Monday, December 3, 2012

Murder and Male Resentment Monday!

Well, sorry, not an actual murder, but more like a death in a fire-fight with police.

Thanks to Eric for the link.

Maria Susana Flores GamezSo, this mega hottie who won a beauty contest belonged to a drug cartel via her boyfriend. When the police showed up to make an arrest, her boyfriend and his thugs used her as a human shield (she was holding a gun – that is grounds for the police to shoot). She was shot and killed (allegedly by the police) during the shootout. Wow! Does this lady know how to pick winners or what!!!

This luscious young babe was smoking hot.
Until she was killed by a police shot.
She could have any man of her desire
She rejected normal men for police fire
The next woman to reject any of your flirts
Just remember
In a while she’ll probably be buried in dirt

The media assumes that I am going to care
About a woman who’d give me dirty stares
I hate to come across as being harsh and blunt
But I don’t give two shits...
Rot in hell you stupid c*nt

It’s your dishwater – you soak in it.

Great choice in boyfriends dumbo!

Maria Susana Flores GamezNow, what can I learn from Maria Susana Flores Gamez's death?

Well, apparently the reason I kept getting told to “fuck off”, “fuck you”, “don’t look at me I am too good for you”, and “I am like way out of your league” when I was in late high school and early college, is because I was not a member of a drug cartel that wanted to use a beauty queen as a human shield!

Since I admit that I could not use a woman as a human shield, that makes me a “self-purported nice guy”, which according to feminist theory – means that I am not really nice.  So avoid me at all costs ladies!!!!

DAMNED! I knew there was something gosh darned awful about me that the ladies didn’t like – and now I know what it was…

I am in serious need of an attitude adjustment just like the feminists say – if I hadn’t been civilized, and not given two shits about other human beings, and low enough to use people as human shields… damn…

If I had the chance to do things all over again, I would have used pick up lines other than, “hello”, “hi”, “How’s it going”, and “what’s up?”...

Instead, I would have walked up to one of those hot college chicks (of which 1 in 4 will be raped every five seconds by some dude like me – NOT) – and said, “Hey, I am a member of a drug cartel, and I’d like you to be my human shield in case the cops try to bust me”.

Boy oh boy would I have gotten some tail or what!!!


  1. Scarecrow:
    But the on the bright side for grrlz out there, now there several drug-dealing thugs out in the single's market again, thanks to Ms. Susanna's heroic sacrifice. I wonder if they'll get marriage proposals now like Joran Vandersloot and James Holmes are getting?

    Speaking of Holmes and human shields, does anyone remember the names of the three 'boring nice guys' who died shielding their girlfriends during Holmes' attack? I didn't think so...

    1. Of course nobody remembers their names.

      The only name the media focuses on is James Homes - and of course the women who were shot.

    2. Yeah that's not retarded at all. Why wouldn't the media focus on James Holmes, he is the shooter after all? The media covered those men, women and children that got shot. There wasn't any fucking bias, no let's only cover the poor wittle girls who got shot, I saw everyone who was killed have their life stories covered. You take leaps that aren't there. Without googling, what is the name of the little girl who was killed in the Tucson shooting by Jared Loughner? It's not that people don't remember these guys names because we think nothing of them it's that we are flooded with names and information everyday and they fade from memory because they aren't put to use everyday. Get over yourself.

    3. People remember the name "Jared Loughner" more than any other.

      If the women who got shot were not covered, it simply means they were not "pretty".

      try searching for "pretty white girl syndrome" or "pretty white woman syndrome"...

      It is not "retarded", it is a phenomena - a trend in the media.

      Focus on the killer, and the pretty women who were shot...

    4. Well that certainly supports what you are trying to say, but it's just false. The men who covered their girlfriends during the shooting got more coverage than anybody. Have you ever searched for "why am I so god damn stupid" or "why do i hate women so much" ? Why would anyone watch network media anyway, anyone with a brain knows that they're just out for ratings. Pretty girls=ratings. It's not a phenomena, it's just a fact that more creepies like you tune in when there is a pretty dead girl on the screen. Search "sexual predator"

    5. Not quite true. I browse news stories, and one day came across a stripper that had been murdered by her boyfriend.

      I wrote a joke article about it (hoping to "snare" david futrelle) - and holy crap - it worked.

      So, I decided to make this "murder and male resentment" a regular feature - just to piss him off.

      I actually google "man kills girlfriend" and "man kills wife".

      You are living in denial too.

      I do not hate women - as for being stupid - well - defining intelligence is a hard thing to do IMO - so I cannot answer that one.

  2. This is just one more reason we should call up Mexico and announce we are taking them over. They can be the 51st giant state! having that level of crime and poverty and immigration I feel can be fixed wither by nuke or coup--2 four-letter words

    1. I agree - make Mexico part of the USA - but make it into two or three states.

      North Mexico, South Mexico, and uhm, East Mexico.

    2. Actually, Mexico is taking over the US. It is called the Reconquista. Extrapolate immigration and fertility for another 100 years, do the math, they will be the vast majority. And then they can vote to get the US annexed to Mexico.

  3. Stay Tuned Folks: Up next--Women who run marathons but cannot lose a FLICKING POUND

    1. I love people (women), who order two big macs, two fries - and then a DIET coke...

      Just order a REAL COKE, and skip the other stuff - you'll lose weight...

  4. Her drug running boyfriend had the drugs to keep her skinny.

    1. OK, I agree - that is actually how I spot the DRUG DEALERS here in Reno. It is easy as pie.

      Look for a building or something, where skinny women go in and out of constantly, and are only there for a few minutes.

      I spotted the drug ring at the co-ed motel way before the cops did.

      I also spotted the one downtown - like on ryland street way before the cops did too.

      It really is that easy...

  5. Scarecrow:
    I spot the drug dealers in Seattle like that too.

    Your comment made me think there might actually be a positive use for Game/PUA. The Gamecocks can give the police a 'profile' of women who are 'Top-Class Game'. The cops then identify such women, and then start rounding up their boyfriends.

    That could slash the crime rate by 90%! LOL

    1. The real question is - would that be good or bad for the economy.

      If the answer is bad - they would not do it.

      P.S. I used to live in Covington.