Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Hate Women? WTF!!!!

So, this weekend, I was talking to a woman who made the unfortunate mistake of telling me that women were not allowed to vote until "sometime in the 1900's".  The "statement" got brought up while discussing a T.V. show that takes place in colonial America.

Boy, these "non-hateful" and "not filled with vindictive rage" women sure know their history well don't they?

Anyhoo, I pointed out to her that that was not entirely correct.

I told her that the first woman voter was named Lydia Taft, and she voted in 1756 (this is here in the U.S.A - you can look it up on Wikipedia).

She then went on a spat - something along the lines of, "why is it everytime I mention something about the history of women, some woman-hater gets in my face with their opinions".

I replied, "Lydia Taft voting is not my opinion, it is a fact.  You cannot say that stating facts is an opinion."

Anyway, she then went on about how women were not allowed to get educations, or careers.

I rebuttled with the FACT that there are records of women being dentists and doctors in the 1800's - possibly earlier if I did more research (and possibly other careers as well - again, if I did more research).

Again, she stated that I was simply a woman-hater, "stating my opinions".

Clearly, a poison has been introduced into many women's minds these days.  Facts about history are now "opinions", and facts about women are also "opinions".

Also, a man (myself) who does not view women in days past as poor helpless victims, but rather, productuve members of society (educated, capable, intelligent) is what constitutes a "woman-hater".

AND - why is it that so many women, eventhough these "alleged things" took place so long ago - feel personally victimized by them??

These things exist in most women - whether they call themselves feminists or not.  They also exist in women - whether they call themselves traditionalists or not.

All I have to say is, "WTF?!"

Friday, May 25, 2012

Anything You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You!

No, this is not a rant about the police.  This is a rant about women.

I was thinking back on my life, and the women I have had as girlfriends.

One re-occurring theme I remember, is the feeling that eventually, anything I would tell them - ended up being used against me sooner or later.

I was wondering...

Any other guys out there experience the same thing?

I'll give an example:

I'll tell my girlfriend, that I purposely take longer routes when driving, because I hate making left turns during heavy traffic.  Something like this will get brought up in casual conversation.

Later, during an argument or something similar to an argument, I might hear something like, "YOU'RE ONE TO TALK, YOU ARE AFRAID TO MAKE LEFT TURNS!!!!!"

You know, things like that - one re-occurring theme I have encountered in my "hooking's up" with women is a mentality of "anything you say can and will be used against you".

What made me think of this?  Well, I was talking to my brother last night, and he said this, "I have met a few guys that hate women, but man, it seems like every woman I meet hates men - is that just how women are or something?"

Anyway, enjoy your weekend - Memorial Day.  I will not piss on it like some other sites, I'll simply say this:

Think about the MEN who have died - be it needlessly or not - for this country.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

'Nother Helpin of Wolly Mammoth Soup Anybody?

Yup. Still got plenty left over.  That Wooly Mammoth soup just last for days and days.  I still got 3000 pounds of it in the freezer in zip-lock bags.

Anybody with a fuck-wit sociology or psychology degree want another helpin?

There's plenty to go around!

Monday, May 21, 2012

More Nonsense

Well, I received this through my feedback form on my web-page:

Because of this list of female pedophiles

message: Just for your information you dont ever know the real truth about the cases you have posted about those women. Why do you post about women who are pedophiles,do you really know the truth about these women besides the lies that were spread by the cops ? Are you a cop lover ? OR ARE YOU THE REAL DEAL - A Robotic Cop yourself ? Just remember you can be sued even if you are a cop for harassement and defaming someones reputation,look it up in your lawbook copper and watch your back because someone on your so called pedofile list isnt a pedofile and was wrongly accused by a co-worker who did not like the girl because she is mentally handicapped ! So, Now remove your list or my family being a mafia family will find you and make you pay for this poor girls misfortune.Cops dont care about anyone,not even mentally handicapped people who dont know any better,but this girl did no such thing - but they did break the lyers legs and they couldnt talk for weeks - is that what you want ???

Is it just me, or does this sound like a threat?

Friday, May 18, 2012

I am a Hater?!?! WTF?

Well, I got some interesting comments on this post from a year ago.

Some examples:

"im happy your going to die old and alone with twenty cats"

"i hope you drown in that name and choke on it and when you do i hope a woman is there laughing in your face"

"compared to everyone else also if you have a jobe (not likely) or are looking for one also if you are in a school you will either get fired or be kicked out and you wont find a job if they find this little blog of yours so kick your feet back and wait for your whole world to crash and burn before you because bastards like you are taken down everyday ;)"

"did you get sexually raped with a pen wielded by a women ass rape guys like you are proberbly sitting at your computer screen havent washed in days playing world of war craft pose as a woman on there to get guys because your proberbly gay and your partner is adeformed midget with a big head and a fat ass and calls you penuts because you nuts are as small as llittle hazel nuts and you live in a caravan in gypsy site and you listen to the blues bacause is one place of depresion and you have a one legged dog called curby and you think you are a smart common your engineer what do you know about political rights also the only thing you dominate is a blow up doll"

Ugh. I think these might just be trolls having fun. Because dang - I find it hard to believe anybody is that "dumb"???

