Monday, May 9, 2011

Murder and Male Resentment Mondays

I think I'll make this a regular feature on my web-site! I thought of that title all by myself you know!
Our victim is definitely a mega-hawt young lady, aged 20. A skilled ballerina dancer, and definitely grade AAA porn material:
Jenni-Lyn Watson
Jenni-Lyn Watson

She reminds me of that woman from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off".

At the age of 20, with looks like hers, she could have gotten: a future lawyer, a future accountant, a future marketer, a future doctor, a future dentist.

Hell, I would wager a guess that in our f*cked up Anglosphere, she could have gotten a current doctor, dentist, lawyer, accountant, marketer, or whatever careers are lucrative these days.

Who did she choose?

And let's get this straight. Women get all the choices. A man can only target a woman he wants to hook up with. Ultimately, whether or not a relationship happens is the woman's choice, not the man's. END OF STORY.

Steven PieperHere is the lucky and mentally unstable man: His name is Steven Pieper. The relationship was described as an "on and off again and again" relationship. Steven Pieper was NOT described in any article as being kind, decent, or anything else. He was in fact repeatedly described as being mentally abusive.

Steven Pieper
Dang, I wish I had an abnormally huge mouth, and a smile that says, "I am faking this smile, I actually want to kill somebody!". Perhaps if I had done that in my youth - practiced such facial expressions, I might have "gotten lucky"!!!! He worked as a clerk at Pep Boys - I am going to fill out an application right now! There is no evidence that Pieper even attended college as Jenni-Lyn did.

Jenni-Lyn Watson

Oh, and since we live in a society overflowing with "male privilege", Steve Pieper now gets the privilege of going to jail for murder, unlike many women these days (note, the previous link describes how people are fighting to AVOID a woman going to jail, not a woman actually not going to jail - eyes crossed yet?).
Steven Pieper


Remember ladies: the next time you see a man who doesn't come across as a total psycho in a grocery store - and you're a woman - vent all your frustrations on him - then go home to your psycho boyfriend, and take a cinder block in the face!

In the near future, I'll give a rant about a pattern I have noticed. Perhaps it will spark some intelligent debate.


  1. This is common amongst stunningly good looking women and something I discerned years ago. I'm pretty sure it's down to a monumental conceit on their part, developed at an early age, for which their fathers and uncles are responsible perhaps; that they can easily wrap any man around their little fingers. Their apparently unshakable conviction that they can control a dangerous psychopath seems to stem from a conjunction of this delusion with the absolute conviction that whatever they do, no man will ever retaliate physically.

    It often comes as a catastrophic shock to them to discover that they are wrong.

    Re women making the choice:

    1) Absolutely spot on, and I learnt that lesson long ago, and quickly came to accept all the not so polite refusals to my very polite requests for the opportunity to spend money on them, which leads me to:

    2) Having chosen, they don't like it when their object of choice fails to appreciate their magnanimity. It came as an amusing surprise to me to discover how extreme their reactions can be when, having tired of the effort and ingenuity involved in detaching myself from the wackos and dogs who were asking me for dances, meetings etc, I started simply saying no thank you in an uninterested manner. One woman gave every sign of being in the early stages of a severe mental breakdown, I kid you not.

    They don't like it when we decide that we can be choosy too.

  2. Excellent analysis.

    The reason I do these things...

    To partially de-victimize the murdered. By that I mean just what you said - they are good-looking and have a HUGE variety of choices for mates - they always choose the one that is a psycho (i.e. I thought I could fix him).

  3. Oh, PMS...

    I was at the Sapphire lounge in Harrahs - a 20 something young woman asked me to dance (It was my regular drinking hole - that night, a bunch of college kids were there).

    I said no.

    She had the strangest look on her face.

  4. It's definitely a power thing with them. Incidentally, cast your mind back and think very hard! When did you last hear a man use the word 'power'? Men almost never use the word yet women use it all the time.

