Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Meet Jennifer Shaffer!

ATTENTION READERS: you may find what the women listed below had to say to be offensive, hateful, and just plain wrong. However; I IMPLORE you to not participate in any kind of threatening, violent or harassing behavior against any of them.


Jennifer Shaffer is a member of the Catherine Kieu Fan Club on FaceBook:

Jennifer Shaffer
Jennifer Shaffer had this to say about Catherine Kieu:

she is my hero my inspiration
what she did was fucking awesome duhh

The odd thing about Jennifer Shaffer; on Facebook, she is a member of PETA?!

Wow, so let me get this straight. She is all in favor of the ethical treatment of animals, but not men?!

Well, I let PETA have a piece of my mind about this, I suggest you do the same. Here is what I did:

Contact PETA on YouTube (

Here is my YouTube message to them:

I am a long-time pet-owner, and I fully support the ethical treatment of animals. I also support the ethical treatment of human beings too.

There is a member on Facebook, "Jennifer Shaffer" who thinks it is heroic when a human being mutilates another human being.

Jennifer Shaffer is a member of the Catherine Kieu fan-club.

Catherine Kieu is the woman who recently drugged, tortured and mutilated her husband.

It seems that Jennifer Shaffer is also a member of PETA?

Does this mean that PETA is for the ethical treatment of animals, but not actual human beings (i.e. men)?

This is very damning to your publicity. I would suggest that you block this member IMMEDIATELY on facebook.

Use PETA's web-page to report an incident of Cruelty to Animals (namely, Catherine Kieu's Husband):

Cruelty to Animals Contact Form

1. Click "NO", the animal is not in immediate danger.
2. The issue I'm reporting involves: Use the drop down box to point to
"Animals Used for Entertainment"

3. Write all about the man who was mutilated (he has not been named by any media sources) - Here is what I wrote:

I just wanted to inform you that an actual human being was drugged, tortured, and mutilated.

One of your fans on facebook, Jennifer Shaffer now considers the offending human being to be her "inspiration", and believes that what the offender did was "fucking awesome".

Is this how all of your loyal followers and friends on facebook treat other human beings?

You should block this user. Failure to do so is Bad Publicity for your cause.

E-mail PETA, and tell them what you think of a bat-sh*t crazy c*nt belonging to their organization:

PETA E-mail Form

Here is what I wrote:

Subject Line of E-Mail: BAD PUBLICITY

(I then copied the message I wrote to their YouTube channel - see above).

Remember, JENNIFER SHAFFER's facebook page is:

Be sure to tell PETA to block her as a user.

Here are three other women who I plan to investigate. I swear I will do anything and everything possible to FTSU.

Karin O'Connell
Karin O'Connell
Karin O'Connell wrote:
Catherine Kieu Becker is my hero!!!!! ♥ her!!! :-) its high time we girls send a message 2 all the boys out there!! U r not in control anymore!! U boys better b good or us girls r gunna go Catherine Kieu Becker on u all in a heartbeat!! :-)

She's so awesome 2 do what all us girls have secretely wanted 2 do sooooo many times in our lives!!! :-)

Trish Halton
Trish Halton
Trish Halton wrote:
YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!

Sami Tati Korf (Samantha Leigh)
Samantha Leigh
Samantha Leigh wrote:
LMFAO ! I love her ♥


  1. Love the quote from O'Connell. Considering what state the nation is in, doesn't seem like they're in control of much. If anything, it controls them.

  2. I got a response back from YouTube.

    They told me to contact the site.

    Gee, I am way ahead of them

    I would wager a guess that they'll give me the same run-around.

    Pipe-dream - this appears on 60 minutes.

    PETA - go ahead and hurt men all you want, just don't hurt any animals.

  3. Anglo women are sick. This is GBH, FFS.

    I do laugh at Trish Halton's picture, BTW. Overweight, unattractive, masculine and misandrist. Boy, what a catch (not)!

    Oh well, at least they're in demographic and genetic decline.

  4. I hope that men everywhere are paying close attention to how the women around them react to Catherine Kieu's cruel and inhuman act.

    Watch them and see if they out themselves as misandrists, then expel them from your lives.

  5. Write on, ScareCrow! Well done.

    "I hope that men everywhere are paying close attention to how the women around them react to Catherine Kieu's cruel and inhuman act.

    "Watch them and see if they out themselves as misandrists, then expel them from your lives."

    Abso-fucking-lutely! I have always done this. If any woman ever expresses anything but contempt and disgust for the actions of Lorena Bobbit or Catherine Kieu, I dump her immediately and never speak to her again. Same with any feminist drivel. One whiff of that shit and I'm out the door forever.

  6. You weren't joking about going after them. I bow down to your passion sir. Well done. A well deserved pat on the back.

  7. Trish Halton is proof that Bigfoot lives. Like DaRick said, what a catch!

  8. "I am a long-time pet-owner"

    PETA actually opposes pet-ownership, so I don't think you win points by starting off as a "pet-owner". According to PETA, owning pets is a form of "animal slavery".

  9. You got them,ScareCrow. Way to go.


  10. @Alek Novy - I am not sure about that.

    I think what they object to is the so-called "pure breads", or people who abuse their pets.

    However; I only glanced at their site.

    I found this excerpt:

    “When it comes to pain, love, joy, loneliness, and fear, a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy. Each one values his or her life and fights the knife.”

    "Only prejudice allows us to deny others the rights that we expect to have for ourselves. Whether it’s based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or species, prejudice is morally unacceptable. If you wouldn’t eat a dog, why eat a pig? Dogs and pigs have the same capacity to feel pain, but it is prejudice based on species that allows us to think of one animal as a companion and the other as dinner."

    ...or cut off his member eh?

    Clearly, if they really believed what they say on their web-page, they'd want NOTHING to do with these bat-shit crazy b*tches.

  11. P.S. My dog had degenerative myleopathy the last 2 years of her life.

    Without me as her "owner", she would have died 2 years earlier than she did.

    (I used a towel around her belly to carry her around - even though her rear legs did not work, she could still swim - I took her to Tahoe like every other day her last summer)

  12. That's some shameful shit.

    Trish Halton is proof that Bigfoot lives. Like DaRick said, what a catch!


  13. These women should be publicly shamed in the same way that pedophiles are shamed.

    Who in their right mind would make a Facebook fanpage for a psychotic, insane criminal who mutilated another human being for no reason?

    If a man raped and mutilated a woman the MRM would rightfully call him a monster for his criminal behavior. But it seems that women can support psychotic, criminal behavior as long as it is directed at men. Fucking bigots!

    Good job posting this, I hope it ends up ranking high in the Google search results so that anytime someone Googles these women they will find this page :)

  14. These twittering cranial wind tunnels should also invest in D cells, 'cause that's about all that will remain in their future as far as intimacy goes. No self respecting guy in his right mind will ever let Mr. Happy near one of these psycho-hose-bit**es.

  15. @ALL:

    My recent post explains what I did.

    Trust me, I am just getting warmed up.

    If any of these men-hating bitches think they can get away with this kind of crap, they are sadly mistaken.

    Christina Marsh
    posted to Catherine Becker-The Butcher
    July 14, 2011.

    [Catherine Kieu Becker is] my hero!

  17. remember, crazy follows the va jay jay