Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What's Wrong With This Video?

Watch it carefully, and see if you can spot the fallacy in the logic...

Of course, you are entirely free to disagree with me on this.  The video is encouraging a rather mindless form of civil disobedience.  One that nearly guarantees getting arrested, and hence, having to pay bail to what the video calls "a corrupt system".

What good is getting arrested going to do? 


It will only make things worse, the arrestee will have to pay bail money to an already corrupt system, and possibly hire a lawyer as well.

In other words, the system is already set up to profit from the form of civil disobedience portrayed in the video.  I wonder; is the video encouraging this type of behavior, because it already knows this - or is the creator simply stupid.

If you wish to be a fool - by all means, act like the damned hippies in the video, get arrested, and be forced to pay money to an already corrupt system, or get thrown in jail if you do not.

I believe it was ZED the ZEN PRIEST who said something like this:

Many men who have avoided modern women (either voluntarily or involuntarily), are experiencing an unexpected bonus - large bank accounts.

That is not an exact quote, but it is close to what he said.

Here is what I have to say:

Just as it takes money to make money, it also takes money to BREAK MONEY

I'll explain this further in the future.  There must be many men out there with surpluses in their bank accounts.  I know several of them in my personal life.  I am not suggesting donating money to some "feminist in disguise" men's charity like AVFM or NCFM...

I am going to suggest something radically different.   Stay tuned.

Monday, November 26, 2012

MEN-Factor Study Concludes that Misogynists have no Noses

The latest study by MEN-Factor scientists has concluded that misogynists, in addition to having a hatred of women, also have no noses.

This is best demonstrated in the image below:

As you can see, the misogynist above has no nose.  Also, it is not uncommon for said misogynists to wear T-Shirts that read, "Sh*t" on them. 

I apologize to my readers for actually using the word, "misogynist" in a serious context, but let's be honest.

How often have you met a man like the one above.

1 in 3 - er uhm, no wait, 1 in 4 women will fall prey to a misogynist like the one above in her lifetime - even moreso when she is in college and totally hot.

Oh yeah - and of course, the misogynist above is also a "self-purported nice guy".

Friday, November 23, 2012

Feminists Aren't Violent, and I'll Kill You if You Disagree.

Well, another TROLL has found my blog, and has requested that I kill myself.

Please, creator of this blog, Will you go fuck yourself and then die?

Please die Scarecrow

I wonder, have I ever encouraged suicide from anybody?

Yet, this person is encouraging me to do such a thing?

It is rather peculiar, how these people claim to represent "equality" because they are "evolved", "enlightened", and "modern".  Yet, when somebody with a differing opinion stumbles onto their path, they offer no counter points, or even the chance of a dialog.  They simply fling death and hatred.

At the same time, they claim that people like myself are the ones advocating hatred, suicide, murder, and gendercide.

What is wrong with these people.

Seriously.  A talk show comprised entirely of female hostesses and an entirely female audience was cheering, applauding and laughing at the drugging, torture and mutilation of a man.  CBS's The Talk.

When Lorena Bobbitt came along, I saw the same form of applauding, cheering and laughing coming from women I knew, and dudes that definitely weren't me also saw the same sadistic and hateful attitude towards men.

 There is a serious hatred of men in our society today.  It has been going on for quite a while now.

When you point this out, you instantly get called a misogynist (unless you place men into the victim role the way that feminism did - then you get "agreed" with by the majority of feminists).  And of course, what follows is a slew of poo-flinging akin to that of monkeys.

Anyway, my latest hate-filled song has been accepted by KWED (a commodore 64 remix music site).

Here is a link to the hate-filled song on SoundCloud.

Here is a direct link to the very hateful song on KWED.

Here is a list of all my songs on KWED
Warning, this new song of mine is extremely hate-filled, and might make you become enraged and fly off the deep end in a homicidal rage.  Listen to it at your own risk. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Academia: Pillars of HATE

This is a long post (and a serious one), and It’s going to be up for a long while. Many of these things MRA’s will disagree with (the feminists will of course disagree with most of them – talk about strange bedfellows!!!). That is fine with me – while they are at it, they can also debate on their own blogs that the sky isn’t really blue.

