Friday, March 2, 2012

Tracey E. Cline - Adios BI@TCH!!!!

Tracey E. Cline - Corrupt D.A.Let’s all give a moment of silence for a FALLEN corrupt District Attorney who may have destroyed or withheld evidence that could have proven people’s innocence. She just lost her job… Now isn't that a crying shame?

Nah – screw the moment of silence.



  1. I may be old fashioned, but prosecutors are supposed to work for justice. Instead, the current crop is only interested in prosecution and conviction.

  2. Like quite a few "modern women", they are more obsessed with their careers than with their conscious.

    Oh wait - that's right, they have no conscious.

  3. Cline accused Hudson of causing crime victims to be "emotionally and repeatedly raped by this court's rulings." Cline wrote in court filings that Hudson had the "reprobate mind of a monarch" and was responsible for "kidnapping the rights of victims and their families, holding these rights for hostage."

    They truely ARE obsessed with rape and the fear that they might actually WANT a penis forced into them against their "will".

  4. @scarecrow on a post on fidelbogen's blog you mentioned that you have observed "some disturbing patterns in the man-o-sphere." Could you please explain which are those?

  5. Wow...all that I can say. Goodness, does anyone remember back in the 'bad ole days' when integrity actually stood for something? When your word mean your character?

    For crying out loud, wasn't jurisprudence put into place NOT for the guilty, but to ensure that the innocent didn't pay the price for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Before anyone says anything about innocence and guilt, trust me when I say that I had been in the very same situation in my past and my parents had to pay quite a bit in order to get me off even though I was nowhere near the scene of the crime when it supposedly happened.

    A travesty of justice is an innocent man going to jail, it's a good thing when a person who was perverting those same laws eventually get's outed and loses their privileges as a result.

  6. @anonymouse: I will tell you personally. Over the phone, We can exchange phone numbers via E-mail.

    If you are not up to that - piss off.

    @Omnipitron - spot on.

  7. I am sure she is looking to write a book about those experiences or a movie on Lifetime/Oxygen.
    Wait for it...

  8. @P Ray:

    The story of one heroic woman and her boobs, who took on a system that was not as corrupt as she thought, and not so heroically imprisoned dozens of people who did not deserve it.

    Actually, that might make a funny trailer...