Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wal-Mart Forces Feminazi's and Entitlement Princesses to Munch its Hairy Rolled-Back Nuts!

Yes, nuts are now on sale at Wal-Mart!
Women Suing Wal-Mart
No, the regular nuts - not the employees - they are the ones who are suing Wal-Mart because their feelings got hurt or something. No, it was sexual discrimination (LMFAO) - we try our hardest to maintain journalistic integrity around here.

In a stunning victory (???), Wal-Mart won it's lawsuit against women who were claiming that they were underpaid at Wal-Mart (LMFAO - underpaid at Wal-Mart - NO!!!! REALLY!?!?!?). Like most women's groups, they believed that there were sexually discriminatory practices at their place of employment (come on, give them some credit for at least NOT believing in the underpants goblins).

Like typical women, what they fail to understand is that if you spend all your time bull-sh*tting with the other employees and b*tching about irrelevant things, you'll probably make less than somebody who is actually doing their job. Yup, there sits your modern, evolved, enlightened women - too stupid to figure that out. Too lazy and fat to get to the top by hard work, and bitchy enough to fill the workplace with lawsuits faster than a puppy fills a room with sh*t!
Wal-Mart winning a lawsuit is in fact a dark day for all of HUMANkind, since any biblical scholar knows that Wal-Mart IS the "beast" mentioned in the book of Revelations. However; this is a bit of a bright time for HUMANkind as well: Modern, evolved, enlightened women have proven that they are too fat, stupid, and incompetent to even sue Wal-Mart - now that is what I call an epic fail!
Women try to sue Wal-MartWomen try to sue Wal-Mart and Fail? Holy crap, a lobotomized two-legged horse with genital herpes could sue Wal-Mart.

Look at this picture (carefully):
Wal-Mart RollbackWal-Mart Rollback

Wal-Mart employees usually do not have IQ's higher than 50 (or they are teen-agers, or people who simply do not care - hence, they work at Wal-Mart). Is it really any surprise that a group of dumb broads cannot sue them?


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    1. Eye Eye Eye...

      This post is my "unique" form of humor.

      Please notice these quotes from it:

      "a lobotomized two-legged horse with genital herpes could sue Wal-Mart."

      Yeah - serious indeed.

      "since any biblical scholar knows that Wal-Mart IS the "beast" mentioned in the book of Revelations"

      Come on!!!!

      You really thought this post was serious!!

      WTF is wrong with you!?

      Here is what you asked, "Why does it always seem to be void of substance or fact when it is beneficial to YOUR version of the truth? "

      DEAR GOD!!!!

      This whole post is a joke - look at the pictures, and read them.

      BTW - I got your MAIL, but I cannot respond - Yahoo thinks my account has been "hacked"...