Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tales from the Toilet

Well, I was in a bar during my lunch break (yesterday, my work went really bad - so I sedated myself today).

I saw a handicapped man having trouble getting into the bathroom stall in "The Flowing Tide Pub".

I asked him, "Do you need some help".

He responded, "No, there is a method to my madness here".

I said, "Don't you mean, there is a madness to your method?"

A brief dialog ensued after this, as he found my remark amusing.

I said at one point, "I hope you do not take offense to my offer to help. I believe the biggest crime you can committ is to not offer help your fellow man, when he needs help".

That is why I started doing this. To help my fellow man.

Take your mangina's, white knights, pussy beggars, alpha thugs, vagina worhippers and shove em up your fucking queer heterosexual-hating asses.

I plan to help my fellow men - not call them names you fucking pieces of cow shit.

You are now free to blow smoke up some queer's ass and go straight to hell where you belong - right next to the heterosexual hating feminist queers as well.

There's the door - nothing is stopping you.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Holy Matrimony? An Unbiased Opinion? Jumbo Shrimp? A Definite Maybe? My Only Choice?

What are those? Well, those there are what's called an oxymoron!

I want to tell you a story that made me sick - to demonstrate the first oxymoron in that list "Holy Matrimony".

I went to my doctor's just recently for a routine examination. When they called me in, I noticed that nearly all of her staff had changed.

When my doctor entered, I asked her about the drastic altercation in her staff.

She said, "Oh, well, (i forgot her name)'s husband died."

I replied, "oh dang - I'm sorry to hear that - who was (i forgot her name) again".

Doctor: "The read headed lady that would take your blood pressure".

Me: "But, she was like in her twenties wasn't she - what on earth happened?!"

Doctor: "No, she was 26, but her husband was like in his 70's".

Me: "Ohhh - but - what about the rest of your regular staff".

Doctor: "Well, they were all friends - and I guess that after her husband died, her and her friends went to travel the world instead of work here."

She then proceeded to tell me that her assistant would never be coming back. As she had announced that she was retiring permanently - since she now had enough money to live on, and no longer needed to work.

It only takes a few I.Q. points to realize what was going on. A 20-something lady married an old guy in order to get his money. She had only been married to him for less than 2 years.

Marriage is Fraud
The thing that really irked me about it - did they do an autopsy on his body? After all, the woman he was married to was clearly in it for his money - and - she most likely had access to drugs (potential poisons). Also, could she have with held some medicine he needed to speed up his demise? Could she have purposely tainted his food or medicine to speed up his demise?

There is definitely MOTIVE, and definitely a BODY.

I wondered if any proper investigation into his death was performed. My best educated guess is that nobody did.

And of course, what kind of a woman immediately runs out to "party" with her friends (lesbian partners?) once her husband has died.

The most obvious answer is probably the correct one (and yes, I am indulging in speculation here) - she married an old man for his money - and once he died, she and her friends/partners take the money and run.

Any institution that allows women to steal money from elderly men (and their families) in this manner is anything but HOLY.


Remember the 10 commandments?

Doesn't one of them say, "Thou Shall Not Steal"?

So, what can be said about a "holy" institution that allows people to do just that...

And also, since when do you need a license to practice your religion in the United States (i.e. a marriage license)?

Get a clue. Marriage is not what most people think it is, or - Marriage is not what most people are trying to convince you it is...

Anyway, there is another shocking tale from my basement, about a dude who definitely wasn't me.

I am going to look through the phone book, and write letters to priests, pastors, reverends, and padre's.

I want somebody to give me an answer as to how and why a so-called "holy" institution allows women to steal money from men.

That is, if you did not earn the money, then it doesn't belong to you.


Holy Matrimony - yeah, and my a$$ is the oracle at delphi.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Didn't come out as good as I hoped - but, I hope somebody gets a laugh out of it!

Enjoy your weekends - when they arrive!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

$300,000 Dollar Reward

...For not getting married...