Hatred of Men and Male Sexuality

This is blatantly obvious to most of my readers, but I offer these videos as evidence:

Protest of Warren Farrell 1
Protest of Warren Farrell 2

Castration March 1

Castration March 2

To call any of the above “protests” is a deception. They are not protests, they are lynch mobs. Lynch mobs are always formed from hate, and not a sense of justice. Think of early African Americans that were falsely accused of raping white women – or stealing. Lynch mobs would form in order to murder the accused, rather than see a proper trial (proper justice).

Take note of the disgustingly exaggerated rape statistics being fabricated from our modern day institutions of “higher learning” – 1 in 4, 1 in 3, 1 in 6 etc… The False Rape Society found a study that concluded that the actual number is more like 1 in 2000.

The majority of feminist factoids come from college campuses; domestic violence, sexual harassment, rape, date rape, sex trafficking, date rape drugs etc… They are fabricated wrongly to give various charities the fuel they need to exploit people’s (MEN’S) compassion for their fellow human beings (WOMEN). They do this by claiming that women are perpetual victims of men.

Another excellent demonstration of the hatred of men and male-sexuality (or at least, a blatant MISS-representation of it) on college campuses, was “HelperDogFromHells” YouTube videos and photos. Unfortunately, the MRA’s got to this MAN and discouraged him from continuing his efforts in exposing the hatred. In fact, they discouraged him so much, he actually pulled all of his YouTube videos. So – A MAN presents concrete evidence (which I cannot find anywhere anymore) of how much women hate men and how much male sexuality is detested and MISS represented on college campuses, and MRA’s beat him into the dirt. Hmmmm…. Go team go….

Hatred of Right-Wing Politics

This is best demonstrated by the video called “Indoctrinate U” (which I own on DVD).

I do not care if somebody is left-wing. However; if the only reason they are left wing is because they hate right-wing people, and fling labels at them like fascist, religious wacko, etc… I have no respect for people like that. The only reason such people are left-wing is not because they believe in left-wing philosophies, but because they are full of HATE.

Hatred of God, or Patriarchal Religions

Any open-minded instructor on campus bitterly refuses to even ponder the concept of a deity of some kind creating the universe. That is what being open minded in the field of academics does for ya! This pillar of hate is best demonstrated in the documentary by Ben Stein called, “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”:

Ben Stein correctly and accurately compares this pillar as being akin to the Nazi regime. The Nazi’s, like many MRA’s, keep comparing MEN to ANIMALS. When the Nazi’s did this, the result was the murder of millions of people. So – why do so many MRA’s insist on doing this too?  And then they have the AUDACITY to wonder why they attract people like Ferdinand Bardimu or whatever the F**K his name was...

Hatred of Successful MEN

This stems from the wrong-headed feminist philosophy of “male privilege”. It is based on a hatred of men, sex and sexuality. Women are now trying to compete with men – instead of being the complimentary sex, they have made themselves the opposite sex. I know many women who are abnormally strong (my current girlfriend), abnormally smart (in middle school, there was a neighborhood girl the same age as me, but she was in college – also, my doctor strikes me as being a super-brainiac). Such women are exceptions, not the rule.

Spit at me and call me sexist all you want. This is natural. Men have always outperformed women in all areas (in general). This has been labeled as “male privilege” and give women another reason to resent and hate men once they realize that men will advance in careers/sports etc… faster than women (typically, but not always).

Hatred of Caucasians

This is hard to demonstrate, because it really is not terribly prevalent. However; again, I refer you to “Indoctrinate U”; specifically, the black man who says that “Black Studies” is really just teaching its students how to be victims (more specifically victims of whites).

