Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Protests and Pepper Spray: Its all Fun and Games until a Pretty White Woman gets Hurt!

Yes, prostitutes protests are always fun, rioting, pepper-spray, people getting mangled - it's more than enough to give any patriarch a boner; however, it's all fun and games until a pretty white woman is hurt.

That is exactly what happened in the video above.

We here at MEN-Factor news are unsure about how many pretty white women were hurt during the pepper spray incident, but one thing is clear - all of the pretty white women's feelings were hurt, and that is just downright unacceptable.

Oh yeah, and remember - in the old days - these women would not be allowed to protest at all - they'd all be shackled to a stove in their house - where their husbands would regularly rape and beat them 25.7 times a day (Only if her were a heterosexual that is). HONEST!!!

The evil villain behind this whole incident is - guess what - that's right - a MAN (queue psycho music) - probably one who in the old days would have beaten and raped his wife at least 47.3 times a day - more than the average man from days past - because he is even more eviler than most men!

Anthony BolognaAnthony Bologna is actually just his stage name. His real name is Albert Beoldroff. His stage name, Anthony Bologna (i.e. TONY BOLONY) is also the stage name he uses for his side job - making gay porn - as seen in the picture above.

Feminist ScholarFeminists scholars at Ding-Dong University have also examined the video, and are claiming that the man who pepper-sprayed the women had (queue psycho music) - AN ERECTION!!!!!

We are unsure at this time exactly how many pretty white women were hurt, or how much gay porn Anthony Bologna has made, but, perhaps since a few human beings with vagina's were injured, just maybe, people will start to wake up and realize how bad things have gotten.
Anthony BolognaIt is long overdue to put a stop to the people robbing from the federal treasury once pretty white women's feeling's start getting hurt. I mean, screwing over the American tax payer and future generations of Americans is fine and all, but hurting pretty white women - unacceptable - the people stealing from the treasury have now officially gone too far.

Did I mention that in days past, these women would not be allowed to protest at all - they'd all be shackled to stoves in their houses - getting raped and beaten by their husbands everyday (if they were heterosexual that is)???? HONEST!!!!


  1. Wow... just Wow!

    So many questions... so few answers.

  2. You bet!

    We here at MEN-Factor are devoted to giving you all the questions that the other blogs do not answer!

    For example - who exactly is the muffin man?