Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What I Did on Sunday...In My Mother's Basement

First,I went to the dog park.  There were not many people there.  In fact, people kept coming and going.  I briefly talked to a couple from Alaska, a man who was born and raised here in Nevada, and a woman who moved here shortly after I did (1984).


In the late afternoon, I took my dog Spree on the Huffaker Mountain Trail.  Near the end of the trail, I found this...
Huffaker Mountain Trail

And I decided to climb it (even though I am not supposed to "exert" myself according to my doctors...)

Huffaker Mountain Trail

Nice view eh?

Huffaker Mountain Trail

So, why show you all of this?  Well, according to some feminists and MRA's, apparently, I live in my mother's basement...

Ya gotta wonder how all this stuff magically appears in my mother's basement...

Oh yeah, according to one MRA, I am "more dangerous" than feminists, because I refuse to think of men as dumb animals who "think with their dicks"...

The more I explore the "man-o-sphere", the more disgusted I get with it - save for a few blogs here and there...

My favorite attitude - when somebody (some dude who definitely isn't me) makes a suggestion or comment - or even asks a question - they get attacked.  The whole thing is a joke at this point.  The latest thing I read on reddit is that the MRM and feminism are actually "on the same side".

I could not agree more - not in a good way.


  1. Mother's basement is more an analogy for where you're at mentally.

    1. No, I am pretty sure that they think I am some kind of gamer/TV freak that never leaves my house (i.e. mother's basement)...

      Unless, the internet is considered "mother's basement"-like...

      If that is true...

      We all live in our mother's basements...

  2. Scarecrow:
    I felt like puking after reading that Reddit link. And did you notice Typhon Blue and all her AVfM groupies cheerleading in the comments? The only one commenter who knew what he was talking about was Futrelle---who was arguing that feminism and mens rights are incompatible! And the Blobfish was only pointing out the obvious: how in the hell can gynocentrism and misandry be beneficial to men?

    1. It is already happening.

      I gotta talk with my old college buddy.

      He saw through this.

      He pointed out a post on the NCFM page (a comment), that said that eventually, the MRM would have to take care of the anti-feminists and boot them out.

      He claimed this was because the MRM was 4th wave feminism.

      I am starting to see that there is a subset of the MRM that this is correct for,

      Of course, as Fidelbogen pointed out to me...

      Saying MRA, MRM etc... is silly - because those terms have become so flimsy.