In case anybody is wondering, I am not a racist. I know full and well that the measure of a man has NOTHING to do with the color of his skin.

Either on Friday, or Monday, I plan to write up another serious post called, “Why the Hatred of Blacks”. In it, I will point out that no black woman has ever cut her husband’s dick off.  Maybe I should wait until Black History Month (February?)

Hatred of “Traditionalism”

It should not be called traditionalism, but HERstory revisionism. I have never trusted people who romanticize traditionalism. How on earth could they possibly know how wonderful it was – since they were not alive in the days of old? For the same reason, I do not trust people who hate traditionalism. What the EFF is traditionalism anyway?

I say no such thing ever existed. Sorry, I have no evidence to offer to back this one up. Just google feminist essay’s on “traditionalism”. You’ll read the usual B.S. about men constantly beating and raping their wives (what crap).

You'll see many essays bashing "traditionalism" in the MRA scene too...  Hmmm...  Again, strange bedfellows.

Of course, pointing out any of this hatred instantly earns you the label of bigot, racist, misogynist, religious right wing wacko, fascist etc…

All of these labels should be used to describe our modern day college campuses, not the people who criticize the bigoted, male-hating, racist, religion-hating, fascist little bastards that run them :)

Yes – something the boneheads running our campuses and spreading garbage like the pillars of HATE described above need to realize – HATE BOUNCES.

If you hate me, I’m gonna hate you back.

Please feel free to disagree with any of the above points. If you are nasty – I will delete the comment – so if this post made you angry, count to 10 before posting.

As I said, this post will be up a long time (probably until after Thanksgiving). I have a doctor appointment on the 21st, related to the health problems I started experiencing back in March (one of my internal organs has been permanently damaged – I now have to take several medications to compensate for it - it is not my heart, liver, kidneys, or lungs FYI...).

I will also be taking my Brother and Mother out to Dinner the day before thanksgiving (a tradition), and I will be taking my Brother, my Father and his girlfriend out to dinner the day after Thanksgiving (also a tradition).

Have a happy thanksgiving. If you do not celebrate thanksgiving – then at least enjoy the weekend - watch some good T.V. or something.

Last year on Thanksgiving morning, I took my dog for a long walk in the neighborhood - 'twas a very pleasant day indeed.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Calumniation on Campus

Well, the videos I embed below are no surprise to me.  They show some very hostile and violent women and men protesting against men and for women.

If I have said it once, I have said it a million times.  Academia has many crimes to pay for.  Modern day college campuses/universities are feminist male-hating frolicking grounds - as well as liberal playgrounds.  Unfortunately, the non-existant men's right's movement - which should be called the "left-wing apologist movement" - as it is now about 99% infected with such people.  Men who can only shout, "Vote Obama", and claim they are trying to improve the status of men - by calling them names like "mangina", "white knight", "pussy beggar", "vagina worshipper" - or rehashing feminist philosophies of days past like, "nice guys aren't really nice", "men think with their dicks", and many others...

Video1 - Protest at a college campus in Toronto.

Video 2 - Extended Protest at a college campus in Toronto.

Please take note - the woman interviewed is named, "Dani", and looks middle-eastern (most likely NOT a Christian, Jew or even a Muslim - probably an Atheist or Hindu/Buddhist) - and most likely a flaming liberal as well.  Again, I re-iterate, many MRA's are now blaming the radical brand of feminism of "religious right-wing whacko's"   To them I have two words:

F*CK and YOU.

If anybody thinks I am going to sit by, and let any ass-clowns shift blame away from their demographic - they are sadly mistaken.

Feminism was, has been, and always will be a left-wing, anti-patriarchal religion, male-hating movement.

My enemies are:

Left-Wing Extremists.
Left-Wing Apologists.
Anybody Against patriarchal religions.
Right-Wing HATERS

Now, here is a documentary called, "Indoctrinate-U", a documentary that details the disgusting left-wing bias also present on college campuses. A video that I'd wager a guess that the majority of MRA's (left-wing-apologists) do NOT want you to see.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Look at the Orange Ball America. AND - Who Would You Rather Meet in a Dark Alley?

