Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bat-Sh*t Crazy Psycho B*tch Allegedly Murders Child. Media Presstitutes Concur; She has Nice T*ts!

Casey AnthonyCasey Anthony
Or, as an alternate title: F*CK THE LITTLE GOD-DAMNED BRAT - SHE HAS HOT T*TS!

Casey AnthonyCasey Anthony is appearing over and over again in the news. Allegedly, she murdered her daughter Caylee Anthony, and has a really nice rack.

Casey AnthonyCasey Anthony and other mothers often kill their own children; especially if they are single mothers. However; what has journalists in the lame-stream media all hot and bothered about this story: Casey Anthony has really nice t*ts and possibly a nice a$$ as well! It has also been rumored that she might have a vagina.

Casey AnthonyCasey Anthony is allegedly into strap-ons. This is what has most lame-stream-media journalists (especially faggots men like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert) really hot and bothered and overly excited about the whole Casey Anthony story. We tried to reach several of them for an interview by banging on the bathroom door, but they all said they were "busy combing their hair".

Nancy GraceNancy Grace, the kooky queen of Miss Justice, was allegedly interviewed by MEN-Factor reporters as well. This is what she allegedly said, "Casey Anthony has quite a nice rack. I'd like to show her my rack, and my collection of power tools too. I heard she was into strap-ons. Come over here little girl, I'll show you a strap-ons beyond your wildest dreams.

Nancy GraceNancy Grace then just went into a trance with a blank stare on her face.

Casey AnthonyIf Casey Anthony does in fact have a vagina, and is into angry anal (as several sources indicate), then she just might have a snowball's chance in the north pole of not serving any jail-time for murdering her child Caylee Anthony.

We were able to interview several men who work in the lame-stream media. This is what some of them allegedly said:
Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony

Casey AnthonyCasey AnthonyCasey Anthony? Oh yeah, she slapped her kid or something. She is the victim here since she clearly has mega-hot t*tties. I'd do her, but I am not sure I have a penis!

Casey Anthony
Casey AnthonyCasey Anthony's attorney is trying to make a plea bargain with court judges, claiming that she is too hot to really go to jail, because some of the nipple-dicked moronic judges, police and lawyers on her side might have a chance of getting laid.

Casey AnthonyCasey Anthony has, on several occasions, allowed men to actually touch her breasts. This has faggot dipsh*t twerps corrupt judges, lawyers and law enforcement personnel even more eager to give her a pussy pass. They believe that by doing so, they might be able to get a squeeze in themselves!

Casey AnthonyCasey Anthony was photographed with a journalist outside the courthouse, covering her with an umbrella in hopes that he might get to experience her talented strap-on skills.

A moment of clarity: I understand fully being a man. However; I can do this since I am not a journalist (for real anyway). When a journalist is caught not covering the actual facts of the case, but instead talking about her breasts; I think it demonstrates how sexually disenfranchised most men have become these days. So disenfranchised that they demonstrate a complete lack of journalistic integrity and professionalism.

In addition to that, I suspect that the only reason this case is receiving so much attention is because of Casey Anthony's supposed "good looks".

Ponder it for a moment: If Casey Anthony were ugly, would this story (a mom killing her child - commonplace) really be getting so much coverage?


  1. Whatever. Did you see those tits she's got? NICE!

  2. As an aspiring journalist, you need to document your sources better. Could you please provide links (preferably images) to support your assertions that she is into strap ons and angry anal?

  3. Slaps her kid................no biggie.

    Tom Ball slaps his kid..............throw the book at him!!!

    Maybe she might set herself on fire then you can really witness the hypocrisy first hand.

  4. @Anon 5:39PM - OK, that made me laugh...

    @Anon 8:47PM - I did provide the images (image 5 and image 8)

    @Anon 6:49AM - Actually, she did not "slap" her kid - she killed her kid. I just put "slap" up there - to emphasize that the journalist had no idea what was going on.

    You are right however - my guess is, she'll get a pussy pass - and most likely less punishment than Thomas Ball did.

  5. PROFESSOR HALE WROTE (but for some reason it was blocked???):

    I admit this was pretty funny and you did provide the images that the media has hinted at but not shown. Until now, I could not understand why this was in the news in the first place. But rack is always good news.

    On a serious note, this is also a story about lazy law enforcement and twisted criminal justice systems. It turn out that other than her being a bad mother, there is no evidence against her. Prosecutors are focusing on her because she is the easiest suspect. Just like if a woman dies, her husband or boyfriend is the easiest suspect and is guilty unless he has a really good excuse, like he was already locked in prison on an unrelated crime or deployed to Afghanistan for the past year. Her defense team is also doing a good job destroying not just the credibility of the expert witnesses against her, but the whole proposition that expert testimony is in any way reliable enough to convict someone. It seems that the experts have just been making shit up all along and depending on their authority as experts to give their testimony weight.


    (at least I assume this is Professor Hale)

    So - if anybody else is having problems posting - my web-site is under attack - perhaps my blog is too - be patient.

  6. http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20503043,00.html


    Just to be objective - read those links.

    There is evidence against her.

  7. Read it. Twice. Still no evidence. Just opinions presented in court as if they were evidence. Experts telling you to take their word for it because you are too stupid to understand the science. And other experts saying that the first experts are wrong any you should take their word for it. There is nothing tying this woman to the crime except being the victim's mother.

  8. Reminds me of the Keli Lane story.
    Men-Factor, have you considered making an archive of your site? Many of the things you have written would go missing if blogspot had problems.
    I'd definitely look forward to that, you have a good collection of red pills in your "how to react to men-shaming" and "my experiences with dating" topics.

    Kepp on truckin', the world needs more sanity.
    - P Ray

  9. @Hale - yes, I did read it. As we all know, practically everybody in the world has "how to make chloroform," "neck-breaking" and "inhalation" in their google search history...

    I know I do! I'd probably have them more so if I were the victim's mother!

    @anon - everything is backed up, and added to my website:


  10. Another cunt gets a pussy pass. Big surprise!

  11. Id fuck those big tits and thick ass and finish in her mouth

    1. LOL---How do you think she got pregnant in the first place except by screwing dirtbags?LOLLLLLLLLL

    2. I'm sorry - I couldn't hear you over the sound of her boobs.