Thursday, July 14, 2011

Woman Vows to shout, "EEEE!" until Sexism Stops

feministFeminist leader Sally Rottencrotch decided that she was going to stand around on a street corner and shout, "EEEEEEEE" non-stop until sexism stops. She did this to make a political statement about a problem that doesn't actually exist in our society.

feministShe was immediately applauded for her efforts by other women who honestly wouldn't give a flying f*ck what she was protesting or why, as they're clueless bimbo's who'd back up any woman no matter what she did or how big of a fool she made of herself. Hell, you could have a woman protesting the epidemic mittens being raped by kittens, and other women would rush up and say some dipsh*t crap like, "Oh, that woman is so brave and heroic for taking a stand for herself and what she believes in".

feministAs the woman was shouting "EEEEEEEE", some men who lack any sense of self-respect also gathered, because they noticed that she had boobs and possibly a vagina. Since these men will say or do anything to get laid, or just acquire a small scrap of attention from a woman, they immediately applauded her efforts as well. They said various retarded things like, "We need to treat women better!", "Stop the violence, increase the peace!", and, "I totally agree with her - stop the mittens!".

feministAs news of the woman shouting, "EEEEEEE" spread, media vans pulled up to videotape the story. The media is clearly biased in these matters. They believe that by putting these women on T.V. (especially ones with hot titties) they are in fact battling sexism. The grim fact is; they are making it worse. By portraying women as being hostile and ignorant fools, they are lowering people's opinions of the general population of women.

feministAfter the media pointed its cameras at the demented dame shouting, "EEEEEEEE", other people (mostly women) who are complete attention whores decided to make themselves the center of attention. Most of them had no clue what Sally Rottencrotch was protesting or why; but that didn't stop them from getting in the middle of it all so that people could see them. A few of them were smart enough to read the sign about "ending sexism", but most just said nonsensical things like, "I AM ANGRY TODAY!", or "THIS WOMAN NEEDS OUR SUPPORT". Basically, they demonstrated how ignorant they were about what was going on by shouting loudly.

feministSome smart people noticed that Sally Rottencrotch had turned a dark purple color and passed out. Paramedics were rushed to the scene. Doctors were interviewed as to why Sally passed out, specifically, to find out if sexism was somehow involved. A leading medical expert claims that because she was shouting "EEEEEEEE" and not breathing regularly, her brain eventually got deprived of oxygen and stopped functioning (more than normal anyway). Unfortunately, she is expected to recover.

Our team of feminist scholars from Ding-Dong University did research on how many women are injured or killed by shouting "EEEEEEEE" each year:

feminist factsfeminist facts


  1. Her crotch is indeed rotten.


  2. I think I first saw that picture in a "Where's Waldo" book...

  3. Instead of 'Ding-Dong University', try using 'Dim-Witz University'...much more appropriate, wouldn't you say?

  4. Feminism is spreading out sexism too.....