Monday, December 2, 2013

Murder and Male Resentment Monday! Holiday Special!

Alicia SappWell, as we all know, the holidays are a time when all of us self purported nice guys bad people celebrate the Native Americans helping our ancestors to survive in a land foreign to them all the genocide we have committed, all the people we have oppressed, all the women we have raped (be it physically, mentally, verbally, orally, nasally or whatever), all the farts we have cut, and many other atrocities!

However; not every dude is a self-purported nice guy, and hence, they just don't get into the holiday spirit.

Such was the tragedy victory against evil male oppressors celebrating genocide against Indians Native Americans on November 29, 2013.

It appears that this sick f*ck outstanding man...
Alicia Sapp
Joseph Gilley killed this "way friggin hot", "dang I'd like to bang her", "I'm undressing her with my eyes", "I'd like to shoot her in the face about 9 million times - no, not with a gun - with something else", "major bone-age", "I'd be porkin' her 5 times a day"...
Alicia Sapp
Anyway, Joseph Gilley killed this woman...
Alicia Sapp
Alicia Sapp - and forget it - she is like - way out of your league you pig! Not just because she is good looking and too good for you - and not just because you are one of those creepy self-purported "nice guys" (who doesn't have a criminal record and too well raised to commit a double homicide after Thanksgiving) - but also because she is - well - dead. So forget it!!

And, Joseph Gilley also killed his own father...
Alicia Sapp
This sick fuck outstanding young man (Joseph Gilley) who had the courage to not call himself a "nice guy" rebelled against the Thanksgiving Spirit (a spirit that celebrates genocide and cutting everybody's noses off according to one psycho bitch young female journalist straight out of the cesspools of heterosexual-male-hatred our modern day higher learning facilities). He also rebelled against the patriarchy by killing his own father.

Instead of being a "nice guy" and celebrating such tragic evils committed by white heterosexual men, Joseph Gilley decided to get revenge for the nice, peaceful Native Americans who piss cherry coke, fart rainbows and poop jelly beans - by murdering two people. And yes, you heard it right - one of the victims was his own father.
Shelby Fleig would be so proud!!! Murdering people on Thanksgiving instead of celebrating! What an outstanding young man! Hip hip hooray that Joseph Gilley is not a self-purported "nice guy" and decided to rebel against the system!



  1. Just a heads up - I used to do these regularly, but I often wonder - by doing this, am I just portraying men in a negative light?

    The intention of these are to inform readers that "hot" chicks often go for complete basket case losers.

    Personally, I do not believe in gold diggers - or at best, I think they are rare - and not connected to the male hatred that has been introduced into our society in the last few decades.

    But, the reason I stopped posting these - was because it shows negative depictions of men.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Scarecrow:
    I'd say you'd have a point about negativity if the males you're depicting were really MEN. As it is, they're scum---so it doesn't count as male-bashing.

    Besides that there are plenty of men floating around the Manosphere (e.g. Gametards and Male Feminists) who are in denial about modern women's preferences in men; hence we hear crap about 'hypergamy' and ;the manly alpha leader whom women crave' all the time. This series is great because it's a good Reality Check!

  3. I just love your spin. Satire at it's finest.

  4. Thanks all. Murder and Male Resentment Mondays are a go.

    First, this is satire.

    Second, the focus is on the woman's dating/mate preferences - in order to demonstrate what kind of men "things" many modern women go for these days.

    The majority of men do not get women who are good looking, and many do not get women at all.

    The men in these posts are a small minority, and do not represent the majority of men.

    If they did, the women would not be getting murdered.

  5. I know Joseph Gilley and your spin is off. She was a dope fiend and using him for drugs and a roof over her head. Joe isn't all there up top and she gave him false hope of something he would never have. She wasn't his girlfriend. As for you scarecrow how bout you mind your own fucking business and not stick your nose in other peoples lives. In fact, how bout you stop being a keyboard warrior coward and post where you live, I'll come pay you a frindly visit and bash your fucking teeth down your throat. Stop hiding behind your computer. POST an address POST a phone#, stop being a pussy

    1. You post anonymously, and call me a pussy?

      Are you available for children's birthday parties?


      I do not "stick my nose in other people's lives".

      I read the news from time to time, and comment on it.

      First Amendment's a bitch ain't it?

    2. P.S. the "spin" as you put it, is meant as humor, and to convince men that women are not all that "noteworthy".

      But moreso, I do these to piss off David Futrelle and his ilk.

  6. She was a dope fiend? Have you lost your fucking mind? She was a mother. A daughter. A friend. Notice I wont post this anonymous. Id gladly stand up to any of you fucks for my FRIEND whose too short life was snuffed out by that waste of sperm. This earth lost an angel, and was left with the piece of shit who killed his own father. Guess he killed him too, all because Alicia was a dope fiend. Have a seat jack ass. This made me sick.

    1. Well, good for you. Please keep in mind that I am not the one calling her a "dope fiend".

      The anonymous poster above did that.

      If you are feeling sick - perhaps it is something you ate.

      You should induce vomiting - just think of Barbara Streissand - that helps me puke.

  7. Please delete this. She was my best friend.

  8. ffuck u all .. this was my fife to be.... daddy and mommy did not like me nor approve .... if i could find you now ,, even after all this time,,,,after my beloved is gone,,,, i will gladly meet you and kick and ever lovin crap out of your turd face fake ass bitch ass ass