A while back, one of my friends got a divorce. He was adding up how much it was costing him. He was calculating the amount he had paid into his house, cars, money he had to pay her for "style of life" costs and others (luckily, they had had no children together).

Since I had been to the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, I knew how much hookers cost.

I asked him how often he had had sex with her.

He replied, "Crap, like never. We were usually arguing".

I got it out of him, and did the math in my head. I told him, "Dude, you could have gotten twice as much sex, and saved $300,000 if you went to hookers instead of marrying her".

He replied, "You're full of it..."

I went through the math with him. Forgive me, I cannot remember the exact details - as this happened 10 years ago.

His jaw was on the floor.

If there are any young men reading this - DO NOT GET MARRIED. Draw up a civil union contract or something else - even a private contract.

Marriage is a rip-off for men - PERIOD.

Prenuptial agreements - they get thrown into the trash in divorce court.

If you do not believe me - try to find one in the phone book - call some lawyers.

Prenuptial lawyers started getting sued themselves - so very few lawyers will actually sit down and do that anymore. If they do - they are most likely scammers themselves.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Mangled Monday Meditations

...Slut Walks...

Well, I heard many things about the slut walks and what they "represented". I even heard some bat-sh*t crazy conspiracy theories about them.

What do I think the slut walks represent?

In a nutshell - it is women doing what women do these days.

A man (police officer), noticed a pattern in the women getting raped in his area - scantily clad women were more prone to be victims.

This man then tried to give advice to women - in order to help them.

What does the modern woman do? What most modern women do when a man is trying to help them - they twist and derange what he is saying to mean the most negative thing they can possibly think of. See "nice guys aren't really nice" - the same attitude applies - most modern women have been brainwashed to such an extent, that they absolutely refuse to believe that any man would do something nice for a woman - after all, nice guys are not really nice, all men are rapists, pedophiles, they think with their dicks, they only want sex etc... If those stereotypes were all true - then there is no way a man apparently trying to lower the crime of rape is actually doing so. NOPE! He is the devious sort who has alternate motives!

So, this man was not trying to give advice to women to help prevent them from being raped - NO SIREE! He was trying to oppress them with a dress code - oooh that evil patriarch!

Anybody who has ever had a girlfriend or a wife knows about this. No matter what you say or do - no matter how good your intentions are, most women will distort it to mean the most negative thing possible.

And - an aside - I do not believe that scantily clad women are more prone to get raped. I believe what is happening is this: There are areas of town, where hookers (or street walkers) dress scantily to attract customers. When they get stiffed by a "john", they file a rape report.

Hence, it appears to the law enforcement officials that there is a correlation between scantily clad women and rape - when in fact, there isn't. Also, notice that this plays into the mentality that men have NO CONTROL WHATSOEVER over their sexual urges - men think with ther dicks, all men are rapists, pedophiles - and all they want is sex. Hence, when a man sees a scantliy clad woman - he cannot control himself and rapes her - BULLSHIT.

...Men are Feminized?...

Well, I do not believe this is an entirely "accurate" depiction of what is going on today. I do not see men as "feminized".

I see women as being overtly hostile towards men. Think of "The Talk", and many other examples.

When you pound various factoids that villify men into women's heads - this is the end result - women applauding the destruction of male sexuality.

Women view men as villains to such a degree, that many men are eager to prove to women that they are not "bad people".

This comes across as being "feminized". I can see that. However, I see the men as not being feminine - but "hesitant".

This makes sense. I have had dealings with men of other races who often come across this way when dealing with me. It is not because they are "feminized", it is because they view me as being "hostile" towards them because of various derogatory stereotypes of their race.

In their eyes, they think something like, "Great, this guys probably gonna think I'm just another gang-banger cherry picking Mexican".

This is not a feminine thought.

In an effort to "make friends", they are overly eager to prove otherwise - they come across as being "awkward". Honestly, I have done the same - I have thought, "Great, this guy's gonna think I am some dip-sh*t nazi-skin head black hating prick". The result - I act awkward or nervous.

Again, this is not "feminine".

Many men will always act this way when they believe they are the target of hate - when dealing with somebody they believe to be the hater.

