Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jessica Valenti is a Sexist Bigot

Jessica Valenti
Jessica Valenti is a sexist bigot.

Jessica ValentiJessica Valenti demonstrates an undeniable pattern of eliminating due process for men and ONLY men.

Jessica ValentiJessica Valenti demonstrates a pattern of anti-male bigotry.

Jessica ValentiJessica Valenti blamed the Jared Loughner incident on masculinity, and not mental illness.

Jessica ValentiJessica Valenti exhibits a pattern of gender profiling and focusing on an entire class of individuals based on sex alone.


  1. Apparently her vag stinks as well.
    Excuse me while I go spew the thought of that canaverous cess pool has made me ill.

  2. That get's the point across, well done Scarecrow

  3. Wait, wait, could it be? Google BOMB!


  4. BOMB'S AWAY...

    And, this is just the first one of many for this bitch.

    Jessica is going to get her comeuppance - as best as I can deliver it.

    So are many other women.

    I keep hearing men in these various circles say, "I am done with women".

    I say, "I am not done at all - I am just getting started."

    Bloo HA HA HA Haaaaaa.......

  5. I agree with this post wholeheartedly.

    Fuck the sexist, man-jawed, man-hating thundercunt known as Jessica Valenti.

  6. "Valenti has also advocated that the American judicial system consider adopting the recommendations of some Swedish academicians that rape suspects forfeit the presumption of innocence in favor of placing the burden on the accused to prove they did not commit rape."

    It's not the first time I hear this. This is the craziest, the most dangerous shit imaginable.

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  7. @Anon above - I deleted your comment, because it advocated violence and murder.

    It is possible your remark was meant in sarcasm, or as humor - if it was - well, do not joke about that in the future.

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  9. @Jack Downey - "WOW. YOU GUYS ARE SOME DUMB FUCKS".

    Retardedly written in all caps too...

    I am glad to see that people who rebuttal these things resort to childish name-calling.

    Crap - why not just say that I am stinky and eat my own bougars - and take the CAPS LOCK off - it'd make you look slightly more intelligent.

    Just trying to help you...

  10. This website is disgusting, way to put a women down for standing up for herself and the representation of women in society. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    1. No, sorry - this BLOG (not web site) is awesome.

      And Jessica Valenti isn't "standing up for herself" - she is standing against men - period.

      Take a look at register-her - or do your own research - she is clearly biased against men.

      You are the one who is disgusting.

    2. http://mrafront.blogspot.com/2012/08/jessica-valenti-pretty-face.html