Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pope comes out of the Closet

Pope Francis
Pope Francis has announced publicly that people are focusing too much on gays and abortion. What he did not mention, is that the Catholic Church should not focus on these things, because they are drawing attention away from what the Catholic Church has been doing for centuries - destroying heterosexual relations (by vilifying men) whilst molesting altar boys.
Pope Francis
Pope Francis did not mention anything about continuing to fool people into believing that marriage is a religious institution, and not a state run institution - but - ha! Why bother eh?
Pope Francis
Pope Francis is just full of ideas - at least, that is the speculation of this reporter. In essence, Pope Francis's statement about gays and abortion means something really big for the Catholic Church - that not a God-Damned thing will change - nothing whatsoever.
Pope Francis
MEN-Factor reporters got wind that Pope Francis has allegedly set up a Pope-phone, and will use it when he gets wind that straight men are not being vilified for their penises and sex-drives.
Holy Pope Phone!
Whenever the Pope gets news of straight men enjoying sex without signing a legal contract with the government (i.e. paying the lady - I mean marriage - that holiest of holy things), he will jump to the Pope-Poles...
Pope Francis
...with his trusty side kick Altar Boy...
Altar Boy
...and use the Pope-Mobile to speed to the scene...
Pope Mobile
...where he can tell the straight man he is living in sin and will burn in hell...
Burn in Hell!
...for having sex with a woman without first signing a contract with the government making the sex "holy", ensuring that the government and banks will get money ensuring that the sex is not evil - until she gets bored of him he screws up the marriage somehow...

...All because Jesus loves him...
Jesus Loves You
in a purely plutonium fashion or something like that.

Are your eyes crossed yet?

Mine are.


  1. My eyes aren't crossed, but after that Christian bashing session, all I feel is pity for you. I am an Orthodox Christian, and also a long-time stalwart of MGTOW, and let me say that people should not be doing that to our RC brothers.

    Remember, one of the names of Satan is "the accuser of the brethren". This post does absolutely diddly-squat for the men's movement, but rather sends it to places of disrepute. You should take down this post.

    1. Yeah, I am a Christian too.

      I thought I was bashing the Pope, not Christianity.

      And perhaps bashing Catholicism, not Christianity.

      Is "Thou Shall Not have a Sense of Humor" the 11th commandment?

    2. P.S. Save your pity - don't need it friend.

    3. P.P.S - obviously you do not read this blog regularly - this is NOT NOT NOI a men's rights movement blog.

      This is my blog - and I'll write about whatever I want.

    4. Scarecrow:
      Although in fairness it should be noted that Francis' predecessor Benedict XVI did make a good effort at purging feminists and other leftist troublemakers from the Church (which may explain why he was rather unceremoniously booted from the Papal Throne).

      I think however we should forward this article to 'A Voice for Men' with the suggestion that Dizzy Dean Esmay be considered for Francis' eventual successor. That way we can make certain that men are fairly represented in the new "Equal Injustice for All" paradigm!

    5. Yeah - many people have done many good things.

      This was just poking fun at a news story that for some reason, made today's google "top news story".

      I cannot take anything seriously anymore.

      And yes, that includes the pope.

  2. The Church has gone completely off the rails since Vatican II and this current "Pope" is absolutely horrible. (It had been slowly derailing for centuries but at Vatican II it became a high-speed, telescoping disaster.)

    I was born and raised a Catholic and left that hypocritical mess in the late 1970's for all good reasons that the "Church" continues to validate on a daily basis.

    Regarding Mr. Miles comments ... an Orthodox Christian, eh? Has not Orthodoxy been rightly bashing Rome since the schism? Indeed they have, and as I wrote above, rightly so.

    Frankly, today's so-called "Christianity" deserves a 24/7/365 bashing. In less that 100 years it has been sharply morphed from both within and without by millenia-long antiChrist influences which have changed it from a stalwart, manly faith into an emasculated, pro-feminist, socialist-promoting milquetoast imitation of itself. Every denomination has fallen low before these influences because there was no "man" left to watch the gate.

