Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Murder and Male Resentment Mondays (on a Tuesday)

I had a nasty stomach bug - RALLLLLPH!

Amy Leigh BarnesAmy Leigh Barnes. GA GA GA GOH-ING!!! Check out this FREAKIN HOT WOMAN! A woman with a face and body like that could definitely put steam in a man's stride! YOINKS! So - who is she, is she single, if not - who is the lucky man she is hooked up with? Well, bad news guys. She is dead. Yup. I know this is going to be hard to believe, but her boyfriend actually killed her! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!

Let's take a look at the lucky bachelor...
Riccardo MorrisonRiccardo Morrison - one lucky son of a gun with a lazy eye. He was not good enough to make it into professional football, so he remained at the sidelines doing - uhm - God only knows what. But, at least he made enough money to move in with that mega hotties grandmother! He also had a criminal record of beating 5 other women in his past at the ripe age of 21! Since Riccardo Morrison is a MAN, and our culture is swamped with male privilege, he now gets the privilege of going to jail - unlike women who kill their boyfriends.

Now, I must ask myself: how does this information help me? Well, let us apply game theory - perhaps we can learn from example:

In order to score a mega hot 18 year old like this:
Amy Leigh Barnes
One must have beaten 5 other women by the age of 21, have a lazy eye and be a failed attempt at being a football player, and live with your girlfriend's grandmother (no doubt, your own grandmother won't let you live with her, since she knows what a psycho you are)!

Also, when you look at her - do not be "dirty" and undress her in your mind, or fantasize about something really nasty and vile like sexual intercourse. Instead, think about things like: beating up 5 women on her 19th birthday, slamming her arm in a door, spraying deodorant in her face, or just punching her in the face.

Get your game on guys!

Male ResentmentDAMN!!!! I knew I was doing something wrong when I was younger! I wasn't beating any women, I didn't have a lazy eye, and I was preparing myself to have a stable career, and I worked as a security guard and lived in a sh*t-hole apartment, instead of leeching off of somebody else's Grandmother! No wonder chicks always told me to f@ck off when I would approach them! Looking back, I realize now, what a creep I really was. DAMN!

Amy Leigh Barnes


Amy Leigh BarnesAmy Leigh Barnes


  1. Some bitches are queer that way. It isn't personal, it's just they way they are. Being as thick as fucking pigshit with an ego the size of Venus (women are from there, we're not) means they're more likely to suffer a violent death than those boring bitches who just want to put dinner on the table for a stable man when he comes home from earning the money to keep a roof over their heads.

    You feel rejected, but nature's doing you a big big favour in the long run. The sort of women chaps like us attract may not be our lifelong dream but they won't decamp with our future earnings either, nor get Mary Kellett to persecute us until our balls fall off.

    It's annoying, and embarrassing, that those gals laugh at us and tell us to fuck off but we should be grateful really. She may have been so annoying that anyone, even a man with the patience and lust for suffering of a saint, might have killed her. At least someone other than you is in prison for the killing. That's what they call a 'win win situation'.

  2. Oh yes, I see clearly now, that being told to f-off in my youth was a blessing, not a curse.

  3. Do all girls dig guys like this? No.

    BUT. There will always be those women who do. And some of them will be smoking hot. A guy like Morrison will always have an attractive woman by his side, if he wants one. (Until he goes to prison for murder, I guess.)

    Meanwhile, a lot of good, decent men go dateless for months at a time, getting the “you’re a nice guy, but… “ speech over and over again.

  4. I guess she changed him.

  5. ' ... Meanwhile, a lot of good, decent men go dateless for months at a time, getting the “you’re a nice guy, but… “ speech over and over again.'

    Dateless equals debtless.

    I don't know how old you fellows are, or what your experiences have been but I'm 55, married twice and I've only ever been critically short of money and in debt when I've attached a woman to myself. As a single man I've always been able to get by and save a little, regardless of how little I've had coming in, and my time has been my own.

    A woman's sole purpose is to suck the resources out of any man prepared to allow it. Single men are better off. Stay single, and if you need a woman court the plainer, but not too ugly, ones, they're often more compliant and less fussy, demanding and complaining.

  6. @William Gruff - I will disagree a little. That is not a woman's sole purpose.

    That is what feminism has turned the purpose of women into - they are now not just worthless to men, they are actually a hindrance to men (a debt).

    Yet, being men, we still foolishly pursue them.

    Now, to be clear, pursuing women is OK, as long as you protect your assets and income (and sanity!).

    In other words - marriage is OUT, and cohabitation should also be out if there are "common law wife" laws where you live.

    Oh, and any woman who needs jewelry and other expensive things for her to like you - is OUT.


  7. "Oh yes, I see clearly now, that being told to f-off in my youth was a blessing, not a curse."

    Believe it or not, it was! It happened to me many times in high school and college -- sometimes in those words, sometimes not, sometimes by actions (hateful dirty glares, obscene gestures, etc.).
    Although it was painful at the time, it was necessary for me to penetrate my 'hormone haze' and finally see American females for the spoiled, over-indulged, rotten-tempered, conceited children that they REALLY were (and are yet).
    God knows how many of those vicious creatures were carrying an STD/STI, or were looking for some schlub to use to make another guy jealous (it happened to me once before I got wise).
    By avoiding contact with women and 'Going My Own Way', I undoubtedly also avoided being used as some bitch's emotional tampon, or being fraudulently named as the father of some bitch's bastard kid (what man in his right mind needs that crap in his life?).
    So, be glad they treated you as bad as they did (for my sake, I'm glad that they did!) -- by doing so, they inadvertently let their 'sweetheart' mask slip off, and revealed their inner ugliness and the rotten soul at the core of their being.

    "If a beautiful woman smiles at you, be assured that she is up to no good: keep your mind alert, your eyes and ears open, your back to the wall, and leave the area immediately."