Monday, September 17, 2012

It’s Just another Murder and Male Resentment Monday…Wish it Were Sunday!

Because that’s not a fun day!

Anyhoo, gotta real dilly for ya this time! YEE HAW!!

The victim: A 26 year old mega-hottie named Alexandra Ducsay. Take a look at two pictures I found of her.

Alexandra Ducsay

Alexandra Ducsay. Good looking to be sure.

Now the kicker; her boyfriend. The then 34 year old Anthony Pugh.
Matthew Pugh

Anthony Pugh, we got ourselves a real winner here – prison record longer than my dick, bald, bug-eyed, probably broke…you know…the kind of guy women don’t tell dudes that definitely aren’t me to "f*ck off", "get lost", "don't look at me" etc... when approached by them.

Alexandra Ducsay was bludgeoned to death in the basement of her home.

Alexandra Ducsay

When I hear stories like this, I think to myself: would I be capable of doing this to somebody? No, I wouldn’t. I have been in relationships where the woman started hitting me – I did not hit back – not because I am a wuss – but because that is the way I was raised. I put my arms up, block the hits. Murder – certainly not. The only time I would kill is if they disagreed with me if it were to save somebody’s life – I doubt I will ever be in such a predicament.

Of course, since I am saying that, that makes me a “self-purported nice guy” which means that – according to feminists and their supporters (which is essentially the foundation of our modern culture), guys like me are the ones they should avoid. Why? Well – then the women might not get their faces bashed in – why else!

This is feminism in practice. Women made it, women bought it, and women and men are both selling it – I hope you women are enjoying it!

Enjoy this women’s studies documentary film brief on the “dangers of self-purported nice-guys” from Ding-Dong University.

And oh yeah – if you disagree with me – I’ll kill you (NOT).

I wonder if there is a liable suit that I could file against that A-hole for writing such garbage about me.

Do any of my posts ever talk about me personally killing people? WTF?

In all these murder and male resentment Mondays I have done – am I encouraging murder – or am I discouraging women from hooking up with psychotic killers?


  1. Scarecrow:
    Although Ms. Alexandra no doubt died, just as she lived, in the firm conviction that all men are pigs and any woman is superior to any man. Now she's a feminist martyr---bravely resisting the temptation of falling for 'nice guys' (whom, we're all told are really just wolves in sheep's clothing) and pursing an ugly, inbred thug to show everyone her contempt for all men.

    BTW, what were the names of those three guys who died protecting their girlfriends in the Aurora Theatre shooting again? Oh, well...nobody else remembers either. But something tells me that Anthony Pugh, like James Holmes, will get more than a few marriage proposals before he hangs.

  2. @Eric - this is a true phenomena that the lame-stream media actually did cover ONCE and only ONCE. The oddity that serial killers (even serial killers of women), and serial rapists often get love letters on death row - or just while in prison.

    Not just one or two - I heard they truck loads.

  3. Scarecrow:
    I think I remember seeing that TV special a few years ago. If I remember right, the media tried to spin it and make the women out to be victims, showing fat, ugly, low self-esteem types who were whining about how 'men only care about looks.'

    In real life, though, I know of a few guys who've taken fairly regular extended vacations in the pokey. They don't seem to have too much difficulty finding women like Ms. Alexandra.

    I remember one guy who was a registered sex offender. He had four kids by three different women: all of whom knew about his history and none of whom were ugly women themselves. This guy was a tall, skinny drug fiend who looked and smelled like a goat. One of my ex's (a single mother herself) dumped me and eloped with him too. Pfffttt.

  4. Zing - absolutely typical...

    But our society will not admit these fundamental truths.

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  6. Brothers! Consider me a new brother harassed by life with females outside my family!
    It was an enlightened man who helped me see the difference between RIGHT NOW CHARM and Purported Nice Guys---wait for it----
    OK, we have been waiting decades, here is the WORD:
    Purported Nice Guys (PNG) have Raising in stable, loving families where there was adequate funds to have nice things. One of those nice things is TV and 50 channels at least. So PNGs can watch tv to be entertained, but yet not learn to be an entertainer. This does not sound like much but--wait for it......
    PNGs are actually pretty bright and think of the future, what they will do to make money, college, loans and how they will handle debt. Retirement. A bigger house if need be. Making payments and keeping good credit. Heck, they may even fantasize about what kind of girls they want to date that will reject them --that the PNGs foolishly thought they could get! PNGs are heterosexual and want sex as much as the next man! PNGs are fun to be around and are safe places for females to store emotions. On the down side of connecting, PNGs often come off standoffish and cultured, even possibly having etiquette.
    PUT that on the back burner for a minute as we recall (what we think we know and can prove about)female chemistry.
    Remember that being controlled by estrogen makes a human depressed, melancholy and suicidal? That must be, because all women want a FUNNY COMEDIAN for a man! The funny guy will take female's minds off the dreadful and sardonic lives they drudge and give them a new sense of life worth living (until they can control the man). So some of charm is funniness.
    MOVE that to the side burner...........
    Men Women Are Attracted To (MWAAT) are THE EXACT OPPOSITE of PNGs.
    School was not a means to succeed in life for MWAATs, in fact, it was a huge pain in the ass! MWAATs do not grow up in stable loving families. In fact, you will find that the father often abandoned the MWAATs. This leaves an indelible impression on all offspring. With the effect of fatherlessness and that loss of income, MWAATs grew up gettin' by. When you get by you don't have nice things. For the MWAATs, when things start rubbing the man the wrong way, his father taught him to walk out, BY EXAMPLE. When you scrape by you don't have emotionally safe places. When you don't have entertainment, YOU PASS THE TIME ENTERTAINING OTHERS.
    As MWAATs, you do --or choose not to-- have a future. All MWAATs are worried about is This Minute. MWAATs are never gonna turn into anything, so this minute is very important as it will turn into the next minute. MWAATs may try to con people as they sense they are going nowhere.
    MWAATs in social situations are considered funny and charming. You cannot be charmed next week, or tomorrow. You have to be charmed RIGHT NOW. MWAATs can make more use of this minute than PNGs. "That MWAAT I work with at the convenience store is sooooo funny" you can hear a female say almost anywhere. Females really like to laugh and be charmed. To be blunt MWAATs are thugs, lowlifes, males with SOB stories, and future criminals. MWAATs can hold dumb women in charming suspension (hypnotism practically). It all ends when the female looks around at her situation and decides that life with a MWAAT is for stupid, stupid, stupid women.

  7. Alexandra could have probably shut down her murder in High School --at the first hint of attraction from Pugh with "I can't take you home to daddy". I am CERTAIN Pugh was very charming............

  8. She was 16, he was 24. Unless you are Mohammed, something about this stinks