Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hi Doctor Frankenstein, I mean Doctor Peter Breggin

Dr. Peter BregginWell, the incident that took place in Colorado is indeed tragic and repulsive.

And there is a dimwit professional Psychiatrist claiming that all men need to "atone" for crimes committed against women.

I wonder - does that include men who used to have a penis but are now transgendered?  I doubt it...

His name is Dr. Frankenstein, I mean Dr. Peter Breggin.  He claims that all men must atone for the tragedy that occurred in Colorado.  MEN-Factor reporters were allegedly able to interview him.  The interview was difficult to perform, because according to sources, he had several women tied up at his place and they kept screaming.
Dr. Peter Breggin
Dr. Peter Breggin claims that men will burn in hell if they do not atone for the sins that a small number of men have committed against women.
Dr. Peter Breggin

 Dr. Peter Breggin claims that men are inherently violent towards women, he allegedly said, "Why, just last week, a woman asked me what time it was, so I pushed her into my car and shoved a glove - WOULD YOU ALL PLEASE STOP SCREAMING!!!  Damned B*tches!"
Dr. Peter Breggin
Dr. Peter Breggin was eager to continue the interview, but the screaming noises coming from the various rooms in his house were over bearing, he came back to reporters and asked them if they had any Dr. Porkenheimer's Boner Juice
Dr. Peter Breggin

Dr. Peter Breggin claims that if men atone for having a penis er uhm the small number of men who commit crimes against women the overwhelming hugantic colossal atrocities that get committed every 5 minutes and twice on Saturdays when his supply of Dr. Porkenheimer's Boner Juice gets delivered, men will go to heaven, which is a very nice and warm place that makes you feel all fuzzy inside - like amoebic dysentery does.


  1. I wonder if Breggin's opposition to prescribing psychiatric drugs comes from overdosing on them himself when he was younger? Something must have messed up his mind to come up with ideas like national days of male atonement.

    In the Huffington Post article, he mentioned that such a holiday would be a first step to ending violence against women. I'd like to suggest that Dr. Breggin go one step further and publically confess everything that he's personally atoning for.

    Somehow, I have a feeling that he won't do that...but he would be very happy if all men were forced to atone for whatever he didn't confess!

    1. I am guessing that this is part projection, and part "failure to connect the dots".

      Who knows what he has done in his life.

      However; as a psychiatrist, I am sure he listens to story after story from women, and how "abusive" their boyfriends/husbands etc.. were/are.

      He therefore concludes that men are violent.

      The concept of women now selecting "thugs" instead of the plethora of evil-middle-class-white-males out there completely eludes him.

      But, how much "power of reason" could a psychiatrist possibly have in the first place.

  2. I was thinking this morning that all these male feminists have certain colorlessness about them. Can you imagine David Futrelle, Hugo Schwyzer, Peter Breggin, Thomas Fleming, or Dean Esmay actually doing anything fun, cool, or exciting? I can't even imagine any of them with a sense of humor.

    They all seem to be a collection of morbidly uptight characters who run around being 'offended' at everything.

    1. Actually, I have noticed that..

      Unfortunately, I have noticed the same thing about many MRA's - well - I guess you did too - since you pointed out Dean Esmay.

      But - there are others who seem to have no sense of humor either.

      I think that ties into Dr. Rookh Kshatriya's thesis - "NO FUN ALLOWED" - the message is simple and direct and it fits many characters...

    2. FYI Eric - the more I research Dr. Peter Breggin, the more it looks like he is one of the few in the psychiatric field to admit that medications are doing more harm than good these days.

      It is a pity he has taken the whole "all men are to blame for a few men's actions" route...

      Other than his "National Day of Male Atonement", it looks like he has some very harsh criticisms of the psychiatric field in general...

  3. Scarecrow:
    I do agree that psychiatric dope is over-prescribed and should never be given to children. Although, like I pointed out on Empath's blog, the increase in childhood psychiatric disorders probably has a lot more to do with the increase in women spawning kids with dysfunctional males. I don't think that Breggin is going to address that, though.

  4. OT, but speaking of mentally-deranged left-wing loonies, I came across the University of Washington student newspaper today. It's so revealing as to the insanity of the radical Left.

    The University's Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity (yes they really have a bureaucracy by this name) announced with great fanfare that its 'Native American Studies' program had grown to such stature that it was going to get its own building and library; to further, of course, its mission of building bridges (i.e. fomenting hate between the red and the white man).

    A graduate student in this program however, wasn't satisfied and wrote a long complaint to the newspaper. Here are some excerpts from the letter:

    "Everyone should understand that the UW sits on land that was stolen from the Duwamish people and Washington State broadly sits on land stolen from other indigenous peoples...The Duwamish tribe, despite the city of Seattle being named for their Chief Sealth who protected the colonizers from militant indigenous resistance led by Chief Leschi of the Nisqually Tribe, is considered extinct by the genocidal US government that continues to deny them federal recognition...

    "Therefore I advocate a commitment to direct representation and the abolition of the ASUW (student government) and I denounce the UW Board of Regents as an illegitimate governing body composed of international war criminals &c."

    Imagine if somebody other than a left-wing minority wrote this kind of a letter demanding the trial and abolition of the UW Board of Regents---even on the legitimate grounds that they are a pack of thieves and incompetents--- how long do you suppose it would be before they wound up on a 'watch list?'

    1. Left-wingers are racist. They want people to feel victimized and powerless if they are not white.

      They also want non-white people to be enslaved by their own hatred and bad attitudes.

      And of course - the same mentality applies to women as well.

  5. Scarecrow:
    It was the comments section here:

    On the Indian article: not only are they racists, but it's also noteworthy that the white liberals who are promoting all this hatred are setting themselves up to become the first victims of whatever leftist 'revolution' they're envisioning. Note that the Indian activist specifically singled out the very people who taught and promoted all this hate as the ones who should be overthrown and tried first.

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