General Petraeus

So, our not-so-beloved government is showing us all a big pretty orange ball again. And, as usual, it revolves around SEX (oh me oh my). Yes, we all know how evil and sinister SEX is. Especially when it somehow involves one of those "men" things.
General Petraeus

Anyway America, look at the big pretty orange ball, so that you do not pay attention to the real news that made me say "holy hell in a handbasket".

Yes, it looks like Texas is the first state to get enough signatures petitioning to secede from the union (as in UNITED States of America).

Just think about that for a minute.  No more U.S.A, instead, it will be the D.S.A (Divided States of America).

Now, onto the second part of this post called

Who Would You Rather Meet in a Dark Alley

I grabbed a picture of a man who is a devoted and self-labeled MRA (I hope he does not get upset with me for using his picture).  I also grabbed a picture of a woman who is a self-labeled feminist and made an incomprehensible response to Fidelbogen's blog and videos.

So, here is Roy:

And here is "Buntzums":
Psycho Bitch

Which one of these two would you rather meet in a dark alley?

I'd much rather meet Roy in a dark alley than that bat-sh*t crazy psychotic demonized looking feminut in a dark alley any day of the week.

Despite blatantly obvious evidence like presented above, the feminists and many "modern" women, all keep insisting that MRA's, Anti-feminists, Counter-Feminists, and Anti-Misandrists (the category I best fit into) are simply a bunch of ugly, psychotic and deranged human beings.

I have two words to say about that:

BULL and SH*T.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Domestic Violence Poster - CORRECTED.


Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence...
Now a complete joke thanks to feminists...

Monday, November 12, 2012

Two More Pics from the Dog Park on Sunday

We have wild horses here in Reno Nevada. While I was at the dog park on Sunday (or was it Saturday?), I took two pictures of one of them.

Enjoy - or don't.
Wild Horse Reno Nevada
Wild Horse Reno Nevada

I have been working on music for the last couple of days. Stay tuned for my latest messterpiece!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

One Happy Little Dog

Well, not that little, she weighs 65 pounds - just like my old dog.
Happy Dog

Tis Sunday night, I am bored, and I thought I'd share this picture of my dog with Y'all.

I spoke to a woman and her daughter this morning at the dog park. A very non-interesting conversation - I simply told her and her daughter about all the dog parks I was aware of in the Reno/Sparks area.

Why tell you this?

Insomnia, and as an incitement that I do in fact talk to women (and men) on a regular basis.

And, more specifically, they talk to me on a regular basis.

Do not get me started on the women at LabCorp (because of my recent sickness, they know where all my veins are, and smile when I walk in).

Also, the women and men at Starbucks as well - I do not even need to give my order - as I always order the same thing every time. By the time I get to the register, they usually already have it ready - grande iced latte with no ice and half decaf...

The point - since so many people - including strangers talk to me on such a regular basis, I must not come across as being "creepy" or "weird".

I do often come across as being "funny" and "odd" however...

Back tomorrow morning - with some ranty humor...

Friday, November 9, 2012

Age of Consent Laws - My Thoughts

If anybody writes anything about me being a pedophile, for writing this, you better get a lawyer, because I already have one, and I will sue your rotten smelly hide for libel.

That includes and and all "MRAs" - especially Paul Elam.

My stance on the age of consent laws are a very simple one.

I do not support them in anyway shape or form.

I also do not support people having sex with children.

The reason I do not support the age of consent laws - until I see a woman suffer the same jail time as a man for doing the same thing - having sex with somebody under the age of 18 - I will consider the "age of consent" laws to be founded on a hatred of men alone.

Until I see EACH AND EVERY 19 year old young woman having to register as a sex offender for having sex with their 17 year old boyfriends - I will not support the age of consent laws - as I will correctly consider them to be based on a hatred of men - and only men.