Monday, May 14, 2012

F*ck the Law!

I know that many men have been deprived of seeing their children (whom they love dearly) via family courts.

I also know that many men have been robbed of money that they earned via divorce courts.

While I will not argue for one minute that these things are tragic, or that the law needs to change...

...There is one thing that is sometimes missed from such conversations about these things.

Sure, the laws are unfair - no arguments here. However; it takes unscrupulous, vindictive, sadistic and downright evil WOMEN to take advantage of such laws.  So, the laws are unfair, but what kind of people take advantage of such warped and sexually biased laws?

And of course, as we all know – if women were not FAT, or did not wear SKIMPY, REVEALING, SLUTTY clothing – they would magically stop taking advantage of such biased laws and screwing men over now wouldn’t they…

...and, some magic jelly beans would shoot out of my ass at the speed of light and turn into unicorns and leprechauns, who would distribute free pornography to all those who asked for it…

…And of course the LEFT WING LEFT WING LEFT WING Harry Reid would magically disappear and be banished to the nether region from whence he came.

The End.

If any of you LEFT WING f*ck wits think you are going to blame feminism of the right – like you did with racism and many other things throughout history…

You are sorely mistaken.

Funny – once the left finds out how tasteless, destructive and unpopular its “progressive ideals” are (like feminazism), they scurry away like cockroaches into dark corners and write 1000 babbling word essays trying to blame it all on the right.

To them I say this, "F*CK YOU"

And no, I am not “right-wing” – I am a registered independent.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Fat Chicks – Oh Me Oh My!

I hear bat sh!t crazy talk about fat chicks from time to time in these circles:

Fat women are proof that women hate male sexuality.

Fat women are fat because they hate men.

Women are getting fatter because of all the white knights out there.

To all the people who say things like this:

F*ck off

Fat women are fat, because they either eat too much, have some bizarre gland disorder, or are planning to become sumo wrestlers.

I will not let such retarded and rampantly inbred scribblings detract me from my target – male hatred.

If I met a woman who was overweight, and said any of the following:

“I think VAWA is unfair to men”

“Men really get a raw deal with marriage; I do not blame them for avoiding it”

“Geez, a lot of women really treat men like crap these days”

I would not care how overweight such a woman was, she would be somebody I could befriend.

And of course, any skinny woman who bitches endlessly about women always getting the raw deal, being perpetual victims, and also having a sense of entitlement – I would not waste my time even acknowledging her.

What the f*ck are these people trying to say?

It is irrelevant how much a woman hates men – the only thing that matters is her weight?

Since when the flying Dutchman did women’s weight even become a f*cking issue?

Why are so many people focusing on how much a woman weighs, rather than how much she actually hates men?

Anyway, if this post offended you – good – get over the f*cking gynocentric weight issue.

We live in America – the whole fucking country has a weight problem (yes, the standards for obesity are higher for women then men - meaning men are more easily classified as obese – this is true), but be honest – go outside – and count the fat people.

They are everywhere and they are not just women.

Grow the f*ck up, and stop bitching about how fat women are, and instead, try bitching about how nasty and sadistic they can be towards men and male sexuality.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Who Pays for the Date? How about F**K All of You!

You hear the feminist side, the woman side, the MRA side, the MGTOW side, the man side – they all have one thing in common…

Dates have to cost money.


There is no reason for a date to cost money. Dates do not have to be dinner, a movie, or anything that costs money.

A date can be a walk in the park. For example, if you and her both have dogs, you can walk your dogs in a park. 
Even if neither of you have dogs, you can sit on a park bench and talk. There are many activities that do not cost any money, and give a man the opportunity to get to know a woman better.

Even meeting for coffee somewhere - if whomever pays - they would only be paying at most perhaps five dollars?  And it gives the two people "dating" the opportunity to get to know one another better.

In my opinion, as a man, the purpose of a date should be to assess the woman’s mental aura – to avoid relations with psychotic or narcissistic personalities. Involvement with women like this – can lead to paternity fraud, false rape accusations, emotional stress – many other things.

I cannot stress this enough, find out if she is taking any of the following:


Despite what some people say, those medications are NOT sleep aids – they are called “anti-psychotics”. People who take these regularly, and fail to take them, might become violent.

Also, note it is interesting how much bickering there is regarding who pays for the date in the man-o-sphere. How come nobody points out that dates do not need to cost a thing?

I wonder - is this the usual "Roger's Jewelers" style of pimping?  That is, since women are now earning money - a way for people to get their grubby hands on it - the way they have been pimping women to men (or at least, misleading men to waste their money on bobbles the size of peas that cost $1000 - just to impress)?

And, shouldn’t the purpose of a date be – to get to know somebody on a personal level? In other words – just “talk” to them?  Would not such an approach to dating avoid the psychotic episodes and ruin of men?

Any woman who demands a man PAY for the opportunity to get to know her better - is worth less than a dried up puddle of a homeless man's urine - do not waste your time with women like that.
Anyway – that is my take.

Have a great weekend all.