets (at least, none that I could access).

Back then, people had modems, and BBS's (bulletin board system).  You would use your computer to call up another computer.

If the other computer ran a BBS, you could do many things - like post opinions on various subjects, play games, or just horse around in general.

Dang was it slow - 300 or 1200 baud modems on the good old C64...

Here is the story.

Star Trek the Next Generation had just come out, and on one of the local BBS's, a discussion about it ensued.

I left an honest opinion about what I thought of the show, it was not negative, but not positive either.  It was simply me pointing out what I liked and disliked about the show.

My comment was immediately attacked by about 30-40 people...

...or so I thought!!!

Later, I met many of the people calling and running the various local BBS's here in Reno NV.  It turns out that on that one particular BBS (the one with the discussion about Star Trek the Next Generation), one kid had over 200 accounts on it...  200 different user names... 200 different passwords.

I found out, that the 30-40 people were actually just 1 nerd with way too much time on his hands.  He liked Star Trek the Next Generation so much, he was incredibly upset by my comment.

He spent the next few hours (after I left my comment), calling and re-calling the BBS, logging in as a different user each time, and had left all the negative comments against me.

I suppose that in today's terms, this is called sock-puppeting, or trolling.

The moral of this story is a simple one:

Do not let negative reactions to your opinions discourage you from posting them.

It might seem like there are dozens of people against you, but it is possible, that it is just one dork.

I'd wager a guess that the latter is more common than the former.

I hope anybody reading enjoyed their weekend...  I did!!!

Friday, January 4, 2013

I Plead Guilty! I Just do not Understand People. Or RAPE!

GOLD. Stupid lame-ass gold. What fucking good is this shit going to do me?

Can I produce with it?
Can I eat it?
Can I hunt with it?
Can I plant corn in it?

No, no, no and no.

Odd – how so many people keep telling me to invest in gold, silver, copper, blue chip companies, or some other dip-shit thing. None of which will do me any good.

When I was younger, people told me to start investing in the stock market at a young age. I pumped as much extra money as I could into blue-ship companies, and software companies.

I lost about 55,000 dollars when the stock tanked around 2001.

Now, the same assholes are telling me to “invest in gold”.

My response: FUCK YOU.

They tell me to invest in silver.

My Response: FUCK YOU.

They tell me to invest in copper.

My response: FUCK YOU.

They tell me to invest in anything.

My response: FUCK YOU.

They tell me to hook up with an Asian woman.

My response: FUCK YOU.

I am done listening to “they”.  Statistics show that Asian women are 30-40 times more likely to cut their partner’s penises off.

“They” are full of shit.

Do not listen to “they”.

That being said, here are some curiosities.

What are some of the things “they” never told me to invest in? And still FAIL to tell me to invest in…

AR 15 Assault Rifle

I bought an AR15 assault rifle (much better than the AR12 pepper rifle – that is a joke morans!!!) when I was 19 for 600 dollars (with two 50 round clips, one 40 round clip and two 5 round clips).

That same model is no longer legal to sell. Comparable models cost about 2500 dollars today.

That is what I call an investment.

Another thing “they” never told me to invest in – LAND.

What can I do with land?  I can build a house on it, grow food on it.  And hey!!! I can use my GUNS to protect that land and food.

This is something that some dipshit with a slew of worthless gold cannot do.

And, although I am not the sort of unscrupulous person, if person A has gold, and person B has guns, person B can always take person A’s worthless gold after he shoots him or her. Personally, I do not see why any idiot would murder another human being for something as worthless as gold in the first place. It is heavy, and you cannot sustain yourself with it – you cannot protect yourself with it – seriously –
GOLD - why do people want this shit?!

Can somebody PLEASE tell me what f**king good gold is or does?  Despite popular belief, it is not even the best conductor of electricity - silver is - look up the electric conductivity properties on a periodic table of the elements...

I just do not get it.

GUNS AND LAND - That is what I invest in.

I have never heard anybody telling me to invest in those things – ever.  And it seems like GUNS and LAND are the two most logical things to invest in.

Oh yeah, I forgot, according to “Roger’s Jewelers”, gold is “the gift of love”.  So, you buy your girlfriend or wife something that is very small, easy to lose, and has little or no resell value - and it does not mean that you give two shits about her or vice-versa.  You are an idiot.  Gold is stupid.

