Tuesday, October 30, 2012

What Happens When You Ask an MRA a Question?

You get your head bitten off, that's what.

This response I got to a QUESTION demonstrates one of many reasons why I distance myself from the "man-o-sphere".

The following can be found on reddit:

The 64,000 dollar question I have for y'all...
How will giving men "rights" stop women like this from hating?
Did giving African Americans rights many years ago stop them from being lynched, beaten in public, looked down upon etc...?
Just a question.

Nice straw-man argument you got there.
Nobody said “giving men "rights" stops women like this from hating” in the first place.
And the fact that you put “rights” in quotes like that (maybe elaborate on that?), is the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

No argument.
Read the last sentence.
"Just a Question".
Rights was in quotes, because I always hear that, but never hear specific examples.
Evi1M4chine - Answer the "QUESTION".

While it is true, that nobody said that "giving men 'rights' stops women from hating", I believe that the real problem in our society is a hatred of men.

This hatred is comparable to the hatred that African Americans faced.  They were given the right to vote, earn wages etc...  In spite of that, there was much propaganda made claiming that black MEN wanted to rape white women (see KKK - Birth of a Nation).  I do not need to go into details of a huge plethora of stereotyping that African Americans faced as well - petty theives, liars, intellectual buffoons etc...

So, they had "rights", yet were publicly lynched, beaten, looked down upon etc...  A lot of good those "rights" did them eh?

The problem is NOT women's fashions.

The problem is NOT women's weight.

The problem is HATRED.

It seems to me, that ALL STRAIGHT MEN are now facing this crisis.

Here is the list of "hateful things" - again:


If you belong to any of those groups - it means that you are full of hatred, and therefore, people should and will HATE you for it.

The more of those categories you fit, the more of a "hater" you are, and hence, the more you should be "hated" for your evil and non politically correct ways.

Now, don't you DARE pose any questions at all towards the MRM or any MRA. 

Lest they shall smite thee!

Remember Helper Dog From Hell?

He was exposing the kind of garbage on modern college campuses - he got attacked - not by feminists, but by MRA's - especially on AVFM.

Their attacks were enough to discourage him from continuing his expose, as well as pull all of his YouTube videos, and quit altogether.

Go team go!!!

He was also added on the list of "Traitors to Men".

If exposing the male-hatred on college campuses, and getting bomblasted by MRA's for asking "questions" makes you a traitor of men - sign me up!


Monday, October 29, 2012

Sure, She Says She Loves You Now - BUT...

Once she is on death row facing the gas chamber or lethal injection because you framed her for murder, she'll change her mind - they all do.

TYPICAL WOMEN!!!!!  Always womanning around and stuff...

Many women these days are also fat and dress like sluts and stuff.

Unlike these women here:

Castrating Bitches

Castrating Bitches

Yeah - those women aren't dressed like sluts, or fat!  Thank goodness there are some decent women around.

And - I'm all set to become an official MRA!!!!



Thursday, October 25, 2012

What's Wrong With This PiCtUrE!?

Dogs love me - sometimes a little too much - look closely and you might notice it...It is the first item in the list of "things that are wrong".
men-factor scarecrow

1. Although the brown dog has a "red rocket", he is not raping any bitches.
2. I am not raping any women.
3. I am not beating any women.
4. I am not sexually harassing any women.
5. The canopy to my swing is in the corner of my living room, instead of on top of the swing - so it does not blow away.
6. My bathrobe is draped over the chair on wheels behind the chair I am sitting on.  How uncooth and untidy of me!!!
7. I did not take this picture, somebody else did - which means I am not the only person I know.
8. Somehow, there is an entire living room complete with a T.V, comfy chairs and dogs in my mother's basement.
9. There are a million billion video tapes on the stand behind me, and on my kitchen counter top - none of which are porn (my brother gave them all to me - he has no VCR anymore).
10. The lizard underneath my chair is wearing a ballerina skirt.
11. I am not beating either of the dogs.

Now, what is right with the picture?

1. I clearly am a deranged woman-hating prick.  Seriously!  You can see it on my face!
2. I am obviously a very miserable person - it shows doesn't it...  What?  You don't see it?
3. I am such a whimp, I am clearly having a hard time getting the big brown dog with the "red rocket" to sit still...  No wonder I hate women so much.
4. I look really "rapey".
5. I look really "creepy" too!
6. You can tell just by looking at me that I have had everything handed to me on a silver platter.
7. Women can tell from the photo above that I am just one of those guys they already know they wouldn't like.

