Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Feminist Study Concludes that some Men are Still Happy.

non feminist manThe Women's Studies department at Ding-a-Ling University (DLU) has just launched a 2 year long study that concluded that despite feminism's best efforts, there are still some men who are living happy lives.

feministFeminist leaders were disappointed with the results of the study, and avowed to make greater efforts to deprive men of sex (by fabricating new bogus rape and domestic violence statistics to scare young women), formulate new ways to deceptively rob them of their money (via new divorce laws and child support bills - or taxing masturbation), or wrongfully have them thrown in prison (new "telepathic" and "visual" rape laws, as well as new "you could just tell he would sexually harass me if it weren't illegal, so he should be thrown in jail anyway" laws in the workplace.)

The new campaign at DLU boasts on holding more "Castration Marches" even when no young males are FALSELY accused of sex crimes.

castration march
In addition to that, the WOMEN's groups at DLU will try to pass campus policies that not only violate the United States Constitution, but the laws of logic, physics, and even nature.  They plan on making it unlawful for anybody to walk on campus with more than one testicle, or less than two breasts.

college scholar Scholars expect that this will save the college money, as there will be no need for the mathematics, physics, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or other REAL SCIENCE facilities or curriculum on the campus.

male college student
Isn't College The Greatest Thing Since the Guillotine?


  1. Scarecrow:
    I'm sure, though, under the new guidelines sex with males like the two retards in the bottom photos won't be illegal. That would run afoul of university 'cruelty to animals' provisions.

  2. @Eric - good point. A woman can only give proper consent to a man that is much dumber than herself.

    Otherwise - if the man is smart - he is obviously cleverly raping her.


  3. HAHA. Good post. Can't have happy men when studies show women are getting unhappier with every passing year.

  4. Scarecrow:

    And don't forget that it's also a well-established feminist maxim that women are superior to men. Males like those two dorks don't threaten female Superiority Complexes; hence they are 'acceptable' for sex and relationships.

    The rest of us, who hold jobs and take baths; we're 'uppity' men who have to be taught to 'remember our place'.

    The colleges all open for the regular academic year here this week. Looking at the guys, I can't help but shake my head knowing that four years later most of them will be turned into cynical, debt-ridden INCELs.

  5. @Eric - well that settles it.

    I am quitting my job, and I'm never going to bath again!


    If the guys work their way through college (like I did) - the won't be in debt. Also, they will get worthwhile degrees in actual sciences or practical applcations.

    Most of them women - will be in debt - and have worthless degrees in liberal arts.

  6. Scarecrow:
    This is somewhat off-topic, but you should check out an article on the MRA blog, 'A Voice for Men' titled 'MRM Blueprint for Bridge-Building.' That's got to be some of the scariest stuff I've seen in a long time. The author actually says that the goal of the MRM is NOT to fight feminism, but to complete its mission! He also lauds the numbers of women who have come into the MRM to 'straigthen things out'.

    The MRM is going end up looking like your article in real life at this rate!


    Paul Elam, John the Other, Something that looks like a Girl Writes What are all feminists.

    Dr, Rosy Palm or whatever her name is - she is a herstory revisionist.

    None of those people would know what feminism is if it crawled up their clown asses and died.

    But, myself and "notanmra" are one step ahead of them.

  8. have you watched any of something that looks like a girls writes squats videos?

    they are funnier than a dog chewing on a bloody tampon!

    Now, the mental retard movement has a sexually traumatized queer looking woman helping them lead the charge.

    The whole point of my blog: the mens rights movement is fourth wave feminism.

    I just read the essay from a voice for faggoty feminist morons that eric pointed out: it was written by darth elam himself.

    It backs up my point: a group of clever people have hijacked what many good men have been saying: and they have turned it against men.

    i would say this happened about the time that the mental retard movement became more about bashing heterosexual men with terms like pussy beggar, vagina worshipper, mangina, white knight and others instead of bashing feminism and male hatred.

    now it is becoming clearer that the mrm is the source of the latest wave of male hatred in our culture.


  9. hmmm - interesting. But, MRA's would not cheer and laugh at a man getting his penis cut off by his wife - like the hostESSES of the Talk on CBS.

    Give credit where credit is due.