Yes, hate exists between races. But that hate is isolated in small pockets here and there.

The hatred of men installed in women is everywhere. This does not make men "feminine". This makes them often "apprehensive" when dealing with them. Also - men are apprehensive at work - when will they get a sexual harassment claim made against them? Will she take what I say out of context and complain to the manager?

Did you know that where I work, I have to say the word "cock" regularly? It is in reference to guns in video games. I actually avoid it when talking to the female employees - I say "do that thing" or "shk-shk the pistol". I was talking to a male employee - I said, "If you want a really good cock, have the hand move it twice" - we both started laughing and said, "Dang, that sounded so wrong!!!"

Feminine traits? Bullshit.

Hitler did not feminize the Jews.
The KKK did not feminize Blacks.
The blacks retaliating for race hate did not feminize whites.

Just F*CKING Stop It.

You are placing blame on men for the HATRED IN WOMEN that has been getting spread for the last 50 years.

When are we going to stop blaming men for everything?

Hmmm - maybe when those feminutsies do cut us down to only 10% of the population.
(that is my way of saying - when hell freezes over)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

So - The Other Night, I was at a Strip Club...

Nope, not the beginning of a joke - I am serious. I went to a strip club last night. However; being a complete pervert when it comes to women, I was not there to look at boobs (once you've seen about 18, you've seen them all - big, small, floppy, perky, pointy, round, dark, pink, silver dollars, quarters, pennies...)

So - why did I go you might wonder...

Women's studies - what else!

So, the first two women I met:

Lorena - Graduated from a university in Utah with a B.A. in business and communications. Immigrant from Hungary. Got a job in California that paid her $10 per hour (yes, with her B.A. degree) - moved to Reno, now works as a stripper. Yes, you heard that right - a woman with a 4 year B.A. degree in business and communications now shakes her a$$ for cash to pay off a huge student loan debt.

Sharika (sp?) - went to college for 2 years at a university in Minnesota studying criminal justice. College tuition got too pricey, she dropped out. She has plans to work as a nurse - go back to college and get a nursing degree - but for now, she shakes her a$$ for cash in order to pay off a huge student loan debt.

The third and fourth ones - please forgive me, I was drinking, and I cannot remember the specific details about them. However; they both had degrees (B.A. degrees) in some soft or pseudo science - and were also now wiggling their nipples for nickels.

From 1967 to 2009:
33% of young men 18-24 were in college in 1967.
38% of young men 18-24 were in college in 2009.

25% of young women 18-24 were in college in 1967.
70% of young women 18-24 were in college in 2009.

It is no secret that colleges now give away a huge number of degrees that are worthless and do not prepare students for careers. Yes, many colleges these days are quite content to simply take money away from these youngsters.

And, excuse my sexism, but young men do not get the option of "shaking their booty for looty" in order to pay off humongous student loan debts.

So, anybody that wants to put 70% of men aged 18-24 into college in order to make things "fair" - is no friend of men. They are friends ONLY to the people profiting off of the HUGE excess of women now attending college, and earning worthless degrees - hmmm - I wonder what group of people it was that got sooo many more women to attend college in the first place.... HMMMMMMM

Young men are doing what they have always done (except get married of course) - roughly 1/3 of them attend college.

It is young women who have changed - and for the worse. They now graduate from college (or drop out of college) - say at 22 to 24 years old - with huge debts. That is; at a very early age - many more women are turning into debt slaves...

They go to college with delusions of earning a 6-digit salary once they graduate, only to realize that they can make more working at Taco Bell (or bouncing their tits for tips).

Watch this video:

Monday, January 16, 2012

Its just another Misogynistic Monday...

Wish it were Sunday...

Enjoy these Misogynistic jokes:

  • If a mas has 2 wives is he a misogynist or a masochist?

  • What's the difference between a pussy and a c*nt?
    A pussy is warm and moist; A c*nt is what owns it.

  • Why do men fart more than women?
    Because women won't shut up long enough to build up pressure.

