Friday, August 31, 2012

New Woman’s Group Leader Speaks Out Against Men

Anna Z. Butts, a woman’s studies professor at Ding-Dong University decided that it was time for a change, and being so incredibly stupid, she decided that change was to take the form of some really harsh criticism aimed at men – because she seriously believes that no such criticism already exists.  MEN-Factor reporters were on the scene at Ding Dong University for an interview
Feminist Leader
Feminist Leader Anna Z. Butts had this to say, “Yeah, the bad economy, global warming, and the juices of fruits other than oranges - everything bad is because of men – menning around and stuff with their penises and whatnot thinking they are all so cool and stuff. I mean seriously, they just walk around with their dicks hanging out, twirling them around and whatnot like they are soooo cool, I mean seriously, what a bunch of men and stuff.”
Clearly, her approach was slightly more sophisticated than, “boys are stinky” or “boys are icky”. By being more sophisticated with her language, Anna hopes to appeal to a wider audience of women, and encourage them to hate men with all their being men, menning around stuff with their penises and whatnot.

Anna has also hired computer programmers to make a new Feminist Factoid Fabricator:

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