  5. I thought I could fix him is the exact bait some Alpha's use to their advantage. Years ago in my 20's a co-worker I could barely stand admitted this tidbit to me. That even at his young age of 22, he knew that women wanted to 'fix' bad boys so what was his incentive to be 'nice'?

    His girlfriend at the time (who was actually pretty hot) smiled at him one day and said that "She finally tamed the great TD" and was proud of herself.

    What she didn't know was that he was banging three other women behind her back. He was an alpha, I see that now, and women loved him, I see that now too.

    The reality, women do it to themselves, full stop.

  6. Your blog keeps getting better and better. This is some funny shit, and the liberals want to spend YOUR tax dollars on making more laws to protect stupid little cunts like these. Waaaa!! I am crying a river of tears for the little twat. May she be condemed to taking it up the ass for eternity from george sodini. Rot in hell bitch!!!

    BTW, You should do a resentment monday on katie piper whose face burned off from the acid her ex threw in her face.

  7. "The liberals"? Your Nazi white knight "conservative" brethren are even more culpable in creating such laws. Moron.

  8. Oh lookie, a Nazi, Ayn Rand, elitist, "conservative" SLUT:

    Are Kiwis the murdering type?

  9. @Omnipitron: That is all well and good.

    However, I have seen what happens to such guys once the women they are with find out they have been "duped". I can only prey for the men that they did not make the mistake of marrying the woman.

    @Anon: Take it as humor as you wish. I kind of do this to point out that I will in no way whatsoever feel sorry for these princesses.
    Young beautiful women have a myriad of choices available to them for mate selection. They often seem to choose the worst one possible. I however, being a man, average looking (perhaps slightly better than average tsk tsk), and not taking crap from anybody (in a non-violent way), thanks to the poison of feminism - was extremely limited. Feel sorry for them - no way.

    @Anon and forweg.

    Both parties are to blame. Please do not make a desperate attempt to save one or the other - or say that one is more to blame than the other.

    Thank you.

  10. @forweg.

    Are you aware that for some reason, only blog authors may post comments on your blog?

    I have tried to post comments on your last three articles now...

  11. Scarecrow:

    Yes, I explained why in the "Gamers and Racists Have Arrived" entry.

    I just changed it back, though, so feel free. I'm just tired of dealing with the Nazi stalkers coming there and starting their shit.

  12. Omnipitron,

    I dispute that players can be called 'alphas', at least in any traditional sense of the word, unless they have wealth and status to go along with their attractiveness to women. More likely they are 'omegas' pumping themselves up.

    Not coincidentally, these 'omega' women (who are promiscuous and lacking in integrity) are attracted to them, because they relate to their antics on a personal level, in a way they cannot relate to ours.

    In general, I dislike labeling people, but some are more 'omega' than 'beta' and so forth.

  13. Well, I used to shop at alpha beta the grocery store, and I would buy omega brand wheat, and sometimes buy gamma-ray-crunch.

    Hmmm. What were my food choices trying to tell me??

  14. @ DaRick, I hear what you are saying but do we not also encounter some Beta's who have Wealth and Accomplishment? The reason why I had pegged this dude as an Alpha was that he ran his own sh!t and did his own thing, the fact that he got girls was just the proof on top of everything else.

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    1. Dang, your comments are digging your own grave...

      1. There is no proof that "anonymous" is a man.

      2. I no longer allow anonymous posts - because of stuff like that.

      3. Despite 1 & 2 - so what - what would you call the woman in the article above? Would you want your daughter taking the same route as her?


      If it is my "job" to protect women from guys like that...

      What is women's "job" towards me?

      Spew hate-filled rhetoric about 1 in 4 women being raped - a baseless claim?

      Starting propaganda about sex-trafficking?

      Tell me Grace - what is a woman's job - if my job is to protect her from guys like that?

      His words only make HIM look bad.


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