Friday, November 4, 2011

Rape Culture Caught on Video! (and my thoughts on Game)

My objections to game - inspired by the latest avoiceformen blog radio.

They did mention that game fails to point out the dangers of modern women (false rape accusations, paternity fraud, psycho-bitch showing up at your work, harassing calls at work, harassing calls at home or work, harassing behavior in general, false domestic violence accusations (you don't have to be married), and perhaps even venereal diseases). This is a good thing.

Once again, here is a list of head-meds - if you meet a woman taking any of these, GET AWAY FROM HER:


Back to crazy behavior; why are so many women like that? Why do they go into meltdown so easily?

There is a 300 pound gorilla in the room that is not often mentioned - feminism.

I ask - is it possible that feminism has f*cked women up?

Let us entertain this notion.

If it has, then wouldn't game not be the art of "being attractive to women", but rather, "being attractive to women f*cked up by feminism"?

I hear people in the "man-o-sphere" say that feminism has made women ignore their basic natural instincts. Yet, when it comes to the "game" arena, they are in fact going for their natural instincts - i.e. - going for ALPHA MALES.


When I went on my woman meeting spree, I met children who were - severely retarded, physically deformed, uncoordinated (to the point where they would severely injure themselves on various occasions).

The skinny - those children - these are not the type of children that ALPHA MALES produce. Those are the type of children that OMEGA MALES produce - retarded, deformed, and physically uncoordinated. There is a reference out there (sorry, I cannot find it, and I do not want to spend the time) - the number of mental defects and physical defects in children is increasing - and has been since 1970 or so. Of course, many people will say - it's the food, it's the radiation - no, it is women being f*cked up by feminism, and picking some severely defective men to breed with.

One re-occurring thing I kept hearing from the women I met, and I'll re-iterate

"I thought I could fix him".
"He seemed so lost without me."
"I felt like I had a lot to offer him."
"He seemed like he needed my help."

These statements do not describe ALPHA MALES, they describe men who are defective and lacking.

I would conclude that feminism has indeed screwed women up - emotionally, instinctively, and mentally. This is intuitively obvious - when you consider that it is now impossible to debate with most women. Also, look at how they vote, and who they vote for - look at the children of single mothers - retarded, deformed - this is increasing.

And, my conclusion about game - it is a placebo. It is a good luck charm. It is a confidence booster. It does not give anybody anything they do not already have. I have no objection to it - except when people charge money for it. When they charge money for it, they are exploiting men's natural desire to "pick up women" - just like a pimp.

Do I hate PUA's?

NOPE. There is enough hatred of men already floating around out there. I see no need to contribute to this.

Do I object to game? When it's free that is (see above)...

Well, I think it does fail to point out to men the types of women to avoid (for one's own safety). It also fails to point out that women are most likely f*cked up by a slew of wrong-headed lines of thinking that have been getting pounded into women's heads for the last 40-50 years - it simply brushes feminism under the rug, and labels women's sexual choices as "natural". That is about as jackassed as saying that "natural selection" caused the extinction of the DODO - after all, the human race "naturally selected" the DODO for extinction.

And, in case anybody is interested in the character I am. I have never "gone out of my way" or "put on an act" to get a woman. I noticed that women were f*cked up at an early age. I refuse to so much as lift a pinky to do anything to appease them. They should be the ones appeasing to me. After all, I have much to offer them (wit, humor, stability, travel, calm demeanor, big penis), they have little to offer me (just sex and that is all) - and the price tag that comes with them (PMS, psycho-entitlement behavior, headaches) just makes them NOT WORTH IT.

Stay tuned. I now have research proving that BIG BUSINESS has not profited at all from feminism.

I am starting to think that the whole "Big Business" profited - is a severe misconception (possibly a misdirection?).

Of course, my blog is read by few people - but, I do not care. Mine is a quest for the truth.


  1. First off I can't agree more about chicks on head meds!! Major red flag! Runnnnnnn!!!

    As far as game, I think there has always been the idea of game only before it was taught by fathers. With feminism pushing fathers further and further away, game has become a cottage industry.

  2. @captain - no kidding. My dad told me that - he said that too many men these days do not know how to deal with women.

    Good to hear from you again!!!

  3. Those kids might be messed up because they came from a "cock-carousel" rider who only wanted them when her own fertility was near/past the point of exhaustion.
    Loser women with nothing going for them except a kid by someone else, a weight problem and trouble accepting reality ...
    are the ones that tell you women "are perfectly capable of having kids at the age of 40".

  4. P Ray,

    Yeah they say that the older you get, the more likely you are to give birth to defective children. Even if they're not defective at birth, there's a good chance that they'll be defective later if they have a single mother (criminality etc.).

    The explanation for AW often going for 'bad boys' is far more simple; they are bad themselves.