Monday, July 11, 2011

MEN-Factor: A Throbbing Erection in a Pussified Political Pandemonium Filled with LIES!

We here at the MEN-Factor are dedicated to bringing you the latest updates on feminism and its duck-sh*t pile of lies. We are dedicated to bringing you the truth in a feministized world of deceits, fabrications and wrong-headed lines of thought.

We walk through inhibitions and get to the very DICK of the matter in critical issues that affect you, your family, and that crazy weirdo down the street that you avoid eye-contact with.

Sometimes, we risk our lives just to bring you the latest cockamamie crud that fruitcake feminists and pedestalized princesses are trying to poison people's minds with.

Other times, we do not risk our lives at all, to bring you mindless drivel that doesn't affect anybody!

One thing is certain however; we track down and expose all the maggots, feminazi's, fruitcakes, puke-eaters, pussified dweebs, f*ckwits and turd burglars who clearly have no respect for DICK.

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