  • Why did god give men penises?
    So we'd always have at least one way to shut a woman up!

  • How is a woman like a laxative?
    They both irritate the shit out of you.

  • What's worse than a male chauvinistic pig?
    A woman that won't do what she's told.

  • What's it called when a woman is paralyzed from the waist down?

  • Why are hangovers better than women?
    Hangovers will go away.

  • What does a 75 year old woman have between her breasts that a 25 year old does not? Her Belly Button.

  • Why do men die before their wives?
    They want to.

  • Did you hear about the guy who finally figured out women?
    He died laughing before he could tell anybody.

  • What's the difference between a woman with PMS and a pit bull with rabies?

  • What's the difference between a woman and a toilet?
    A toilet doesn't follow you around once you've used it.

  • How does a woman know that she is overweight?
    She's lying at the beach and people from Greenpeace try to push her back into the sea.

  • How do you make your wife scream for an hour after sex?
    Wipe your dick on the curtains.

  • What's the most active muscle in a woman's body?
    Her man's penis.

  • Why did God create lesbians?
    So feminists couldn't breed.

  • What do you call a woman with a brain?

There you have it Gentlemen and Ladies!

Your monday dose of Seering Woman Hatred that is Clearly Etched onto Mine Foul and Blackest of Souls, Burning a Hole in mine Heart, and Making me Evil and Definitely A Serial Killer closet queer that Lives in His Mother's Basement and needs to get over my Hotter than Hell, worse than Eternal Damnation seething dripping oozing out of every crack on my body - hatred of women.

I mean seriously, after reading these, can't you just SMELL the woman hatred in me?
Woman Hater

Friday, January 13, 2012

News Brief - PANIC!!!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Two Movie Reviews, and - a very old comment on my blog...

The first movie is called, "The Perfect Host".

I'll spoil one thing now - nobody dies. A conniving woman gets what's coming to her, and honestly, I'd have to say that everybody ends up better off than when the story started.

This movie contains scenes of violence that should not be committed by anybody ever, and for you Fruitty Futrelles out there - My recommendation of this movie is not a call for people out there to host parties like the one "Warwick Wilson" threw, or a call for anybody out there to rob a bank.

The second movie is called, "Tucker and Dale vs. Evil"

We all know what a bum rap hillbillies have (stereotyped as being sex-crazed weirdos that kidnap people and make them sex-slaves in remote cabins in the woods). Well, two of the kindest hillbillies experience a nightmare, all because of the bad stereotypes that exist surrounding them.

This movie was particularly interesting - I wonder - was it making a statement? Was it trying to say that if the college kids hadn't viewed the hillbillies with such fear, paranoia and mistrust, nothing bad would have happened?

I myself am related to people like Tucker and Dale - big, tall, hairy - and the men are even scarier looking! They are all good people.

Caution: "Tucker and Dale vs. Evil" contains scenes of extreme gore - make sure you send the kids to bed before viewing it. In fact, it is so gory, go around your neighborhood, and make sure all of your neighbor's kids are in bed too before you view it.

Side Note: Well I have no doubt that the majority of people out there are good (a friend of mine who is a police officer told me that criminals make up only 3% of the population) - including hillbillies, If you get a bad feeling or vibe from somebody, it is best to avoid them. This is discussed in a book I read once called, "The Gift of Fear".

Now, onto a really old comment somebody left on my blog back in May 30, 2011.

To Quote: "Since when did women laugh at men's genitals being mutilated?"

This asinine statement came out before the whole Katherine Kieu Becker incident...

So, somebody attacking my blog - as usual - made a complete ass out of themselves... What a shocker!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

CBS, at it again, with Ron Paul - File an FCC Complaint!

Media ignores Ron Paul in second place in polls in New Hampshire

From the good folks at CBS too no doubt - you know, the people who brought you "The Talk", and many other examples of male-hatred.

Since this is an example of "BIAS" in the news, and CBS is a repeat offender of male-hatred, I filed another complaint with the FCC - I suggest (and request) that you do the same (let's suppose you hate Ron Paul - so what? This is CBS - file a complaint anyway):

FCC Complaint

click on “Broadcast (TV and Radio)” click next

click on “unauthorized, unfair, BIASED…” click next.