So, last time I promised to blog about something - how I got involved in this here shin-dig. I started writing so damned much, it was turning into a bloody book...

I am going to condense it, so anybody reading it will not have to spend 2 hours reading it.

It might take me a while...

Dang - I cannot believe it is Thursday already.  This week has really zipped by.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Manju Rajendran - Some More Thoughts from my Tiny Brain

Manju Rajendran
I just wanted to add some more wise-cracks about the ding-a-ling bimbo Manju Rajendran in the picture above...

This woman, at the time she held the infamous castration marches, was no doubt attending a college of some kind - most likely Duke University.

Not only are our modern college campuses the breeding grounds for the extreme male-hating mentality, they also are breeding grounds for extreme left wing politics, and extreme Atheism - or as I call it "Christian Hatred".

Why "Christian Hatred"?

Simple - if any of the maggots pushing this stuff down young "childrens" throats attacked Jews, Muslims, or even Hindus - they would have a sh*t-storm on their hands.  This is called "political correctness".

Let's take a look at political correctness - and whom it targets:


Of course, that list is in no particular order - but lets be honest here.  If you belong to any of those groups when you attend a modern day University - you will be hated.

Of course, you can compensate for your "defects" in the list above by being any of the following:


So, lets say a heterosexual black christian male attends college.

He will be hated - unless he is also GAY and or LEFT-WING.

I remember when I attended college, I was the target of constant hate-speech by a woman with a middle-eastern name who wrote for the college paper.

For some reason, she hated white male heterosexual christian engineers who were also right-wing.  In her deranged mind, such people were the foulest on the earth...  She was not born and raised Christian (i.e. brainwashed), she was not a right-wing-wacko, she did not dress like a slut - and she was not fat.

This is another reason I have distanced myself from the MRA crowd.  Often, I smell the stench of political correctness.  Other times, I read thousand word essays telling me that women who are fat hate men, or women who dress "like sluts" hate men (ignore the obvious - that women who applaud women like Katherine Kieu Becker - who never dress like a sluts, many are not fat - they hate men - DURRRRR!)

Moreso, I see nearly a complete denial of what our modern college campuses are doing to young people. 

I suspect that is because many people in the MRM are either left-wing apologists, or atheist apologists.

Sure, I'll take part in much of the "activism" - it seems ligit to me.  However; I have to wonder where some of these people are coming from...  Honestly...

The first battle line in this war should be acadamia.

And the concept of "Male Studies" sounds like more toys to throw onto the liberal, christian-hating, atheistic, gay-loving playground that is modern day acadamia to me.

Go ahead - throw your tomatoes - if you do not - I'll have to buy some at the grocery store - I am almost out...

Friday, October 19, 2012

Man Punished for Defending Himself against an Assault

Artis Hughes fought back against a crazed, lying, and demented woman on his bus. Such a woman could have endangered other passengers on the bus as well as the overall safety required by any bus driver.

How did the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority respond to him fighting back against a deranged crazy?

Well, since she was a woman, they suspended him.

Please sign this petition to have him reinstated

I am sure you have seen the video, but here it is again:

For the record, there are other videos on YouTube showing the incident in greater detail.

Artis Hughes was spat upon, called a "bitch", and physically attacked before he took any action.

Sorry, I just read this crap from AVFM:

Picture a walrus, basking on the beach amongst a bakers dozen of doe eyed females. He spots another male at the fringes of his territory and with a tremendous bellow, runs at him. Ah, there is ‘the one good man’! The one man deserving of all women’s adoration because he’s simply better then all other men, including you, the bad man, the interloper at the edge of the harem. His quivering women are afraid of you. And in their fear he finds his weapon—self-righteous fury—and the will to do violence against you. Their fear will also be his undoing. When it’s his turn to be the bad man. But right now, you are. Join us on AVFM radio as we observe the habits and lifecycle of ‘the one good man’.

Tripe at its finest. He should change his web-site domain to "A Voice for FUCKING Walruses".

What a dumbass.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Just How Stupid are Terrorist Bombers Anyway?

Well, nothing TERRORbly noteworthy today, except that I came across a TERRORble story about a TERRORist that was going to bomb the Federal Reserve:

Story on U.S.A. Today
Story on Washington Post (video)

According to what I have been reading, the Federal Reserve is at the very heart of all economic evil in this country.

If any terrorists did bomb it, they would be doing America a favor (according to what I have read anyway).

