Thursday, March 29, 2012

Latest MEN-Factor Study

It took me a while to research this. But, after a long and drawn out research project I conducted, I have concluded with almost certain precision, that there are more dudes who definitely aren't me, than dudes who are me.

Here is a graph to represent this, I studied 24 people, and 23 of them turned out to NOT be me.
Chart 17 A
Therefore, for every 1000 people, 41.6 of them are actually me.

Last week, I did a study of 100 people, and only one of them was actually me.

That means that the number of dudes that are definitely me has increased by a factor of nearly 400%!

If this dastardly treand continues, in just a few week, all dudes will definitely be me.

Be afraid, be very afraid!


  1. I have also studied this phenomenon, but the results of my studies are contradictory to the results you present here. Last year I surveyed 50 people and found that 2% of them was actually me. This year I surveyed 100 people and found that only 1% of them was me. That's a decrease of 50% of those who claim to be me. The number of people claiming to be me in society simply cannot be increasing and decreasing at the same time. Since I have checked my research and found it to be flawless, I'm suspecting some sort of bias in your research. You're obviously pushing some sort of political agenda geared towards obtaining government funds. once I figure out what it is, I'll be requesting government funding to oppose it.


  2. Well, clearly TDOM, we need two new charity organizations.

    One to prevent the spread of me to everybody else, and the second, to prevent the decline of you.

    Perhaps we could combine them into one organization - the "keep the number of dudes who aren't you the same organization"


  3. I can see what's happening....

    The TDOMs are becoming Scarecrows. This is mathematically verifiable.......

  4. Well, clearly, mt research has uncovered a societal crisis. We need to do something right now about this, before it gets out of hand.

    I also heard that the number of dudes who are neither TDOM or Myself are taking excessive amounts of viagra and raping everybody - even kittens and monkeys.

    Will nothing stop this madness!@?!

  5. Not to worry. The feminists have a final solution.

  6. Looking forward to being you. You still like chicks right?

  7. @Professor Hale:

    Yup - still like chicks - shame on me.

  8. I find that I now want to be lobby furniture if Amanda Bynes is gonna walk around naked