Click on “online form”

Fill out the top part with your name and address

The bottom part:

Fill out field 1 with “CBS”

Fill out field 4 with
“CBS”, program=”The Early Show”

Fill out field 5 with

Here is what I wrote:

CBS failed to point out that RON PAUL was in second place with 24% of the vote. This is CLEARLY A BIASED NEWS REPORT. The editor LATER left a note on the video, and claimed that he was in second place with 14% - biased and incorrect again.
CBS is a repeat offender. They show women applauding men being drugged, tortured, abused and sexually mutilated (The Talk), they show men defending themselves against violent attackers and being the ones "violently attacking", and other examples as well. The FCC should revoke CBS's broadcasting license.

This happened to Ron Paul in Iowa as well. It is odd, that the media is choosing to "black out" Ron Paul from the headlines. However; I am glad that it is backfiring on them, and giving him more coverage on the internet sites.

Now, a message to the mysterious anonymous poster:

"Prove you are better by using well reasoned debates and no underhanded tactics."

I do not have to prove anything to you.

"You can do better than Marcotte and Futrelle...."

I already am dimwit - as I am not peddling snake oil.

I felt like I was reading a parody of Twisty Faster (I Blame the Patriarchy.)

There is nothing on Dr. Rookh Kshatriya's blog that even comes close to being like this.

I much prefer this blog: (feminist critics)

Anybody recommending this blog to help men in society is not too bright.

The skinny - I do not consider you a troll. I consider you a time vampire. I have no intent of reading any crap books (Twisty Faster?), or drudging through crap blogs (feminist critics).

You said you disagreed with how I go about things?


Go take up somebody else's time. I have better things to do.

I am currently researching retail sales in America, as well as College tuitions - and comparing the two, to see which has profited more in the last 40 years - retailers, or Universities.

So far, it is Universities.

And - isn't it odd, that there are so many MRA's pushing for more young men to get into college - eventhough the percentage of men aged 18-24 enrolled in college has not changed in the last 40-50 years - it has stayed the same at roughly 1/3. Yet, I keep hearing that men are falling behind, when according to the department of education's web-site, it seems like men are doing what they have always done. It is women that are doing differently.

It does not matter how many men and women are enrolled in college anyway - all that matters is how many men and women actually graduate from college - with degrees that prepare them for a career.

Something else the MRA's pushing to get more money into colleges fail to point out.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A message to the Mysterious Anonymous Poster...

First, I enjoy your comments; excluding the one that was an ad-hominem attack on Dr. Rookh Kshatriya. I found them to be intelligent and well written. My hat is off to you. I sincerely thank you for your input.

However; there are a few things I would like to debate with you.

To start; you said that Dr. Rookh Kshatriya's blog is not good for gender relations. I disagree with this. Feminism or women's liberation, or whatever you would like to call it (women's empowerment?!) has been mislabeled as "revolutionary". I think this is completely wrong. Feminism was nothing new. It was simply a rehashing of old school Puritanism, centered around the philosophy that sex is bad. Notice that instead of "sex being evil", we now have "rape culture". That is, there is no sex for recreation - no, there is simply a bunch of frat boys raping women.

Men are Rapists

The thought that men are nothing but untamed animals, and must be kept under constant whip in order to prevent them from raping every woman they lay eyes on, is ultimately a viewpoint shared by medievalism and feminism alike. It stems from a hatred of male sexuality. And to a lesser extent, sex in general.

What Dr. Rookh Kshatriya is doing, in a nutshell, is re-iterating a popular phrase in our culture, "the more something changes, the more it stays the same".

Dr. Rookh Kshatriya points out that feminism is not progression, but regression. By having this philosophy readily available to men, perhaps men will understand that by supporting feminism in anyway (or various women's groups), they are not supporting women (or advancement of the human race) - they are in fact regressing back into a medieval mentality towards sex and sexuality (with the twist of gynocentrism added – my two cents).

