Monday, October 31, 2011

Prepare to be Sickened...

Should men be mandatorily castrated?

Should most men be castrated?

Male Castration?

Of course, that last link makes no mention of female sex offenders, and how to dispense justice to them in an "equal" (wink wink says the feminazi) manner.

Warning - visit this WikiPedia link at your own risk, images are graphic, and the stories are very disturbing.

Disclaimer: The racial "profiling" I list below is not to establish any superiority or inferiority of any race. It is to discredit the bullshit that I have heard my entire life - that Asian women are somehow "superior" to western women as far as relationships go - BULL F@CKING SH!T.

Here is the tally by ethnicity, women who have cut off men's penises.

Asain (misc)4
Arabic/Middle Eastern4

By race in general:

Eastern Europe3

I think it is fair to mention that not one single woman of African descent appeared on that list. The "Black Haters" can blow smoke in my ass forever.

Hmmm, now, why are all these people out there telling me to "hook up with an Asian babe"?

I could say that there is a feminist conspiracy to cover up how many wives sexually mutilate their husbands in this country (or GFs mutilate their BFs)...but I have never been one to believe in conspiracies. The WikiPedia article does in fact say, "selected cases". What exactly is meant by "selected"?

I point out too - I went into this hoping to find a list of how often women mutilate men's genitals - I had no idea that so many of them would belong to one race in particular.

Anyway, that is my research... Occasionally, I do that. I promise you - I have two funny videos I am working on coming up - and - Wednesday or so - I am going to give a humongous "HIP HIP HOORAY" to That Damned Old Man.


  1. Didn't expect Asian women to be that practically insane. Another good reason to avoid them.
    The first being: they suffer the most mental illnesses of any demographic in the US, and have the highest rate of STD infection in the US.
    They love playing both sides of behaviour: men must be chivalrous to excuse them, while thinking they are equivalent.
    And if you don't do so, they'll destroy your reputation to others.
    Avoid Asian women!

  2. The thing is though - these are NOT "American Chinese" women - the event itself typically happened in China.

    So, even the "westernized Chinese" argument is out too...

  3. Not surprising.
    Look at the kind of unreasonable women men in Singapore have to deal with - the kind that believe that all rape accusations are true:

  4. I think the main point is not about the castration itself but the rationale of WHY they are doing it. Isn't it glaringly obvious it's about the oppression? Kick a dog enough times and eventually he will bite. How many Asian women living, and having been entirely submerged in traditional culture, could be considered any more feminist than an Middle Eastern woman? They have no VOICE.
    ANYONE, and this means children, as well as men, that get pushed around, ignored, neglected, or simply de-humanized by not being allowed to have a personal voice, will at some point at least entertain fantasies about taking over their lives.
    These women are doing what they can to get back at the men that have denied them the right to exist as a human being with a personality, a right to choose how to live, speak, and act on their own behalf. They are PROPERTY. They are subservient and unequal to these men, STILL.
    My only question is WHY IS THAT NUMBER SO LOW?

    I know this is incomprehensible to some of you men, but imagine being a person without any rights. Imagine not being able to choose whom you have to marry. Imagine being basically sold to the right family, and any money or possessions that were yours are given to the new person who is essentially your care-giver. Imagine that person deciding when and where and how you will perform sex for them/with them/to them, and imagine that it was being ass-raped, just so you can actually imagine it as a violation rather than a pleasure. I'm not talking about a woman straddling your cock and using your body to get off, which sounds hot. I'm talking about you being nothing more than a piece of meat that some guy who literally bought you and now owns you, he comes to your room on your wedding night and deflowers your precious virgin asshole. And what's more, he does it purely for his own enjoyment and pleasure. You are nothing more than a piece of ass he now owns, and he can use your ass whenever he wants. And guess what? You're not going to do a thing to stop him, because YOU WOULDN'T DARE. You're nothing. You have no value, no worth beyond what HE gives you. No one is going to consider it rape, even marital rape. How can it be rape when you have no rights and you belong to him?

    The question isn't why are the Asian women doing it so much. It's why isn't it being done more.

    Someone once told me that you have to rip an entire country down to the basement if you want to rebuild it with new ideas and values. The Asian community is never going to evolve to a point where women are exalted or probably even treated as true equals. Not when they are still squishing their feet into tiny shapes, eating after their men and drowning their daughters to replace them with sons.

    There's a reason why women are castrating men. It's called EVOLUTION and REVOLUTION. The women are beginning to gain a voice and SPEAK.