I have no doubt that the original intention of the age of consent laws was to protect children from perverts.  However; as many laws revolving around sex - they are now being misused by a group of rabid men-hating fanatics to punish men - and only men.

End of story.

Oh, and for those of you who believe there is no such thing as a female pedophile, or believe that the "older woman" was coerced by a younger man - you are wrong.

The Big Fat List of Female Pedophiles.

If you read the above link, many of the women in it use the classic pedo-techniques - drugs, alcohol and whatnot to lure their "victims" back to their homes.

An aside: I do not support physical violence aimed at anybody.  I do not support threats aimed at anybody.  I understand that many men out there are angry - and I believe they have a right to be angry.  However; I would urge them to do something constructive with their anger - perhaps count to 10 before posting a reply to an article that inflames them.  The objective should be to persuade those that are wrong - or as I try to do - use some humor to make them look as ridiculous as they are.  The objective should not be threats of physical violence and the like - those are counter-productive.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Results No Surprise to Me!!!

So, Obama won.

What is the next step?

The republicans will now do some "house-cleaning", by blaming RMoney's failure to win on some rogue republicans (i.e. actual human beings and not politicians) who refused to "completely fall in line" with the rest of the republicans.


My best educated guess:

Obama will win this election, and the republican party will "hunt down and destroy" the "rogue" republicans - like Ron Paul, Ryan Paul etc... who refused to "play ball" (i.e. be politicians instead of people).

Then, both parties will be equally as bad.

No - I am not right wing, but I'd say that currently, there are more "half-way-decent" republicans than democrats...

If Romney loses, it will be an excuse for the republicans to do some "house-cleaning".

November 5, 2012 12:02 PM
Did I predict this election?

Question is - did I predict what will happen after the election...

Only time will tell...

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

This Year's Election is Brought to You by the Letters "D" and "R"

Vote for a letter this erection year - ELECTION year - sorry.

Most people do! R and D.

Republicans and Democrats.

I think we should rename those two parties... Retards and Dickweeds.

Whomever wins, we all lose. 

But please keep in mind the important issues - like deep dish pizza, Coke vs. Pepsi and things like that.

Our country has become a joke because of the following (in order):

1. THE F**KING MEDIA (run by left-wing fags and corrupt CEOs)
2. THE CORRUPT BANKERS AND CORPORATE CEO (run by right-wing pricks)
3. THE F**KING POLITICIANS (run by the corrupt CEOs)
4. THE DIMWITS THAT VOTE FOR A LETTER AND NOT A HUMAN BEING (run by inbreeding and brain damage)

Enjoy voting. I am voting for Gary Johnson. He'll most likely lose. But - you gotta vote for the lesser of the evils.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Am I Crazy? You Tell Me...

I had to summon up all my courage to write this post - for fear of coming across as a lunatic .  I read a post on somebody else's blog - you can read it here.

In her post, she said the following - it really spooked me (yes, it is about ME).

..., but if there's ever been an indication that someone may well become a martyr for their cause, he's probably it. As I type, he's likely got some death threats looming, a contract or two, and I can't even say I am bothered by the notion.

Well, here is where I want my readers to tell me if I am crazy...

Back in April, I experienced some very weird sensations - I thought they were panic attacks (and a couple of times - near heart attacks) - but discarded them as being my imagination.  However; being 42 years old, I thought, "My imagination is going to kill me some day".

I went to my doctor (a woman - if I was a woman-hater, there is no way I would have confidence in a female doctor).  After doing some blood tests, she told me to "stop calling them panic attacks".  I asked her several times if the blood results could have been an indicator of stress - her response - "The mind is a very powerful thing, but the mind won't make numbers like this.  In my 35 years of experience as a doctor, I have never seen blood like this."

Here is where I make a long story short - for two reasons - I do not want to give away any information - as this might turn into a criminal case - and, I have done so much reading, I could write a book on this subject.

