Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Island of Misfit Sex Toys

Get ready to travel to a strange and mystical place, get ready to journey to...

Barack Obama
Barack Obama Dildo $17.95 - of course, you have already seen this one most likely...

Andrea Dworkin
Andrea Dworkin Inflatable Love Doll - Crap - we cannot give these away - we will pay you to take one.

Jodi Arias
Jodi Arias Almost Complete Sex Kit $259.95 - French Maid Outfit and actual Jodi Arias NOT Included.

Larry Craig
Larry Craig "Do It Yourself" Sex Kit $39.95 - New Seriously Awkward Edition!

Anthony Weiner
Weiner in da Box - $479.95 - Actual Weiner not included.

Christine O'Donnell
Christine O'Donnell's Masturbation Kit $1.95 - Contains no form of sexual stimulation what so ever - May cause Hairy Knuckles, Blindness and Eternity in hell.


  1. My apologies, I do not have an Image for the Christine O'Donnell masturbation kit yet...

  2. You owe me a cup of coffee and a new shirt.

    1. I have RIP-Factor T-shirts... What size are you?

  3. I'm thinking that they could give the Dworkin dolls away as a promotional when someone purchases an industrial-grade air compressor. You'd need one to inflate that thing!

    1. Actually, it is a hot-air balloon.

  4. This is somewhat OT, but I guess obliquely related to sex toys with political overtones. David Fat-Troll has published a survey of his readership. He seemed a bit embarrassed to find he had more Caucasian readership than the MRM, who'd he recently bashed over that---but at least he 'manned up' and admitted it LOL

    Check out this fun fact: 59% of his readers are women; 30% are men. Notice this adds up to well short of 100%. According to Futrelle, the remainder are divided between transsexuals, intersexuals (whatever that is), non-binaries (I have no idea on this one either), and 2.5% who responded 'other'.

    Politically, the overwhelming majority identified as 'Democratic Socialists.' The next place went to 'Socialist Democrats.' I'm not sure what the difference here is either, but as Mark Twain said: "There are 10,000 Socialist Parties; one for each Socialist".

    1. David Futrelle is a misfit - but a sex toy? EEEEUUUUUYYYUUUCCCCKKK!!!!

      The majority of people in this country are white - it makes sense that the majority of people in any party or political movement would also be white.

      I have noticed that the majority of people in these circles are from America, Britain, or Canada - all these countries - whites are the majority - hence - the majority of people in any "non racist agenda driven-group" would also be white.

      The fact that he has more whites in his band of idiots than these circles is a sort of kind of "so what" type of fact - but - glad to see he was embarrassed.

  5. Take The Red PillJuly 18, 2013 at 6:23 PM

    The Dworkin doll should be sold as a contraceptive/STD prevention aid -- one look at her butt-ugly, repulsive mug and you'll completely "lose the mood" for having any sex whatsoever! EEEEEUUUUUCCCHHH!

    1. Like the package says...

      "CAUTION: May Cause Vomiting"

  6. Oooooh....

    I want a Matt Forney Man-0-sphere luv doll, err action figure...

    ain't he a cutie pie????

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