The holidays are over and I am now grumpy. I spent my day off (Jan 1st, 2013), driving my brother around from grocery store to grocery store – and I’ll tell you this – with all he’s been through lately, he is a real a$$-hole. But, I am my brother’s keeper, so I have an obligation to him – PERIOD.

Now, for Friday, enjoy a picture I snapped at Walgreens - of a dog in the driver's seat of a car...
Dog Driving Car

I guess this means that I am a dog-o-phile, and like raping dogs since I am a man...

...Creepy Rapey guy with a camera (well, cell-phone anyway).

Happy weekend all, unless you are one of the ass-hole-bastard-idiot-donkey-dick-sucking-maggots that thinks I should invest in something shiny and pretty...instead of something useful...

I swear - if I was in charge, I'd take all the gold, silver and copper in the world and cast it into the fiery pits of f**king Mordor. 

OOP - sorry  - there I go again.

Have a great weekend.  I'm just a little pissed.

Gold sucking faggots.


Now, onto RAPE!!!!!
Rape Statistics

To make the graph above, I took the number of rapes, and divided it by the population found on the link.  I then multiplied that number by like 500,000 and did 300 - (that number) in the window that I plotted in on.  Yes - I can program quick diddies in C/C++ etc...

Well, it looks as though rape is in fact going down. That is a good thing. I am surprised that Manboobz was right about that - here I thought that all crimes (including rape) were all going up.

What baffles me - is that spike around 1974 or so...

OH YEAH!!! I was 4 years old, and not repeatedly telling myself that I was a rapist.
That must have been it...

Also - why the sharp rise from 1964 to 1974?  I had not even been born in 1964 - so what the hell was going on?

And, as the feminists would say, does this chart mean that fewer people are reporting rape?  I doubt that one.

Anyway, with all the "rape culture", "rape hysteria", and now "false rape accusation hysteria" all I can say is what I say to the people telling me to invest in gold:



And please - try your hardest not to rape anybody guys...

Thursday, January 3, 2013

I Vote for Fidelbogen

Fidelbogen left a well written and well thought out comment about the current gridlock on VAWA.

The link to his comment is HERE.

I encourage anybody reading to go to the web-page, log in using your facebook or other account, and VOTE HIM UP!

Minor activism yes - but - let's do our best to get our message across - and Fidelbogen is well versed in the art of dialog.

If it were him and Dr. Rookh Kshatriya leading the charge, I would gladly follow.

Tomorrow I will either post a funny, or a ditty I wrote up about how gold is worthless, or another ditty calling president Obama names.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It has begun...

So a blog that I am not going to mention, recently announced it's desire to join a white nationalist party.

I discourage such things, here is the comment I left:

I would argue the list of hate (in order) is as follows:

1. Male
2. Heterosexual (male only)
3. White
4. Right-wing
5. Christian
6. Other "patriarchal" religions

I will not argue that whites are discriminated against on modern campuses due to political correctness.

But, I would have to say that becoming associated with a white supremacist group is NOT the answer.

In other words - do not lower yourself to their level - do not fight racism with more racism.

Fight fire with water - not with fire.

If your house was on fire - would you grab a flame-thrower, or a water-hose?

Do not let their hate become your hate.

Here is a response from "Jeremiah":

Shut up Scarecrow ya dumb nigger.
It's all connected. And whites are the ones who are affected most. You would ask us to just watch our families die as eugenics is practiced against us? You would ask us not to fight back?

Fuck you, coward.

Now, everybody is entitled to their opinion - including me.  In my opinion, I will have nothing to do with these people - nor do I care what their opinions are - I have heard them a million times already - I think it is time for something new - rather than re-hashing tired racial rhetoric (that early feminists thrived on).

The two blogs "Jeremiah" runs are:


If you link to either of his blogs, today, you will be removed from my list of links.

If you remove his blogs from your list of links, please let me know, I will re-add you to my blog-roll and list of links.

I am not going to bore you with talk about "policing the MRM" like Paul Elam would, since I do not belong to the MRM - for many reasons - two of which are listed above.

Sorry for the moment of seriousness.  In a few days, I'll post a humorous story - poking fun at MRA's, and after that, I will post a ditty I wrote up explaining why gold is worthless.

I hope you all had a happy new years!

After reading Fidelbogen's blog, he had an excellent post about reporting the SPLC to the Better Business Bureau. On my lunch break, I'll be making a phone call...
Thanks Fidelbogen, and no need to thank me for going through your blog list, to make sure you did not link to a racist's blog...