Medieval Penis DeviceActual modern day “penis device”, resembling a medieval torture device – meant to prevent men from “raping”. Looks like something the Nazi’s would use...

Granted, feminism is cleverly disguised as "sexual liberation" for women. However; take a look at what has been done for men's sexuality - think of "The Talk" not "The View". Penis removal is now celebrated and thought of as a viable form of punishment for men - regardless of whether they committed a crime or not.

The Talk Audience Laughing at Male Genital MutilationWomen laughing at a man being sexually mutilated. Not ONE SINGLE WOMAN WALKED OFF THE SET IN DISGUST; NOT ONE SINGLE WOMAN BOOED AND HISSED. Can you think of any men, excluding certain MRA’s/MGTOW's that would applaud a women being sexually mutilated?

Educated and enlightened people, that is, people on our college campuses now form border-line lynch mobs, in hopes of sterilizing young men. Not young men who have been properly tried and convicted of a crime, but young men who have simply been accused of a crime:

Castration March
A. Is this what educated and enlightened people do? Form lynch mobs calling for the removal of young men's sexuality?


B. Is this what medieval puritanical lunatics who hate sex and sexuality do?

A or B? My best educated guess, based on 41 years of observation and education dictates that B is the correct answer. This mentality DOES IN FACT EXIST on modern college campuses – this backs up Dr. Rookh Kshatriya’s thesis.

The sooner men understand and acknowledge this, the better off they will be. The sooner women understand what they have become (or at least what a hate-filled movement has done to them), the better off they will be, and men will be better off even moreso. This will improve gender relations. Yes, Dr. Rookh Kshatriya's blog is abrasive, but I think of it as a cold bucket of ice water right in the face of your modern, evolved and enlightened woman who supports, applauds, laughs at, celebrates, or views as a viable punishment for men; male genital mutilation - they are anything but modern, evolved, or enlightened - they are puritanical and medieval.

The Penile SystemCrude drawing, resembling something you might find at a Nazi-style concentration camp, showing the infliction of pain through male genitals. This is a drawing from the 21st century.

I offer this for your perusal:

How can anybody praise women's sexuality without also praising men's sexuality? In theory, it should be impossible for one to exist without the other. After all, sexuality involves having sex does it not? And, it involves a man and a woman having sex - does it not? Yet, in our society, we see that women's sexuality is praised and the removal of a man's sexuality is also praised (i.e. The Talk - an all female audience, and all female hostesses laughing, applauding, cheering and celebrating a man having his sexuality removed - although they knew nothing about the circumstances). The castration march held for the FALSELY accused Duke Lacrosse players?

This is illogical to the extreme, unless of course, Dr. Rookh Kshatriya's Anglobitch thesis holds merit, and all the "celebration" of women's sexuality is really nothing more than a way to destroy, demonize, vilify, and obfuscate male sexuality (i.e. Puritanical lunacy) cleverly disguised.

Also, keep in mind that in Sweden, it is legal for a woman to be a prostitute. However; it is illegal for a man to "buy" a prostitute. This is not enlightenment, this is not evolved - this is medievalism with gynocentrism. The thought that women are pure and men (because of the penis) are evil.

Something I will touch on later: The man who was mutilated and discussed on “The Talk” was drugged, tortured, abused, and mutilated.

Can you imagine men, other than certain MRA’s applauding something like this happening to a woman?

How about a group of women applauding something like this happening to a Dog?

How about a group of Nazi’s applauding something like this happening to a Jew?

The hatred of men in our society is obvious, and it is clear that the hatred stems from a man’s sexuality. To quote Dr. Rookh Kshatriya, “The Anglo Media hates sexualized beings, so it hates men period”. More fuel to back up his thesis.

