Friday, September 16, 2011

WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST!!! As Soon as We get Done Raping and Beating Them!!!

Titanic lifeboat
Yes dear brethren! Tis the very nary truth that mine lips doest utter! We must molest the children, rape the women, then beat them both the women and the children before we load them onto the life boats!

Dear brethren, I say unto thee, be it known by royal decree, that I, as a member of the secret patriarchy, that we shalt not make it illegal to rape or beat one’s wife!

Be it also known by royal decree, it shall be proclaimed that no law shall be passed making it unlawful to urinate on an infant child before eating them with a spoon.

Hence, from this day forward, it shall be legal to beat one’s wife, rape her, pee on infants, and eat infants with spoons.

Thus sayest I, ScareCrow, secret member of the patriarchy!!!!

HERstory Moment: Did you know that the one man who got onto a lifeboat was actually ordered to get onto that lifeboat by the captain of the Titanic? Yes, this is true! J. Bruce Ismay was ordered to get onto the Titanic lifeboats, just in case there were any women on the lifeboats that had not been beaten or raped before getting onto them! It was in fact his patriarchal duty to beat and rape any women who got onto the lifeboats before getting beaten or raped first. Because, as we all know, no laws existed clearly stating that it was unlawful for a man to beat and rape his wife, or eat babies with a spoon.

WTF is my point?

Well, just because something was not specifically ILLEGAL in days, does not mean it was not a crime. If you do not believe me – look up old laws – you will not see one single law forbidding anybody from eating babies with a spoon.

There was no reason to distinguish between violence and domestic violence.

There was no reason to distinguish between rape and spousal rape or ancestral rape.

The FEMINAZI’s made these laws, in order to further their agenda.

They can now cleverly say, "gee, in the old days, it was legal for a man to beat and rape his wife!"

"Before V.A.W.A., violence against women was perfectly OK."

Both of these are wrong.

Assault (violence) has always been a crime – in the home or not. Old laws simply did not make the distinction. Just as old laws did not specifically forbid people from eating babies.

The same thing applies to rape. If a man raped his wife, he was a rapist – period.

The feminuts would have us believe that is days past, these things were legal.


The feminuts categorized violence and rape into a plethora of cateories, and can now claim – that such things used to be legal.

Clever. And, it appears it has infected quite a few people’s heads. Very disappointing.


  1. Good post. Funny, too.

    Many cultures have traditions of honoring and admiring their ancestors. We have a proud tradition of lying about ours.

    I understand what you've said about not letting misandric clich├ęs pass without comment. It may seem pedantic, but it's important to give resistance to ideas that people believe are true merely because they're never challenged.

    I watched a video two weeks ago that had nothing to do with feminism, men, or anything of the sort. It was a guy just giving his thoughts on two topics: drugs and aliens.

    At one point he said we were less indoctrinated than our ancestors (who were evil, ignorant, idiotic and deserve to be shit on at every opportunity). As an example, he said in ancient Rome men could beat up their wives. It's complete nonsense to say the typical, average Roman man could do that.

    I made a comment, and despite this being a high traffic video with many comments, he actually responded. He basically admitted he was wrong, but did so like a coward through dense sarcasm.

    I won't directly reference the incident I know spawned this article since you made no mention of it, but I do want to say I agree with challenging feminist lies. Even if they are said by those within our ranks.

  2. Erosion starts from within.

    Take all the offense you want.

    My observations have lead me to believe it is too late.

    We are f*cked.

    Nothing is going to change.

  3. As the Bard (Shakespeare) himself might have said - yea, shittus happeneth.
    You are right about nothing changing though. So we sit back with our beers and pizzas, and watch everything implode. Then maybe we can rebuild. And maybe do it our way.

  4. Only a fool or an idiot would willingly have sex with (let alone rape) the nasty, STD-ridden skanks of today's society -- the majority of which could easily double as a Petri dish.
    Condoms are no protection at all -- viruses can pass through the microscopic pores of the material that the condom is made from, and all that is needed for transmission of HPV or the herpes virus is skin-to-skin or skin-to-body fluid contact. Condoms cover only the penis; they CANNOT cover the remaider of the groin area that contacts the skin areas around the vulva, or the vaginal juices that are secreted during sexual arousal.
    And it's not just HPV, Herpes, HIV/AIDS, syphilis, and chlymadia you have to watch for now -- there is a new 'superbug' gonorrhea that has surfaced in Japan, which has proven to be antibiotic-resistant.
    If a man values his health, he should avoid the skanks that infest modern western society like the plague that they are.

  5. @Roy - I hear ya!

    @Ping Jockey - you do understand my post was sarcastic?

  6. @Scarecrow - yeah, I did.
    I guess that I got on a bit of a rant there.
    Besides, don't EVER expect that joking about 'rayyyyype' will be received well by the feminasties and their White Knight/mangina lackeys -- humor is a concept light-years beyond their understanding. (Unless it's about mutilating males, of course!)

  7. I noticed that too.

    It's not funny, unless a man gets hurt.

    This shows the extent of their hatred and bigotry.

    Something that is rarely exposed.

  8. Amen to that, brother!

  9. This is an awesome post, ScareCrow, definitely one of your very best (although all of them are nothing to sneeze at).

  10. I just posted a lot of amazing quotes and pictures showing that -- "gee, in the old days, it was legal for a man to beat and rape his wife!" "Before V.A.W.A., violence against women was perfectly OK." -- are LIES, as you have said.
    -- Feast yor tired eyes on the TRUTH!