Thursday, October 11, 2012

Meet the Organizer of the Duke Lacrosse Castration Marches

Meet the organizer of the infamous Duke Lacrosse Castration Marches. Her name is:

Manju Rajendran
Manju Rajendran.

A quick background: The Duke Lacrosse Castration marches took place shortly after 3 young men at Duke University on the Lacrosse team were FALSELY ACCUSED of rape in roughly 2007.

Some MRA's would have us all believe that Manju Rajendran is a brainwashed Christian, or a brainwashed Jew.


The people (MRA's) expecting me to believe that the women in our society are all a result of "religious right wing wackos" are more than welcome to GO TO HELL.

This woman is from the middle east. I would speculate Bangladesh, or India. She was not raised as a Christian, or a Jew - and most likely not a Muslim either.

I'd also wager Dollars to Pennies she is LEFT-WING.

So - as I said - to the people DESPARATELY trying to convince me that feminists are now all a bunch of right-wing Christian groups - GO TO HELL.

Anyway, you are now welcome to view on YouTube what some people (MRAs) would have you believe is what Christians do in Sunday School, or what Jews do in their Synagogues.


  1. Indian alright, south Indian.
    My countrywomen now also working in outsourcing feminism!

  2. @denizenofgoo - if you are from India - newsflash - your country is already over flowing with feminism. It has already been outsourced.

  3. Feminists are all a bunch of stupid reactionary whores and if they all died in Trablinka the world would be a better place.

    Death to all feminists. You ugly worthless whores. May you all perish in flames and Zyklon-B gas.

  4. Scarecrow:
    How would account for Socon feminists?

    Feminism considers gender supremacy as its religion. It doesn't care what vehicles it uses to achieve those ends.

  5. @Zorro - I disagree - I have no intention of harming others. My goal is to get them to reconsider their ways. However; I understand your anger - but lowering yourself to their level is not the answer.

    @Eric - I do not account for Socon feminists.

    The purpose of this essay is to point out, that there are more than JUST socon feminists.

    All I ever see written about in these circles are socon feminists.

    When what I see in reality, are women like the one above - who is neither a jew, christian, muslim or even right-wing.

    She is the one cheering for castrating innocent young men.

    I do not need to write a 1000 word essay about her to convince you of that.

    Why is it, that when people talk about socon feminists, they need to write 1000 word essays trying to convince us that they are just as bad?

    This is food for thought.

    This is also why I have already distanced myself from the MRM - except when I see what I believe to be "valid activism" (see the MISS Jackson post).

    I smell the strong stench of some left-wing apologists...

  6. @Eric - A question for you.

    How many socon feminists do you know have organized castration marches?

    How many socon feminists would object to such marches?

    How many socon feminists have you met.

    Clear your mind.

    I'll re-iterate. A lot of what I read wreaks the stench of left-wing apologists.

    And if you are wondering - I am a registered independant.

    I have voted for both democrats and republicans.

    Ask yourself if you had turned this into a witch hunt and already pinned me as "right-wing".

    If the answer is yes - the essays you have been reading have affected you in a negative way.

    Again, this is food for thought.

  7. Scarecrow:
    A couple of points:

    1. I don't see Socon feminists organizing 'castration marches', but they are active, usually politically, in other anti-male activities.

    Also, I would consider women like GWW and the rest of the female commentators at AVfM (for example) to be Socon feminists. They've infiltrated the mens movement, offering us 'feminism with a smiling face' as opposed to liberal Radfem 'in your face feminism' but it amounts to the same thing.

    Even Paul Elam wrote this very week that these 'MRA women' are 'completing the work of feminism' and Elam thinks that's a good thing!

    2. I don't think that liberal or conservative versions of feminism are any different, but I see too much Socon feminism getting a 'free pass' in the MRM, like at AVfM and most Christian-MRM sites. The women there hate men and think of themselves superior, just like feminists do, but no one calls them on it because they are 'conservative.'

    Sarah Palin once expressed views no different than Paul Elam's. In a 2008 interview, she proudly embraced the feminist label and stated that conservativism 'feminism in its purest form'. No doubt this was a reference to the Social Purity movements linked to the early suffragettes; with whom the Socons bear a lot of similarities!

  8. look at that: Eric just wrote a 1000 word response defending his stance to be a left wing apologeist.

    he claims that socon feminists engage in anti-male activities: yet fails to mention one single one.