I heard that all presidents who have "attacked" the Federal Reserve - have been shot: Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan - and possibly some others - I am not an Historian.

I did however hear that Andrew Jackson actually destroyed the Federal Reserve (which back then was called the "National Bank") and paid off the America's debt:

The question is: are these terrorists trying to destroy us, or help us?
Judging from 9-11, I'd say destroy. However; if they destroyed the Federal Reserve - I think that might actually help America.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Meet the Organizer of the Duke Lacrosse Castration Marches

Meet the organizer of the infamous Duke Lacrosse Castration Marches. Her name is:

Manju Rajendran
Manju Rajendran.

A quick background: The Duke Lacrosse Castration marches took place shortly after 3 young men at Duke University on the Lacrosse team were FALSELY ACCUSED of rape in roughly 2007.

Some MRA's would have us all believe that Manju Rajendran is a brainwashed Christian, or a brainwashed Jew.


The people (MRA's) expecting me to believe that the women in our society are all a result of "religious right wing wackos" are more than welcome to GO TO HELL.

This woman is from the middle east. I would speculate Bangladesh, or India. She was not raised as a Christian, or a Jew - and most likely not a Muslim either.

I'd also wager Dollars to Pennies she is LEFT-WING.

So - as I said - to the people DESPARATELY trying to convince me that feminists are now all a bunch of right-wing Christian groups - GO TO HELL.

Anyway, you are now welcome to view on YouTube what some people (MRAs) would have you believe is what Christians do in Sunday School, or what Jews do in their Synagogues.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Truth about Marriage...

Finally!  Somebody put it all together in a comprehensive guide.

I suggest that you read the above web-page.  You might not agree with everything on it, but notice the statements it makes about marriage and our government...

If I didn't say this already, then somebody else did:

In the days to come, the church, the American people, and the government will all become more aware that marriage is not run by the church - it never has been.

The article above basically states that it is illegal to get married.  That is, it is denied to do by the government - just as driving a car is illegal by the government - until you bribe the government to get a "license".

Why does anybody need a license to practice their religion in our country to engage in "Holy Matrimony"?

Food for thought...

Friday, October 5, 2012

Step on a Crack Addict

Step on a Crack
Stop and ponder that statement. What does it mean to you?

Honestly, what it means to you is irrelevant. What is important; is what the writer meant by it.

When I wrote it, I was referring to somebody who is addicted to the children’s game, “Step on a Crack”.

Step on a Crack

Modern psychologists might LABEL such a person who was addicted to “step on a crack” as having “obsessive compulsive disorder” – but who cares what any modern psychologists think – I sure don’t. Using the word “psychologist” and “think” in the same sentence is almost a paradox. One group that is DEFINITELY responsible for our current state – psychologists. I’ll be disgusting that in greater detail in a later post. Funny how so few MRA sites in the “man-o-sphere” actually point this out… They are too busy blaming right-wingers, religious people… you know – the same people feminists liked to blame for all of their problems. Enough – I digress.

Now, if somebody was a complete a$$hole, they might interpret the statement “Step on a Crack Addict” as follows:

I am encouraging others to “step” on people who are addicted to the drug “crack”.

That is what is called “word play”, or “twisting somebody’s words”. A game frequently used by politicians and other slimy sub-humans to make their opponents or enemies look like villains.

David Futrelle

I am not going to mention any names, but you all know one sub-human in particular that I am referring to.

Such a person might write something like this about said essay:

Over at ScareCrow’s MEN-Factor blog, he is now encouraging others to commit acts of violence against people who are addicted to drugs. Rather than encouraging drug addicts to get the proper help they need, and rehabilitate themselves; he is encouraging others to commit acts of violence against them. His latest essay entitled, “Step on a Crack Addict” is an excellent demonstration of this.

You get the point.

I cannot and will not ever feel sorry for people who play word games like this deliberately and maliciously to mislead people. I acknowledge that misunderstandings happen; but at the same time, I am convinced that there are people out there who are just downright evil. They use seedy tactics as the one I am describing to you here to make others look bad – even though they know well and full the true intention of the author’s statement.

Eventually, these people get what they deserve. Do not pity them when they do.

Just a semi-serious ponderance from me to you...
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Every 2 Seconds in America, a Coat Hanger is Raped – fun with Reddit.

Well, I do have the smart-a$$ gene. I think it is from both my mother and my father. I got the smart-a$$ gene from both of them – hence, I am a big smart-a$$. Here is the picture that was submitted to reddit.