    Of all the main sects, Eastern Orthodoxy has resisted these influences the most, but after the little diatribe by "Paul" defending the indefensible I'm starting to wonder how fast it is falling as well. If you cannot call obvious evil what the hell it is because you are a so-called "Christian", then what damn good are you? Nothing. As God so said, there's no "Salt" left in his people.

    Perhaps Paul should pick up copies of Piers Compton's "The Broken Cross" and De Poncins "Judaism and the Vatican", let alone Fr. Pranaits work "The Talmud Unmasked" and Elizabeth Dilling's "The Plot Against Christianity" before he again comes up with the allegation of "Ye all be Satan" again. As it turns out, Satan has pretty well taken over Christianity and most people haven't yet figured that out.

    Chew this line over a bit regarding modern "Christianity" and its fallen state: "And for this cause God shall send them a strong delusion, that they should believe a lie." 2 Thessalonians 2:11. That's "New Testament" stuff for you folks who don't like how God behaved in the O.T., and to hell with those of you who don't. Same God, fools.

    Yes, today's "Christian" loves the delusion that God sent, almost universally love the lie(s). Today's Christianity has become a "no effort - all by grace" pile of feminized shit led by a bunch of manginas who would have never been allowed in the pulpit 100 years ago.

    As I have told my kids for decades, "Ignorance is bliss until it kills you." Read and learn, for as God Himself so said, "My people perish for lack of knowledge." And folks, we are surrounded by the ignorant.

    1. Anonymous - whomever you are...

      THANK YOU!!!!

      Today's church is a joke.

      It has been that way for quite some time.

      People who are Christians and follow the Church blindly do deserve a PROVERBIAL beating - like what I did above.

      My next comment - I will elaborate.

  3. I was raised religiously. My family went to church every Sunday. I remember listening to the priests/pastors/whatever each week. Later, in my adolescent years, I would listen to them on the radio once in a while.

    One thing I noticed.

    They gave many lectures about men and women and their relations.

    They would say men and women should have no sex before getting married.

    They would then proceed to tell married men and women what was and wasn't acceptable in the bedroom.

    They would then convince their audience that if a marriage was not working - it was the man's fault - since he is supposed to be the head of the house.

    They never ONCE said "no gay sex".

    They never ONCE said "no altar boys".

    They never ONCE talked about adulterous women - only adulterous men.

    The Church it seems - reflects pop culture - not the word.

    So - Paul Miles - you now have MY pity.

  4. You are more than welcome. And regarding your thoughts and comments - ibid.

    I'm still faith-filled, but I believe in the mean-assed Jesus and His /mean-assed Father. "I am an angry and jealous God", sayeth the Lord.

    What? I'm supposed to argue with Him?

    And of their little "Haight-Ashbury"-type Jesus? Let's see here, just for starters - "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword" and "Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil."

    What I see is a big Old Testament-type ass-whipping coming down the pike, and the people who allowed themselves to be ensnared by the tares planted by the Evil One as well as their "Wolves in sheep's clothing preachers" are going to be the first one's to feel the the full and terrible wrath of God. As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord" and His Laws.

    1. Gay sheeps in like totally gay wolf fashions.

      Sorry - my smart-a** remark for the day.

  5. This is a perfect example of a straw man fallacy if I've ever seen one.

    "Pope Francis has announced publicly that people are focusing too much on gays and abortion."

    OK, so far, that much is true. Now this is the point where the insane rambling immediately starts ...

    "What he did not mention, is that the Catholic Church should not focus on these things, because they are drawing attention away from what the Catholic Church has been doing for centuries - destroying heterosexual relations (by vilifying men) whilst molesting altar boys."

    Well, you're right about one thing. He didn't mention that. That's because those are YOUR words and YOUR words alone.

    As a matter of fact, Pope Francis is the one who's finally bringing those priests responsible for sex abuse crimes to justice. Just recently, he had a bishop arrested for protecting pedophile.

    I'm not even Catholic, so I can assure you that I have no biased allegiance to the pope. I'm actually a Protestant who is finally starting to have some respect for the Catholic Church, which I admit I never thought would happen.

    1. Uhm, I'm sorry, this blog, and posts are mostly satire.

      I guess I should explain that at the top of every post for mentally challenged people.

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