Now, onto my humor:

My humor, and yes, it is just that, humor is multi purposed:

I do it to piss off the feminists (or reasonable facsimiles thereof). This is something I get a thrill out of (sorry, this leopard cannot change his spots). I was the target of hate-propaganda in college, and it pissed me off. The raunchy humor is my way of returning the favor. And please take note here - unlike the hate-propaganda I was the target of in college, I sincerely mean it as humor – humor aimed at people who, according to my observations, have no sense of humor. Also, believe it or not, I actually run my videos past some women - I ask them honestly, "is this going too far?" or, "is this offensive to you?" Sometimes they say yes, and I have in fact removed content based on their opinions.


Claiming that a spiritual being called the "divine feminine" is "on the rag" might be considered sexist, and misogynistic - but what the hell isn't considered misogynistic and sexist these days? Saying Policeman, Fireman, or even Mailman can quickly get you called those names - they are meaningless to me. The terms misogynist and sexist have been so over used and misused in our society that they have no meaning to me. I would speculate that they have no meaning to a lot of people; not just because of a lack of education, but for the same reasons I myself no longer recognize them.

This is a poke at feminists. Meant to lighten some people up, but also meant to piss the feminists off – since so few of them actually have the ability to laugh at themselves.

Anybody taking my poke at a spiritual being called the "divine feminine" as being "on the rag" as a sexist statement and not one meant in humor - clearly lacks a sense of humor, or worse, is too filled with hatred for me to care about what they think.

Andrea Marcotte
Another purpose of my humor, is to "point out the obvious". Since when do feminists stand against white-racist bullshit paradigms? It is blatantly obvious that feminists are just man-haters.

Now, the reason I am not serious:

I do have a slew of serious essays already written that I might post on my blog and possible make into YouTube rants. However; I am hesitant to do this, because some of what I have to say is a direct attack on MRA's (although, I consider them to be a direct attack on male-hatred).

It is no secret that I strongly disagree with many of the things I read in the "manosphere". The list of blogs you see to the left; if you look at the top you'll note the caption, "getting smaller...eff you".

When I see blogs that are flagrantly racist, I remove them. When I see blogs that are a tired rehashing of feminist ideals (that is, they exhibit more male-hatred than the hatred of male hatred - eyes crossed yet?) I remove them. When I hear bat-sh*t crazy talk like, "feminists aren't the problem, men are" - I remove them (think about that one for a minute - sounds like a hardcore feminist would say that). When I see MRA blogs that support the same ideals as the feminism I encountered in college - I remove them. When I see blogs that are nothing more than a half-witted attempt to salvage left-wing politics - I remove them (I am a registered independent - I believe that the right wing holds more promise for men - but that is a miniscule amount more - in fact, I'll say a negligent amount more). When I see blogs that I suspect are trying to re-route, misguide, or cover up fundamental truths - I remove them.

Also, any blogs that I used link to that do not link back to me, I typically remove - but only if I see suspicious activity on them - as described above.

One of the biggest deceptions (for lack of a better word) in the "manosphere" is that the biggest problem among men (MRA's), is all the fighting amongst themselves. This statement may be true, but the statement itself is not the deception (or misdirection, misleading etc...) Initially, this led me to "blindly" follow any blogs that had the MRA or ANTI-FEMINIST label on them. Then, I noticed racism, Atheist bigotry, Christian bigotry, or other agendas on them that having nothing to do with improving the status of men; in fact; such ideals will only lower the status of men.

If you mistreat one man because of something like religious beliefs, lack of religious beliefs, race, creed or color - you might as well be mistreating all men.

The reason: Men are a diverse bunch. They are not herd animals. Trying classify men is like trying to classify snowflakes by design - no two are alike.
Men should be free to believe what they want; and skin color or race is irrelevant to the character of a man. Men should also be allowed to choose whatever type of woman they want for a mate – be it a weak woman, a strong woman, a fat woman, a skinny woman, a single mother, a virgin etc…

Myself, I have no desire to control men. I have a desire to help them avoid toxic women – the ones that will lead them to ruin. If they fail to take my advice, I will not get in their face and say, “SEE I TOLD YOU SO DUMMY!” followed by a childish “neener neener neener – you’re a mangina!!!”. No, I will help them get back on their feet, and possibly coerce them into warning other men of what can happen – another attitude of mine that separates me from the MRM.