Here are my smart-a$$ remarks posted on reddit:

Stop being an asshole by saying its the way they dress.
Start taking action.
Start RAPING coat hangers.
Message Received!!!
And I'm Off to Wal Mart!

be sure to use a condom.
You've no idea where those coat hangers have been.

AH HA!!! So - you abviously support raping poor innocent coat hangers.... PATRIARCH!

You can spot a rapist by how pointy the head of his dick is, FYI.

And whether or not he is ogling a coat hanger.

Are they seriously equating rapists to men?

Only men who rape coat hangers...
I am not sure if that is male-bashing or coat hanger bashing.

It's the way they dress.

Damned coat hangers - being all sexy and revealing.

I agree. Anyone who gets a boner just because there's a coat-hanger around has a serious problem.
I did - where can I get help?
Is there a coat hanger crisis hotline?

So explain to me the problem with this? I am a man who is all for mens rights. But I agree with this poster, it isn't the womens fault if she gets raped. It's the person who is raping them for their own self-pleasure. I think that is what the poster is trying to say and I completely agree with that.

The poster is feminist propaganda. I think that whether a woman gets raped or not has nothing to do with the way she dresses - I have seen no evidence (studies) done on this, but something tells me - the odds of a woman getting raped depend on whether or not she encounters an actual rapist.
Or - if she runs into a psychopathic coat hanger.

I can't believe this garbage is being upvoted.

This is a serious issue. I heard that 1 in 4 coat hangers will be raped, and that 1 in 6 will be sexually assaulted.

I am confused, are they pushing for condoms or what.
I don't get it.

Always wear a condom when having sex with a coat hanger.

What is it on about abortions or rape?

Dressing slutty causes men to give women abortions.

Rape...I think. Coat hangers are misleading.

I have never raped a coat hanger.
Not all men are like that.

What do you mean?
Men are obviously walking rape machines who have barely enough self control to not fuck everything with a gape.

OH - is that why my wanker is always hurting?

Anyhoo - I am having fun with reddit. I like reddit. Reddit is my new best friend!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Voice Your Opinion

Feel like venting a little?

Women who killed husbands ‘rarely gave a warning,’ and most weren’t abused, study finds

Check out the comments, thumb 'em up, or thumb 'em down.

It is nice to see a slightly mainstream news outlet admitting to the problem of female-on-male violence!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Call me MISS Jackson if you are Nasty!

Ok, I promised myself I would not do "change.org" anymore.  But, when I saw that there are only 16 more signatures needed, I signed it.

This is to IMPEACH judge Lori B. Jackson.

Please sign it - after I signed it - only 15 more to go!

And oh yeah - yet another "hot asian babe" has cut her husband's penis off.

Bernard Chapin did a YouTube video about the disgusting and cowardly incident.

I remember that I wrote up a piece on this, it looks like Asian Women are 30-40 times more likely to cut your penis off than women of other races.

Go ahead and call me racist - you'll be full of sh!t - I have no beef with Asian men.  But when a racial group of women are 30-40 times more likely to cut off a man's penis - and NEARLY EVERYBODY is telling me that they are superior to "other women"....

I just have to say WTF!?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Some Fun at the Dog Park

The picture above is an old picture of my new dog Spree.  She is much bigger now - 65 lbs - ironically, the exact same weight as my old dog.  Anyway, I regularly take my dog to a dog park in east Reno (eventhough feminists and some "MRAs" would have you believe I live in my mother's basement).  A park in Hidden Valley; the name of the dog park is Link Piazzo (I think - yes, I found pictures and added them).
Link Piazzo Dog Park

Occasionally, I pass the BS with the fellow patrons of the park, but usually, I take my dog there after work, and I am too tired to do anything but sit on one of the benches while my dog plays with the other dogs.
Link Piazzo Dog Park

There is an older man that is responsible for closing the park down at around 7:00pm (he is usually late - say about 7:30pm).

Link Piazzo Dog Park
I was listening in on a conversation about him among the patrons.

A woman said, “Yeah, that guy is so grumpy – I bet it’s because he does not have a girlfriend”.

I could not resist.

I jumped in the conversation, “Or maybe it’s because he DOES have a girlfriend!”

Nearly ALL of the park patrons began laughing.

The woman just nodded and shook her head – as though I had triggered some neurons…

Nothing makes me happier than throwing a pie right in the face of a woman talking smack about a man...

I just had to share this story...  thought somebody might get a kick out of it!