Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Women's Groups Outraged at Giant Penis on Mars.

Various women's groups are protesting the fact that the new mars rover has drawn a gigantic penis on the surface of Mars.
Penis on Mars
Gigantic penis drawn on Mars just for kicks.

The women claim that the phallic symbol is degrading to women, has increased the number of rapes occurring on Mars, and martian women are now being forced into weight loss and prostitution programs - and are dying and suffering at alarming rates.  According to new studies, 1 in 3 women having sex will now burst into flames because of the penis drawn on Mars.
Women Protest Martian Penis
Women protesting the Penis on Mars

One women in the group in particular was quoted as saying, "This is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen, even more grotesque that Reese Witherspoon".  The uppity hags women's group were clearly furious over the penis, because they obviously haven't gotten any in years understand how dangerous and degrading the human penis is to women, civilization and the ozone layer too!

Steve SquiresSteve Squires was allegedly reached for a comment and supposedly said this, "Yeah, the only reason we spent billions of tax payer dollars is so that we could draw giant penises on Mars just for sh*ts and giggles.  But we also understand the seriousness of contacting Alien civilizations, and letting them know that our dicks are bigger than theirs.  This will become more and more important as we reach for the stars - with our big penises - especially if we discover intelligent female alien life forms - man - that would be cool!"


  1. This how MANkind marks his territory.

    1. That or drawing our names in the snow while peeing...

  2. Scarecrow:
    Here's an interesting question: if Mars takes two (earth) years to complete it's rotation around the sun, then birthdays would be celebrated half as often there as on earth. So if there is intelligent life on Mars, what implications would this have for AOC and statuatory laws? Because, in theory a 35 y/o woman on earth would under 18 on Mars.

    I'm wondering about this because the femihags running US national security agencies have announced that they are focusing on sex trafficking to and from foreign countries (I'm assuming this includes other planets as well) instead of finding nutcases who bomb sporting events and similar things.

    Admittedly, none of the grrlz in the photo would be effected, even by Martian years, but you can see this issue DOES have profound implications for all concerned with female exploitation.

    1. The feminists have always wanted to declare a state of martian law when it comes to sex.

  3. Scarecrow:
    Obama recently was boasting about sending a manned mission to Mars. Maybe this actually has a chance of happening now that there are artifacts there for feminists to wreak their vengeance upon.

    Also, too, a Martian colony would qualify as dependent children and be eligible for Obamacare until they were 52! Still, that doesn't affect most of the grrlz in the photo...

    But here's another interesting conundrum: the Chinese plan to put colonies on the moon by the end of the decade. If they get caught beaming child porn back to earth, how does it get enforced since a Lunar year is different?

    Hmmm...maybe we e-mail Forweg since he's an expert on Asian women? LOL

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, I heard that the Russians are planning to draw a giant vagina on Venus...

  5. I feel like whoever did the drawing was just messing around and didn't expect anybody to be upset about it.

    1. The sources say that the phallic shape was incidental - nobody was horsing around.

      You do understand that this blog is humor?