    Give up Richard: the MRM has consumed another soul. A voice for faggot men got to him first: now his brains are scrambled: poor Eric.

  9. @Eric - and the funny thing is, Paul Elam once wrote an essay about how "rotten" Sarah Palin is, and how "A vote for Sarah Palin is a vote for slavery for men" (or something like that).

    However; mike does have a good point - can you list some specific activites or essay the "socon feminists" have written - or politics they have engaged in?

    All the 1000 word essays describing "socon feminists" (the ones I have read anyway), never site examples.

    All I hear are left-wingers shouting, "vote obama".

  10. Scarecrow & Notanmra;

    First of all, I don't consider myself a liberal. I just don't think there's a difference between liberal and conservative feminists: both are feminists and both hate/depreciate men.

    Socon feminists: for example, Laura Schlessinger. She believes, and has often said, that the age of consent should be raised to 25. She also preaches the cult of the 'strong woman' and talks endlessly about 'women having all the power in relationships (i.e. pedestalization and sexual monopoly).

    Ann Coulter: she's spoken in favor of castrating male 'sex offenders' and (if I'm not mistaken) stated that Moslem men are unfit to be fathers because of their instance on female submission.

  11. OK, Ann coulter sounds like a lunatic. I'll investigate her further.

    As for the other one - Laura Schlessinger - raising the age of consent to 25 does not make her a "man-hater". It makes her a sex-hater. The other stuff - sounds narcissistic (like many women these days).

    Thanks for the "concrete" examples...

    Now, I have a lot of reading to do - to verify that stuff...

    Sorry, but, like I said, I smell left-wing apologist stench.

    Did you have me pegged as a right winger?

  12. i did not have you pegged as a right-winger: just a master-bater.

    things will get more and more clear as this farce continues: more and more men will realize that taking those funny red pills is not liberating them from those oppressive women: it is simply turning them into the things they claim to hate: the feminazis.

  13. Scarecrow:
    No, I don't have you pegged as a 'right-winger.' I'm not a left-winger, either.

    The point here is that I don't think Socons are any more favorable to men than liberals are. To me, the Socons 'don't hate men' in the same way that the old southern plantation owners didn't 'hate' blacks: as long as we men 'know our places', then they're OK with us.

    Another example I remembered from the 2010 elections; Tea Party candidate Christine O'Donnell had once proposed outlawing masturbation. And also, it was Bush Jr. who signed VAWA and IMBRA into law.

    Anti-sex and anti-male are not that far apart: Dr. Rookh has made the point that the two are fairly closely-linked.

  14. Notanmra:
    I don't know why you're calling it a 'farce' it sounds like we're in agreement here. Look what taking the 'red pill' did for Paul Elam: now he's writing articles about 'completing the work feminism started'. Last time I looked at AVfM, there were more women writing articles than men: and Elam even removed one post that Futrelle found 'offensive'. Some 'voice for men.'

    The point is that both Socon and Liberal women are educated and brainwashed by the same anti-male propaganda. They just spin their misandry differently.

  15. @Eric - I agree whole-heartedly.

    However; when all I read are essays bashing socons, I have to wonder why the other side is not equally bashed as well - when their actions are blatantly obvious.

  16. AVFM = a voice for faggoty feminist men.

  17. Scarecrow:
    That's a good question. Maybe it's because Socons are more active now than before, or maybe just because it's an election year? Still, liberal Radfems shouldn't be ignored.

  18. @Eric - here is some more proof:

    manboobz crowd is overwhelmingly bashing Romney - most are hoping that Obama wins.

    Yet, in the man-o-sphere, all I read are essays continually bashing Socons.

    Where is all the focus on - SoLibs? LibFems?

    Why no catchy phrases pertaining to the left wing of our government?

    Again, I smell the stench of left wing apologists.

  19. "This woman is from the middle east. I would speculate Bangladesh, or India."

    Are you on crack? Bangladesh and India are not in the Middle East... not even close. Judging from her Hindu name and her looks, she's obviously from India.

    You desperately need to get an education, but that's not surprising browsing through this blog.

    1. I consider India and Bangladesh to be middle-eastern countries - or from the area I refer to as Persia.

      I am on crack though - how about you?

      I need an education? Do you mean a liberal arts degree? So I can nitpick on various blogs using as anonymous - bringing up irrelevant details that are not pertinent to the points being made like you?

      Where do I apply for a student loan!?!?