I was seeing my family doctor (the woman I mentioned), and she referred me to two specialists (I am not going to say what type of specialists they are - again, as this might turn into a criminal case).  I was told by my family physician again to "stop calling them panic attacks" - she actually got upset with me for calling them panic attacks.  She said I was not experiencing panic attacks, but an actual physiological problem.

One day, I decided to google all the medical terms the doctors were spewing at me (medical stuff always confuses me).

I did not get any links to Wikipedia
I did not get any links to WebMD et al.

The top ten google results were all data sheets on a poison - and its effects on lab rats.

Not one single symptom of this poison was missing, that is, every symptom I had was listed on the data sheets, and there were no symptoms on the data sheets that I did not have.

From the symptoms of initial exposure, to what happens weeks and months after ingesting this poison - all the symptoms fit to the letter.

I have suffered permanent damage to my body (I will not give details - as again, this might turn into a criminal case) - damage that is consistent with this poison's effects on MALE rats (nothing to do with the sex drive).  That is, the male rats that survived (most did not).

The doctor's are confused, as they say my blood work shows signs of Cushing's syndrome and Addison's disease - which is medically impossible - since those are considered "opposites" of one another.

To start, I have never looked up poisons on google - I know that google often tailor's it search results to the person doing the search...

My question to anybody reading is...

Does anybody out there think I have been poisoned?

If so - how many people think it was deliberate?

Anybody think it was accidental?

I hired a private investigator, he claimed that I would have had to gotten about 2-3 cups of this poison in order to experience the effects of it.  In other words, there is no way I could have accidentally touched something, then put my fingers in my mouth - or something silly like that.  That is, this poison would have had to be delivered intentionally.

This is not a joke.
This is real.
I am not making this up.

I seriously thought at one point, I was going to die, and later, I thought I was losing my sanity.  That is why if you look at the posts this year - April,, May, June, July - you'll see them dwindling down - to just a few posts a month - it had nothing to do with me enjoying my summer - quite the contrary, I felt like crap, I thought I was dying - my weight went down to 140 lbs, and I thought I was going insane.

I feel better now.  Much better, but I still have some problems, (not going to mention them), and a CAT scan revealed permanent damage to an organ - consistent with the poison data sheets...

Any and all thoughts are welcome.

I wish I could divulge more information, but as I said, I have been advised to not divulge too much information.

My family physician did a brain MRI for real - this post was meant as humor - but she was trying to localize the source of the physiological problem.

P.S. The private investigator that I hired, came out to my house.  I showed him all of the results of the blood work that my doctors had prescribed, the urine work, and the data sheets on the poison.  I showed the P.I. the physical symptoms that are now permanent.  He agreed that everything was a perfect match.  He felt so bad for me, that he refused to charge me any money.

He said that if I can get confirmation from a doctor that there is any trace of this poison in my system (which could now only be done by performing a biopsy on my liver), that I should tell the police, and it would become an official attempted murder investigation - and I would not have to hire anybody - as the taxpayers and police detectives would take care of it.

Am I Crazy?
You Tell Me.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Friday, Enjoy Your Weekend!

My brother Jim is out of the hospital, and he is doing much better.

He actually got out a few weeks ago, but I have been too busy with work and life to blog about it.

He is not out of the woods yet, but I am confident he will heal up nicely from the surgery - actually surgeries - he underwent 3 total.

Tonight, I gotta get a new battery for my car (which barely started this morning), then I gotta take my dog to the dog park, then I gotta help my brother grocery shop.

My brother is not supposed to lift anything over 10 pounds, or reach up on high shelves to grab things - so I take him grocery shopping - and carry out his trash for him.

Of course my Mom and my Dad also help him when they can...

Anyway - I hope all my readers have a terrific weekend.

I am planning to buff some scratches out of my car - maybe drive somewhere far away with my dog Spree - take her somewhere she hasn't been.
Till Monday and over the weekend - I suggest all men do what I am going to do - try really really hard not to rape anybody!