Friday, May 20, 2011

This is More Fun than a Magic 8-Ball!

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An excellent quote I found during the week, came from the AngloBitch blog:

Since the late fifties, a misandrist form of feminism has risen across the Anglosphere to downgrade men and exalt women - a deadly mixture of puritanism and women's 'rights'. Now, women find themselves exalted beyond their true value and worth as faultless goddesses who can do no wrong. This lofty status, however, is rooted in a cultural accident, not real ability or effort; and so women feel at heart deeply insecure about themselves. And perhaps this gnawing insecurity and sense of unworthiness explains their attraction to bums and thugs, not to mention the drug abuse and mental illness that characterizes so many Anglo-American women. They know at heart that they sit on paper thrones in a kingdom of dreams, and deserve nothing.

This statement seems to fit many observations I have made of people in my past. All the observations involve some woman getting inexplicably hostile towards a man (no, not me). I might write about them later - one such incident involved an altercation between two convenience store employees (a man and a woman).

Also, I have never bought the "Neo-Marxism" roots of feminism. I do believe that it is more of a "cultural accident". I think this is why I find myself at odds with many MRA's. I believe that to properly "correct" things will involve a critical look at our culture, its people, and the attitudes common therein. Perhaps I'll write about this too.

See you all on Monday - where I will vent my "male resentment" at another woman who has been murdered by her boyfriend. A mega hottie no doubt!

Have a great weekend all!


  1. Holy Shit! That is more fun than a magic 8 ball!! How is that possible?!?!!!!

  2. HA!

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