Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Japanese Scientists Allegedly make Startling Scientific Discovery: Amanda Marcotte is Animated Pile of Canine Feces

Amanda Marcotte is Dog Sh*tJapanese scientists working in a secret laboratory have allegedly made a shocking and startling discovery that has shocked and startled many people. Analysis of Amanda Marcotte’s DNA has allegedly led Japanese scientists to the conclusion that she in an animated pile of dog sh*t canine feces. What Japanese scientists cannot determine however, is how exactly this particular mutation of canine feces has occurred. MEN-Factor reporters allegedly interviewed several Japanese scientists to hear their theories of how a pile of canine feces could become animated and even make coherent speech.

Amanda MarcotteAmanda Marcotte could have mutated from a pile of dog sh*t by using a radiation enhancer like what I am holding here. However; I doubt this is the case. Although I am a scientist, I have to believe that the devil himself is behind this horrifying and completely freakish mutation. This fecal-matter feminine freak must be stopped, all of humankind is at stake!

Amanda MarcotteAmanda Marcotte is definitely a steaming pile of dog sh*t, there is no question about it. How such an odd mutation occurred and allowed a pile of crap to start talking? Who knows – what is more baffling is that it is amazing that anybody even listens to her. This behemoth bimbo must be stopped! It's too bad that Ultraman is not actually real. He could stop her!

Head Japanese Government officials were allegedly notified that Amanda Marcotte, a feminist, is allegedly an animated pile of sh*t canine feces. They were also allegedly informed that she may be spreading falsehoods about men. Head Japanese officials gave their response:


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