Now, I think I will post those youtube rants and essays I have, but - I am going to proof read them carefully.

And now, to my mystery anonymous poster:

You are free to write a novel, and use as many comments as you like. However; ad-hominem attacks, shaming language aimed at myself or any other poster will be deleted.

I do not have time to bother with such mental incompetence.

And again, I appreciate your comments and found them to be interesting.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Leave Your Two Cents on this Article...

Another article written by whiny women complaining that there aren't any "good men".

I found it on Alek Novy's Blog.

Please, feel free to express yourself, and congradulate these whiny women on the "equality" they helped to create for themselves in the 21st century!

Yes, remember - feminism is all about equality - not like it's a hate movement filled with propaganda similar to "Birth of a Nation", or the stuff Goebbels did!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Preliminary Figures: Are Corporations Profiting from Bad Relations among the Sexes?

I found a web-site, where I can obtain the total retails sales month-by-month, for each and every year. I am obtaining data from 1967 to 2006.

The reason I am not going up to 2007 or 2008, is because of the economic hanky-panky that occurred around there (that would taint the graph - I decided to look anly at the GOOD economic times).

So far, from 1967 to 2006, there has been roughly a 40% increase in retail sales.

Here are some numbers:

Retail SalesPopulation
25.3 billion in Jan...
365.4 billion in Jan...

A simpleton would take 365.4 and divide by 25.3 and say,
"Gee! Retail sales have increased by a factor of 14!!!"

This would be wrong for at least two reasons. The first is the increase in population - which is shown in the table above. The second is inflation.

Here is a web-site I found, where you can calculate how much money from 1967 was worth in 2006. Use that calculator, and you'll see that 100$ in 1967 was worth just under 600$ in 2006.

So, in order to get a more accurate estimate, we must take into account the population increase (more people means more retail sales - if anything, feminism and the bad attitudes in women mean a less of a population increase, not more of a population increase - you cannot blame population increase on feminism)

180,000,000 / 300,000,000 = 0.6

so, 365.4 * 0.6 = 219.4

Then, we must take into account inflation:

219.4 * ($100/$600) = 36.54

so in 1967, retail was 25.3 billion in January.
in 2006 it is the equivalent of 36.5 billion...

That's roughly a 40% increase in roughly 40 years...

I would also like to point out that there are some other pluses and minuses that are not taken into account here (and the minuses outweigh the pluses manyfold).

- The amount corporations must pay in maternity leave.
- The amount corporations must pay in sexual harassment lawsuits.
- The amount corporations must pay for wage-discrimination.
+ Manufacturing costs are more efficient.
- The higher wages they must pay their employees due to inflation.
- The increased wealth taxed away at the inflated numbers (tax rates were not indexed for inflation).
- Higher medical insurance cost for female employees (some medical insurance programs cover abortions and breast implants)

Given the fact that there are so many more "toys" to buy these days than in 1967 (iPods, iPhones, Blackberries, Computers, Computer Accessories, Video Games, Video Game Systems etc...), you'd think that retail sales would have experienced much more growth than 1% per year!!!!

So, to all those people who tell me that retailers are profiting from bad relations among the sexes:

Please stop speaking out of ignorance - or, please stop spoon feeding me bullshit - or...

Please stop covering up for the people who really ARE profiting from this (and I believe I have found the institution(s) that are in fact profiting the most - oddly enough, it is the same people who are the primary source of the poor gender relations in the first place...

I am going to make this a YouTube rant eventually... stay tuned...

(Like anybody cares)

Historically, it has always been really easy to blame everything bad on "big evil corporations" - Global Warming, Corruption in Politics, etc...

I am seriously starting to think that "big evil corporations" are NOT profiting at all from bad gender relations - in fact, I'd suspect that they are losing money (either because of the burden of hiring a "feminist-ized" woman, or by being extorted by feminists (think sex-trafficking and the super-bowl))...

Anyway - stay tuned...


Any and all input is appreciated!