Friday, May 3, 2013

Florentijin Hofman's Plans to Destroy Hong Kong with Giant Rubber Duck Thwarted by Giant Baby Taking a Bath

Evil master mind and super genius Florentijin Hofman has struck again, trying to destroy civilization and mankind with his evil inventions.
Florentijin Hofman

This time, the super evil, super genius created a terrorizing gigantic rubber duck - the target - Hong Kong.
Florentijin Hofman
People in Hong Kong fled in terror as the giant rubber duck came barreling into the harbor - leaving a path of destruction.
Florentijin Hofman
The giant rubber duck smashes a small boat!  Will nothing stop Florentijin Hofman!!!!

Fortunately, Florentijin Hofman's plans were thwarted, when a giant baby emerged from the water, apparently thinking the lake was a bath-tub.

Florentijin Hofman
Scientists speculate that the baby is not Chinese, but Japanese and a result of the recent radiation spill they had from their nuclear power plants.

We asked leading commentator Giorgio A. Tsoukalos on The History Channel about how the giant baby could have made it from Japan to Hong Kong...

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

How the baby got from Japan to Hong Kong is anybody's guess.  We currently believe that Godzilla may have transported the child there after Godzilla got tired of the smell of soiled diapers.

Whatever the case, thank God and Godzilla that Hong Kong is safe.

We can now sleep easy over the weekend.  I know I will!


  1. Holy Duck, this is crazy hilarious!

  2. I've often wondered how such a small country like Japan could hide all those giant creatures so easily.

    It may only be a matter of time, though before Tsukolous and others make the obvious connection: the Fukishima Disaster was really part of a plot by the Japanese government to create a race of giants and attack Pearl Harbor again!

    1. And that the Japanese government is secretly run by aliens...